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  1. The Bosnian War. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosnian_War We were there in Nov. 2016. the docks were some distance from town, had to take a shuttle to just outside old town. If I remember correctly, there was a ramp that went down into old town from the street level. But there were only steps that went up to the ramparts - you can go all the way around the city on the ramparts.
  2. Mont St. Michel is an hour from St. Malo by car, see this: https://www.whatsinport.com/Saint-Malo.htm Anyone going to Mont St. Michel now must park on the mainland and take buses across the causeway, plan for the required additional time. I believe the private guides are not allowed to take you on tours, must sign up with the dedicated ST. Michel guides. Early morning is a must to avoid the huge crowds- at almost any time of the year. We did an organized tour for 6 people in June 2016. Covered Mont St. Michel in the AM, then to Dinan for lunch, then St. Malo prior to boarding the ship. Long day- would leave out Dinan if we were to do it again.
  3. Quoted from bing search: "NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., doing business as Norwegian Cruise Line offers cruise services. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Miami, Florida. NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of NCL International, Ltd. 7665 Corporate Center Drive" Sounds like only Norwegian Cruise Line, renewal of previous permits, not for consideration of Regent or Oceania as permit is not listed for NCL International, Ltd.
  4. I don't think that it is "recent" …. we were on NCL in GB in 2001.
  5. we were on a similar port schedule in July 2015, Oceania Marina. Were off the ship by 8:30, our scheduled pickup time for a private tour for 6 people.
  6. I save a post or thread to my computer favorites files in a folder that would pertain to the thread subject, such as a port of call that I will be visiting in the future.
  7. Both of our stops in Newhaven were on the Marina. Oceania did not have a shuttle.
  8. Had this information in my files from a 2015 British Isles cruise: https://www.cruiseforth.com/content/leith-transit/ We actually anchored at Newhaven, just outside Leith. Took taxis into the city and back for about 10 -12 BPS each way. We were there again in 2017, just went by shuttle from Newhaven docks to the Britannia at Leith. But other took the taxi or public buses into Edinburgh.
  9. Cruised Marina NYC to Lisbon in May 2016 before the last refurbishing. No problems at all. Crew of about 200 workers were at the dock in Lisbon, started loading new materials and tearing apart the carpeting, etc. as the last passengers were leaving. Ship then sailed to Cadiz, Spain for the drydock. The refurbished Marina came back to Lisbon 10 days later (without passengers). We and a few other couples had stayed in Lisbon for the 10 days, re-boarded Marina, then sailed Lisbon to London with nice new furnishings.
  10. But the email from Oceania gives only a 10% discount from the regular price, with the "from Price" being for category c. so the on line offers are 9% better still.
  11. Here's one from the lookout above the valley.
  12. Same for us in Oct. 2016. Went to Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio from Civiteveccia, liked Orvieto better than Siena where we had been the day before out of Livorno port. Not the same tour company we used, but similar to show the towns and features: http://transferandtourscortona.com/project/orvieto-and-civita-di-bagnoregio-tour/
  13. also, if the bottle of champagne provided in your stateroom happens to be not chilled (may not be in an ice bucket later in your cruise) you can exchange it for a cold bottle in any of the restaurants.
  14. click on the last post, the time/date line, of a thread, not the OP's post. Will go directly to that last post- then you can scroll up.
  15. You are a little late for the best deals on PE to Europe for July 2019 for doing your own flight reservations. I have been using Delta/Virgin Atlantic PE round trip Seattle to/from Heathrow the last couple of years for about $1300-1400 PP. But I get my reservations as soon as the flights become available- about 11 months ahead of flight dates. Same flights now for this June/July are $2400PP. As said above- pay the deviation fee to Oceania, $175PP, and pick the best flights you can for the dates you want to fly (go early), check seating availability, then request the flights you prefer, have a couple of alternative routes ready in case the first choice does not work out. The PE is only on the international leg, so try to make that the longest portion of the trip- like Chicago or Detroit for you.
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