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  1. Mine too, I think that one was my fourth trip, I love it so much. My photos four years ago seemed to centre around my fixation about lines of shoes outside the Mosque in Salalah 🙂
  2. It will not be on your online account but will show on your invoice. If you booked through a travel agent, your payment date will be determined by the agency and may be before Azamara's deadline.
  3. We visited the home they lived it, no computers, mobile phones, the children were happily playing a game on the ground that seemed to involve pairs and matching using stones they had collected. They are very kind thoughtful people which is why I am sure they opened their ports to others at the start of the problems.
  4. Another vote for Oman here, the hospitality and friendship we enjoyed in the dessert camp and villages on our overnight trip off Journey (one of their first overnight land discovery adventures) is something we will never forget. For DH, trusting a 3 year old child to lead his camel on a walk was a challenge but something that is now such a fond memory
  5. It is indeed and the fact Azamara is insisting on full vaccination makes all this the golden key to the way back, possibly even with independent onshore time. Fingers crossed for everyone
  6. Not wishing to be a downer....but no use for NHS Scotland who still have no official way of showing your records. There is a work around to the official record which I can share if people need it immediately. The Scottish government are very keen to discourage overseas travel and I suspect the absence of a functioning app may be a subtle dissuasion tactic
  7. It would be a surprising name change as much was made even as recently as last month about their land plus voyage focus so to rename Voyages doesn't reflect that. Time will tell what the rationale was
  8. I think logistically it is a sensible move for the next year and then they can give thought to what is most appropriate beyond then Not seen any announcements about Azamara Voyages - I wonder who made the decision to change the title on cruise critic and what prompted it
  9. Theres actually 16 MDR menus, however even when we were on a 20 night cruise, they managed to create different menus for each night although there were items appearing again from earlier menus.
  10. Don't forget the Patio - when we enjoy including it in the mix. We have done b2b2b - I think our longest stint onboard was also around 60 days. We had favourite menus in the MDR when we struggled to choose so we would go to the MDR whenever that menu is on, then beyond that vary between an MDR menu we had not already had, the buffet, both specialities, the Patio and nothing..... yes nothing but tapas in the Living Room before 8 and stop at that - after a while if you are a serial cruiser, your guts need a night off........
  11. Agree, good food, well cooked and served with a smile..... thats all I need, it doesn't need to be fancy though I do like eating in starred places from time to time
  12. A menu revamp requires quite a bit of chef training. Whether they have time to do this as well as quarantine and other covid training time will tell. I think they might have a challenge anyway as a large number of galley crew came from India and might not be available at the start up- so will this mean they have to restart with tried and tested?
  13. At lunchtime we often did get a sandwich made up at Windows and take it back to the room to enjoy a little quiet time. I agree a pick up box would be brilliant especially if we could also take a bottle of wine back to the balcony as well 🙂 And yes, a boxed breakfast based on the products from Mosaic would save DH having to go and gather it all up as he used to do as I am "slow" in the morning
  14. Yes we have been to Flam - it is such a lovely ride and would agree anyone who has not seen Flam should try and enjoy a cruise that allows them to go there.
  15. I know the American Queen Steamboat river cruise company has included a pre hotel night and hop on buses for a number of years. They’ve restarted sailing in April and one feature is everyone gets tested (at the lines expense) in a room at the hotel just after hotel check in and are sent the results overnight. Seems to be working well and no reports of anyone being denied boarding due to a positive result. From 1 July they insist all guests are fully vaccinated
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