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  1. Hi Bonnie, it is still not working. I have tried to contact LCV about this and also problems with online check in for the previous cruise but have not heard back. I wonder if you can help
  2. You can find them under the website under the Already Booked menu then select onboard packages. You can either book them in advance or buy them once you board making use of on board credit.
  3. The OP is in the UK where we do not have Choice Air. My experience is that the options offered by the cruise line are far fewer than offered through Choice Airt. It is good this was highlighted by the OP, though unless I am doing a one way trip (e.g. a transatlantic) and have no points to spare I do not use Azamara for flights. OK I have some of the work to do aligning transfers, hotels etc but I feel happier being in control. It is a pity there is not a better flight offering for non US guests but we are all getting adept at working round it all so we can stay with our favourite line
  4. uktog

    End of Cruise Account Bill

    Flying shoes, be careful - will it be break or break in given my track record - makes sense though, I know it relates to the servers the problem so it may be something Miami related. As regards the folios, we have received them every cruise 2008-2017 its just the final 10% this year that haven't had them. I am sure there is a logical explanation why you never got yours.
  5. uktog

    End of Cruise Account Bill

    Grrrrr so that bug is still not fixed 😞 Got 6 weeks coming up onboard and menu planning at the start of each cruise was something we had hoped to do - first world problem I know but darned annoying we can't do it without some other hassle involved
  6. uktog


    we did Flam railway through Azamara - it was excellent and they picked us up at the next stop later in the day
  7. uktog


    Been to all of these with Azamara except Bodo, no shuttles in any. Olden you need to arrange something as the pier is literally and quaintly roadside but there are very good operators offering trips right there Olden Adventures, book in advance. Personally I would not hold out to do the Flam railway on your own as sometimes the order of ports gets swapped around and when we were there, the train was fully booked out to the cruise line.
  8. I agree the Ultimate Package is excellent value as it gives you access to some really nice wines that will be served by the glass throughout the cruise and if you get to know the sommelier, that range often gets extended to some quite high value bin ends that are a real treat. Phil is right, the buffets are so different, it took me many Azamara cruises to get myself to venture to one of them as I was haunted by my memories of Celebrity. Because they allow the Chefs a lot of personal input to the dishes on that buffet, you can get some exceptionally good dishes, there is always a live cooking station at each buffet as well as a carve of some type. They are in a different league to Celebrity and can make a lovely change from dining elsewhere - as can the Patio which at either lunch or dinner is nothing like the Mast Grill - the burgers at dinner are particularly good as they are made from the ground offcuts of the fillet steaks cut for the speciality restaurants. I have not been on Celebrity for two years but before then I had given up on Murano (too much show), Tuscan (pretentious waiters overselling mediocre food) and Qsine just got meh. I too could recite the Luminae menus but love Azamara specialities because the chefs specials added each night are always slightly different - again local experimentation and never a bad meal. They have specials for starters, entree and desserts.
  9. uktog


    Tromso had no shuttles, we docked right in town - in fact I do not recall any shuttles in any of the Norwegian ports we visited - can you be more specific what other ports are you interested in
  10. That one Bonnie has already posted on the 1 Dec Roll call a few days ago and it is available on the Voyage Planner as we’ve confirmed our two tickets. It’s an evening at the theatre in Montevideo
  11. Thanks Bonnie very much I have just checked on my Voyager Planner and it is not listed there sorry.
  12. uktog

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Hope they make it in time, thanks for finding out
  13. uktog

    End of Cruise Account Bill

    Our experience is similar to Phils We certainly had the accounts delivered onboard all last year and on one of this years trips The remainder this year, although I have had the reminders to use OBC I did not have an end of cruise account delivered. I meant to follow it up as I had wanted to claim my internet costs back from work but I overlooked that one. Certainly not had the emails, though we did get the end of cruise surveys so our bookings were connected to our email account - and the bookings were direct and did not involve a travel agent. Hope its a glitch and it gets sorted particularly as I am not sure the TVs are yet showing the onboard accounts on Pursuit - hopefully someone can confirm if this issue has been resolved as I know there were issues in August due to the old servers still being in use.
  14. I agree I have tried every way and still no joy. Like you I am seeing irrelevant photos of animals.