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  1. uktog

    Azamara, worth it?

    People do - but then they can have to wait. Personally way too much hassle and the showers aren't that small - and I am not a small person
  2. Spoiler alert this was last night
  3. I believe they are looking at alternatives given the various forecasts. Its so hard, finding a night in port that meets with the approval of the weather gods and is not going to impact on too many excursions e.g. the tattoo. We were at the tattoo last night, it was fabulous but as the Castle esplanade is high up and exposed it is windy and of course no cover so tell anyone going to wrap up well but ta wonderful spectacle awaits them.
  4. uktog

    Azamara, worth it?

    I think as Brits in "envelope days" we never got really special service on cruise lines because it was wrongly assumed we did not tip. We always prepaid our tips and we will always remember our surprise after many cruises we took our first Azamara cruise and all our room team individually thanked us for our tips mid cruise, something we had never experienced elsewhere. Then they moved to included gratuities and I remember on an early cruise after that remembering how lovely the last night was onboard after the change - staff were not hanging around palms almost outstretched and guests were all in the bars etc to say farewells and not hiding from staff. It was a lovely side benefit of included gratuities, the real cruise vibe continued right until disembarkation.
  5. Unfortunately the tables in the Speciality restaurants have been amended so they can seat more covers. Many are now very (too) close together so a quiet meal a deux is now difficult and some guests will want conversations even if you don’t. If you want to have a Greta Garbo be alone night tell them when you book the table.
  6. The magnifying mirror is not illuminated
  7. Yes they should be good, at least we are in warmer weather which hopefully removes some of the uncertainties. I hear that because of timings on a current cruise there is likely to be a white night in Edinburgh this week - hope folks have packed some jackets!
  8. Open Bookings as they are now called have very few limitations but it does depend on the rules of the country of booking. The main advantage, and why we get them, is to be able to have the LCV discount on a cruise we are not able to book onboard. They do not expire so apart from having to layout the deposit cost and the restriction on making changes after you have transferred the open booking to a confirmed booking there is nothing that really stops us using them. They are ideal if you want to wait and see if prices drop, particularly for a far out saiing Here are their terms, they are self explanatory OPEN BOOKINGS: Adventurer guests will receive 4% savings, Explorer 5%, Discoverer 6%, Discoverer 7%, Discoverer Platinum 10% on their future cruise. First-time Azamara guests will receive 3% savings. An “Open Booking” does not guarantee stateroom or sailing availability or cruise price. An “Open Booking” has no expiration date. Once a ship and sail date are selected and booking details finalized, the “Onboard Booking Offer” will be applied to the booking. An “Open Booking” may be applied against an Azamara Individual or group booking, but is not valid on any other cruise line, including any other affiliates of Azamara Club Cruises. Deposit. A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the amount normally required must be paid in your country of residence, per person, and full name for each guest will be required at time of booking. The minimum deposits required for all “Open Bookings” are non-refundable. The deposit is not refundable at any time after it has been paid. Changes. After a ship and sail date is selected and booking details finalized, no changes may be made to the ship or sail date. Further payments. Payments on your “Open Booking” beyond the non-refundable deposit required shall be due in accordance with the Azamara Club Cruises payment schedule applicable in your country of residence. Visit your Cruise Sales Team onboard and/or visit the Azamara Club Cruises website in your country of residence for more details and full terms and conditions. Cancellations. At least one name on the original “Open Booking” must remain the same throughout the life of the booking. Changing the original name will be treated as a cancellation. If the guest cancels an “Open Booking” the cancellation terms applicable to your booking in your country of residence will apply. The guest may apply for a refund subject to the terms of Azamara’s standard cancellation policy, less the amount of the non-refundable deposit. GENERAL: These terms and conditions apply to new individual bookings made on or after January 15, 2018. The “Onboard Booking Offer” is available only to new individual Azamara Club Cruises bookings made on or after January 15, 2018 onboard an Azamara Club Cruises vessel. All amounts stated are in U.S. dollars. OBO is combinable with Azamara’s general marketplace offers, back-to-back savings and single supplement savings. OBO may not be combined with certain restricted fares such as, but not limited to, Interline, travel agent and travel agent rates, family & friends, employee rates, shareholder benefits or net rates and may not be used on chartered voyages. As we value our relationships with our travel partners, unless we are advised otherwise your CRUISE AGAIN booking will be attributed to the travel partner associated with your current cruise booking. However, if you wish to have your booking reflect an alternative arrangement, please inform the onboard CRUISE AGAIN team at the time of booking and a form will be provided for you to sign as your authorization. Individual bookings may be transferred into non-contracted groups and higher deposits may be required. Individual enrollment may be converted and applied to a group booking. For information on transferring your CRUISE AGAIN Onboard Booking into contracted or non-contracted group space, please contact your local Travel Professional or Azamara Club Cruises.
  9. I’m working on the basis that as these cruises were last minute shoe ins for cancelled Cuba trips the evenings may have to be different given bookings for groups etc would be so late. Whatever it is we will enjoy!
  10. Bonnie Do you have any idea when the Azamazing Evening details for the replacement cruises on 21 November, 30 November and 7 December will be available? Thanks
  11. uktog


    As the OP is a back to back guest they’ve got a 3 - 4 hour window when the only people trying to use the room are back to back guests. I’ve never seen a problem getting a washer in that period. Once embarking guests have their luggage that’s different because those who have been Land based travelling often hit the machines. So timing is everything!
  12. uktog


    Pods are provided they want you to use their pods in the machine - they are not branded but did a pretty good job
  13. uktog

    Dry Cleaning

    Here is a link to the price list late last year. Its probably around this figure still
  14. The LHR strike is off they are back to ballot, we join in Lisbon so just need to get a few more days along to clear and BALPA issues as we have both legs out booked on BA. Sounds hopeful as the pilots and BA are back at ACAS.
  15. Enjoy Jem 12 - we always book the category we will be happy in - saves anguish and we know on board we only sleep and shower in the room, we are out enjoying ourselves all the rest of the time
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