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  1. I think Midwestchick you are being very dismissive of your fellow cruisers in your assertion that some might not be knowledgeable in relation to travel insurance. I don’t think we need comments like that in this trying time. I have a fully researched policy from a well known insurance company who has one of the highest trust pilot ratings in the UK. Many have envied the cover I have enjoyed for instance when ports were missed last year we were paid out every time, even when substitute ports were made and we had no financial loss, it’s just how they are. I say the above because I had posted travel insurance might not cover you and that is correct even with a very comprehensive policy and the small print requires expert interpretation from the company or if you are having a problem with a claim an independent insurance adviser. Firstly, did you actually check your policy covered you in event of pandemic before purchasing it? I doubt if everyone honestly read every line and there are many policies that don’t cover you in that situation end of. However some but not all companies regardless of this exclusion have been paying out on policies, but ceased to underwrite pandemic late January in new policies. Renewals it depends on the company. I have three cruises to be taken in May, all still technically going. Currently so are the flights and I have hotels booked. If I were to cancel now none of the hotels/airport parking/ flights cost would be covered as it falls under the category disinclination to travel. No UK company offers insurance that allows us just to change our mind eg disinclination. Likewise if we cannot travel on a cruise that is sailing because we cannot obtain a doctors letter, that is denial of boarding. Again not covered unless the medical practitioner can write up some reason to advise not to travel based on underlying health conditions. Whilst that might help you financially on the cruise you are cancelling it probably means you will struggle to get insured going forward unless it is a temporary condition ( is taken ill prior to cruising and cancelling for that reason) which the underpinning cruiseline letter is not designed to cover. So my original advice stands, discuss it with your travel insurer, just because one person is covered, you may not be. The post denegrating WHO and the Chinese people is uncalled for. Time will tell who did and did not tell the truth in every country in the world in due course but now is not a time for xenophobia and I hope the board moderators stamp that out if it becomes a feature of threads.
  2. uktog

    Cruise Credit.

    Still seeking clarification can we use the credits toward existing booking in 2021? Initially it was stating for new bookings but guests have reported persuading agents to transfer it to existing bookings. This is important to us to find out the facts, because we cannot see any new use for the future cruise certificate if we cancel this way and would need to ride on until Azamara actually cancels the cruises which they will have to do (legs embark in Barcelona, Rome and Barcelona again). Also what is the status of the cruise again certificate that was used, is a future booking eligible for the LCV discount that attached to it or not? I’m already going to lose a shed load of OBC including some I won so trying to assess my total losses going forward.
  3. Depends on your policy. Some companies won’t cover this. We are checking with ours.
  4. I do not see this being asked for in the advisory issued by Viking. Might be helpful to have a list of how needs it so those of us wanting to cruise but not able to have a letter signed by their GP because they do not sign letters worded like that.
  5. Maybe not a permanent requirement but my sense is for at least this year whatever cruising is happening. Trouble is the letter is so US centric, doesn’t take account of how other health services work or what their doctors can and cannot do. That’s why I asked had they checked it with UK experts.
  6. Even if you are a healthy 70 year old your general practitioner will not sign this letter.
  7. Most would argue in the absence of running tests they could not give such a blanket indemnity
  8. Thanks Bonnie Has Azamara checked that any UK General Practitioner would be prepared to sign such a document? (Not withstanding that no one would get near a practitioner for such a trivial matter in the foreseeable future). Just wanting to know if problems might be ahead for us
  9. uktog

    Strange Pricing

    You could of course speculate on a cancellation for a 125% future cruise credit. NOTE I’m not advocating this or remotely interested in this thought, it’s just what market speculators and some businessmen have been known to do in other markets. I see it as you do Phil - a deterrent price to avoid officially suspending sales.
  10. Thats fantastic news - Bonnie can you confirm is that a new policy for those of us who will have to cancel but do have existing bookings
  11. And the Miami team are home working just now as far as I could see from their facebook pages so it will be challenging for them to provide support. If an enquiry isn't urgent, I would suggest leaving it until next month when they may be more set up. The address Grandma cruising gave is the correct one
  12. I cannot see any UK medical practitioner signing the letter if it was based on the previous format. (That’s assuming you could even get in to see them)
  13. Many of us made final payment before the need for a letter. 😟 The letter was a measure to try and curb the spread, they probably haven’t decided what they will do once they start resailing so an answer isn’t going to come quickly
  14. I hope he is on the road to recovery, I do feel some people do not realise how serious this is. My fear we might be allowed back travelling and someone from a country that hasn't managed the virus so carefully comes onto a cruise or infects someone en route to a cruise
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