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  1. Hi So the travel agency saga continues. I would be interested if anyone especially in the UK has used a future cruise certificate on an existing booking (which I know IS allowed) and had the price of their existing booking honoured. I am being told the price of the cruise has to be increased if I use the future cruise certificate. I am contacting Azamara and will share their response, but just wondering the experience of others. And I have a second question - has anyone who had a future cruise certificate turned it back to cash. My expectation was the amount I would receive would be the value of the certificate minus the 25% uplift but it I cannot get an amount confirmed that is anywhere near that, it seems much lower. I have been told I have to work through the travel agent for the refund but I am rechecking that.
  2. If I was booking I think I would avoid all agents and do a direct booking for the next couple of years until it all settles down.
  3. I suggest you look through the threads about refund issues for UK guests especially though not exclusively from online agencies. They were paid by the cruiseline but did not pass the refunds over promptly - many waited 5-6 months and I know some still wait Then look at the posts regarding lift and shift issues (asking for additional deposits they should not) and also problems applying future cruise certificates to existing bookings (agency no longer honouring original pricing if FCC is applied) We all want there to be cruiselines but when several UK agencies have treated guests so badly, confidence is rock bottom. All these deals are to massage the agencies cash flow not the cruiseline at this point in time Sad, but true
  4. Thanks. My point is today that agency is advertising cruises for 2021 that you can click and take all the way through for booking even though the cruise will not happen. The same agency that still owes guests refunds. Even if 2022 is a bargain caveat caveat emptor. I’d stay away Procter I don’t think it’s a fire sale. I think it’s erroneous pricing by the agency
  5. I have just searched for that cruise and its an absolute joke from that company that has caused so many of us grief. The cruise is for 8th February 2021 when Azamara Journey will still be tucked up in Glasgow. Yes - it was the same as you stated, flights, hotel, safari etc. I think it is disgusting they are even advertising this way. I have redacted who they are but this is a screenshot I took just now
  6. Virgin fly to Cape Town from London, South African Airways may also return to the route post covid As Bloodaxe says anyone needing a regional connection in the UK might go KLM, Air France or Qatar (yes it’s only an hour longer via Doha but a fantastic experience) so still just two flights as we are for anything intercontinental and mid Europe if your avoiding Ryanair. When direct flights are something you rarely get these hopper flights to a European gateway are the norm. Appreciate it might be something people in other countries see as an issue but it’s our norm so not relevant- and something else more unique to the UK and European markets.
  7. No problem for Procter, direct flights from the UK and a choice of carriers but as Norn Iron says you have no choice and if you prefer business class they ask for a far higher price difference than you’d expect
  8. Yes Ritz Carlton Yachts have got a good one!
  9. I am not sure Trish's query to Azamara Team is settled though.
  10. Exactly our experience! And actually the agency starts issuing reminders at 150 days which many who are not aware think is their new deadline. Oh Covid has made us much more aware of so much 🙂 (Now how will we cope if we get regional legislation 🙂 🙂
  11. I wonder if it’s a throwback to old times (delays in money transfers as Trish highlighted) but now it’s a cruise industry convention that suits them all so they’re not going to break rank. However it does cut both ways, Viking asks US guests to pay up in full much further in advance than UK guests are asked to (that one is a legislation issue). UK guests pay up at about the same point as they would with Azamara
  12. You are right, pretty standard UK practice we had an Azamara itinerary change after the money was paid to the agent but not passed on to the cruise line but could do nothing about it
  13. Yes. We see the Azamara invoice with the due date but are then given a copy from the agency of their due date. The large online agency actually starts chasing at 20 weeks even though Azamaras deadline is later and of course we now know due to the covid debacle they don’t actually pay Azamara until almost sail date.
  14. Yes, I heard about that and that certainly reflects what I was told from a trusted attendee, though if that was the driver you would have expected them also to move all the captains around.
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