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  1. The sales seem to run in a steady cycle. On our Liberty cruise the Deluxe Beverage Package has gone from $48 to $54 but mostly stayed at $51. Just buy it now and cancel and rebook if it goes lower. Royal will adjust their prices for each individual sailings. It's very likely it will go back down but no guarantee it won't go higher.
  2. My boss is on the Liberty 1/26 sailing. They left Jamaica last night but are diverting to Cozumel for a medical emergency. Current arrival in Cozumel is around 21:30 ship time. (Which I assume is still Central) . He said a fall victim with a head injury.
  3. Houston is quickly becoming one of the best food cities in the US.
  4. That's our sailing as well. We will see you on the ship then.
  5. In terms and conditions it says" Packages include service charge and food portion only for dinner and, when available, lunch service. " I'm only seeing the service charge included on the 3 night and and unlimited packages. The various other packages don't specifically state it. We will be on the Liberty next week with the UDP, first time on RC. We are traveling with another couple who are on the fence about buying a dining package.
  6. I did not realize that it included the service charge. That makes it an even better deal, I was expecting to pay the service charge out of pocket. Thanks for the info!
  7. Having done so on several cruises I disagree, that's exactly the point of using them. I'm not talking about giving someone $40 worth of 2's, I'm just talking about for individual drinks and small transactions. I've seen staff trade them off to others, show them off and even had a crew member approach me and ask to trade some $1 bills for some 2's. No one wants a fist full of them but they like the novelty a few of them.
  8. On our Jan 2018 Breeze cruise I spoke at length with our cabin steward. He was one of the best we've ever had. He was from the Philippines and it was his 20th year to work for Carnival. He said that he had 8 kids that he'd put through school and showed us pics of his big house and said his wife didn't have to work outside the home and his in-laws lived with them as well. He said that working on cruise ships had provided him a much better standard of living in his country than he could have ever made by staying there. He's just gone 8 months out of the year. In fact it was his last week on the ship and he would be going home for 2 months before returning right back to the Breeze for another contract. So by American standards he probably didn't make all that much but by his standards he was well off. If my in-laws lived with us I'd probably find a job that I was gone 8 months out of the year as well.
  9. Trust me that's not what happens, at least with the crew. I tell them "this is a deposit on excellent service yet to come" and follow that back up at the end of the week (assuming excellent service) with a follow up tip. It simply tells the crew member up front that if they take care of you, you will take care of them. A bit of a social contract if you will. I believe that doing some part of it up front better establishes your expectations for the cruise as well. I do agree with some of the comments, tipping culture in the USA is getting excessive. You should not get a tip just because you did your job (except for restaurant workers because they are paid a different hourly rate because of tips.). If your job is to hand me a fork and you give me a fork then you don't deserve a tip. If you hand me a fork, knife, spoon, polish them up so they are nice and shiny and explain how to best use said fork, knife and spoon then that's tip-worthy service.
  10. The normal legal customs and protections that Americans enjoy do not necessarily apply. As mentioned previously the laws of the country that the ship is registered in would be most prevalent. One should also refer to the cruise line's contract of carriage. I'm pretty sure it says some where in there "not responsible for other people's stupidity". Remember you are in international waters a big portion of your time. Caveat Emptor
  11. My cousin's sister's husband's best friend's son once got a free upgrade from an inside cabin to another inside cabin on a higher deck. Everyone else I've ever met had to pay for it.
  12. I think the automatic gratuities are a bane upon the industry and the costs should be rolled into the overall cruise fare. However that's another topic. My experience with extra tipping has been that this makes the difference between good service, and excellent service. But it's not a given, its earned. The auto-gratuities are a given, you get those. Anything else is earned on an individual basis. Another quick tip is use two dollar bills. The crew doesn't see many of them so they are a bit of a novelty and helps them remember you throughout the week.
  13. The presence of an upgrade fairy is the stuff of rumors, legends and lore. However her not-as-good-looking sister the UPSELL fairy is alive and well.
  14. This is our first RCCL cruise and I was a little disappointed in how they handle their gift cards from Drivewise compared to Carnival. Carnival allows e-cards which are delivered within minutes of purchasing them which can then be immediately applied to any purchase from Carnival and even taken onboard and used as OBC. RCCL sends you a paper copy which takes several days that you then have to fill out, scan and send back to them which takes time (and manpower) for them to process. Last carnival cruise I paid for EVERYTHING with those gift cards from the cruise fare to the drinks packages to our OBC. Disappointed you cannot do the same with RCCL.
  15. This will be our first RCCL cruise next month on the Liberty after 5 cruises with Carnival. We normally like the early dinner seating but it wasn't available and when the UDP went on sail for a good price I was like hey let's try this. So if I am understanding everyone correct we have a general reservation on the first night, location TBD. Once we arrive on board we should make reservations for each dinner/lunch for the rest of the week. Reservations can be made at any specialty dining restaurant? Now here is my stupid question. I have no problem sitting down for a 2 hour meal, but DW wants to go to all the shows. Lord help me if I schedule a meal where it causes her to miss out on a show. How can I find out what shows are available each day and their times so I can schedule the meals for the whole week the first day?
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