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  1. But that’s the same whenever you board a ship or a plane. We don’t live in a sterile world. We all could be carrying something we don’t know about.
  2. uktog

    New Survey

    It’s driven by the answers you gave to earlier questions eg what star rating of hotel you stayed in.
  3. I have just had a marketing email through from Azamara promoting the Singapore - Dubai sailing so certainly the UK office are still all systems go
  4. uktog

    New Survey

    Interesting my survey did not offer me hotels chains to rank, probably based on answers to a previous question. I think if I remember right I was asked to rank hotel facilities and types off additional excursion experiences
  5. uktog

    New Survey

    It looked like Azamara were trying to gauge the price sensitivity of guests and also how realistic expectations are in terms of price and inclusions. For me and I tried to get it over it’s not the price itself that would attract me to an Azamara deal it’s the perceived value. If I see the high mark ups I currently do it’s a turn off. I would and do pay $250/£200 a night and more for 2 if the brand/reputation and location is right. But I would not pay it for a room I can book direct for $150 a night. The pre/post hotel can be part of the holiday often (eg The Taj, what an experience) if it’s just an overnight staging post I wouldn’t use Azamara anyway and I will use the brands I know (eg Holiday Inn Express, Ibis etc) they can be above $100 though in many places in Europe these days but are consistent PS. Did the survey on iPhone no problem
  6. uktog

    New Survey

    They do ask if you don’t use them because they are too expensive - easy one to answer. Maybe at last they are realising!
  7. uktog

    New Survey

    I completed it, it was one of their better ones. It’s not about land discoveries during the cruise but the pre and post cruise program
  8. uktog


    A sensible outcome at this stage. Hope this gives reassurance to those needing it
  9. Indeed and their culture of spitting in the streets which older people typically do (and more in some geographic areas such as Hubei than in say Shanghai) might have an impact
  10. Yes First Defence is ok and the bottle is small enough it can come in carry on liquids. It backs off sore throats and colds really effectively but is no use for flu. (Suppose its a useful cold and man flu v proper flu test) and
  11. Great article and Simon Calder of the Independent is the one person I trust in terms of correctly interpreting legislation
  12. My experience the IT technicians onboard just say anything they alleged an issue with my work Mac which was absolute rubbish the issue was the system isn’t fit for purpose. Then he said it was the room I was in and I should book a different one. I’m really worried about my May trip, it’s in the Med all planned to have to no work. However work deadlines have had to change due to a certain virus and May will be a peak time. Without decent WiFi it’s going to be a nightmare if not impossible so I am looking into cancelling the three cruises if work will cover the cancellation costs.
  13. Unfortunately the selection is very poor. You need to load your own onto an iPad.
  14. Is it worse than your experience in previous cruises? You’re not in a black spot as we had great coverage on another line in that area. It’s a real worry, WiFi was a huge issue in November as the speed was so slow I could not clear the security sign ins for work system. Now I can’t book Azamara cruises at critical work periods - being self employed need to work to cruise!
  15. It is sad you are missing some highlights (although when we cruised the Sounds we didn’t actually see the fjords the mist was so bad). You are going to some great ports as substitutes where I’m sure not only will onboard pull out all the stops but so will the locals who will be thrilled to see you. Kaikoura has the best whale watching- we saw more there close up in an hour than we saw on two Alaska cruises. They were devastated by the earthquake and cut off by road for a while so will love the boost. Like Phil I’d say when you’re on tricky itineraries like that one that’s when you really welcome the skill and long gathered knowledge of Captains like Johannes. I’m so glad he will be our designated driver on the inaugural cruise down West Africa
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