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  1. Yes we are and we are very much looking forward to it. I so hope we see the lights but also I love Norway having done several summer cruises there. I so wanted to see Norway in Winter but in comfort so when our South America trip on Viking was cancelled once and we pulled out of this years one (unbelievably it is going when Brazil is still such a no no) we jumped at the chance to do the lights instead.
  2. I hear from onboard Captain Carl answered a mayday overnight. A vessel for six was sinking in the rough seas they were experiencing (they’d already cancelled a Sicily stop). Now they are trying to get to Sicily with 50 rescued migrants including women and children. So sad to think of the risks people take in despair.
  3. I am reassured a little to see my flight bookings to Bergen for March 2022 have appeared in my My Viking Journey this morning (and it’s the route/timings we hoped for with KLM).
  4. I do not believe these groups use Azamara though I have seen them on more mass lines like Celebrity and NCL. Luckily I aim for smaller lines nowadays
  5. Some of the entertainment team thought it was a great idea and kept mentioning it to guests in shows and at trivia. Hope they got the message eventually that it was pointless in the format they were using. I’m pretty tech ok and use lots of apps in various situations but I’m yet to be convinced my ones on river and ocean lines. I’ve tried four now and found them more trouble than they are worth
  6. I have just watched a video from their director of product services aimed at travel agents and it is correct, they are including drinks throughout the cruise - apart from the top shelf ones, but the list I saw, all the brands were fine by me - to give you context, they are brands from Azamara's Premium (paid for) package and some are even brands in the Ultimate Package. Darn it I should have taken OBC when they were sorting out our move oh well.....
  7. Unlike many groups who might come on board to look after traveller interests and alter the ambience of cruises, the golf cruises are really great to be on for non golfers. The organisation (Perry Golf) works very hard with the cruise line so there is no disruption to other guests. In fact there is a lot of socialising and mixing with other guests. Often you have golfers with non golfing partners who get involved with other guests in excursions and activities during the day. We are non golfers but if we had a choice between a Perry Golf cruise and another cruise we would choose the Perry Golf voyage
  8. It won’t work if you have responded and as it has your level you could impact on the analysis if someone of another level takes it over. I am glad the surveys are targeted as that will give Azamara a far more representative and accurate response than the previous scattergun approach. Their research seems much more professional now. Very rarely will an organisation ask everyone who has ever interacted with them in a survey. I’m expecting there will be future surveys that look interesting to me and I’d like a say but I will not be invited to participate in. There’s nothing to stop people emailing in views to LCV if they feel there’s something they have to say.
  9. The app has only ever supported Pursuit even pre Sycamore days and it was as useful as a chocolate teapot
  10. No we paid to move up to the Penthouse Verandah from a deluxe Verandah. The price was fair and we were happy to do it for the extra space. The other driver was being able to access excursions earlier which is why we are worrying a little about being able to access them at the same time as other PV guests
  11. I have looked at the 2022 pricing it is higher for UK guests than was asked when the drinks were to included.
  12. May I come back with a follow up question. We are still showing online as room still to be allocated, that is no issue. Our agent has checked with Viking for the new dates that will apply re dining and excursion reservations so we have these, however if I look at My Viking, it is still showing the dates of the previous category of room. We particularly want to get the excursions booked when booking opens as we have some rather specific combinations we would want. Will we be able to do this or has the system not recognised our guarantee is in the PV category? We will not be able to have our agent help as the release date for the excursions is over Christmas when the agent is shut for five days so want to be clear on how this might work now. Thanks
  13. We have a booking we are really looking forward to on the American Queen from Memphis to New Orleans. It’s been rolled from 2020, to 2021 and now it’s hopefully to be 2022. Because the 2020 cruise was a late cancellation just at the start of the pandemic it was fully paid. We were offered an incentive to move rather than ask for a refund and believing this pandemic would be over soon (oh dear…..) we went for an incentive. We took the drinks package and a slightly better room. I do see a lot of reference now to drinks being included on the American Queen vessel (We did know one of the others did include them even in 2020) so it may be we have taken a wrong call and should have taken the OBC offered instead. It was very clear OBC was for tours and in the shop although that was not a problem as like most UK guests gratuities were rolled into the cruise costs as happens on all lines that separately charge gratuities for us. However, if I look at other brochures for 2022 drinks are not included. It may be they had an incentive was put in for 2021 and they are reverting in 2022 to tea, coffee and soft drinks. We are so looking to this trip which is part of a much wanted month taking in Nashville, Missouri, Memphis and New Orleans and my DHs extensive bucket list - we did a lot of research pre booking with this company so we know their good and less good points. If drinks are now included, we took a wrong call in 2020 but my Crystal ball was in dry dock then and it’s still not managed to get out.
  14. You can check with Loyalty to make sure you are on this lists still. As Tgg says there will be a sampling frame and sometimes you are in it and sometimes you are not. We went a long time not being in surveys so it does happen. But it would be good to check the emails are functioning
  15. Yes it says to me they are moving forward to when they really separate from the giant organisation and are testing/reconfirming their direction. Whilst we can find little glitches sometimes in their surveys recently they have all been so much more professional and better thought through/tested than the rubbish we got a few years ago.
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