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  1. The UK is still part of the EU until 31 December, it is in transition
  2. We have some insurance through the bank but it is too limiting and often doesn't cover the cost per person of our cruises/airfares so have a separate annual policy. It does have excellent cruise cover which gives us £150 each when the ship misses a port for whatever reason, so it was a nice comfort/bonus in our last few Azamara cruises.
  3. They always were from March 2020, its just that now they have stripped out all the other advice as some countries are made available to UK guests, it is a more visible advisory. I am in the process of renewing my annual travel insurance policy with my existing insurer (decided this is not the year for shopping around) to discover any cruise I book just now will not be covered for any cancellation due to health issues as long as that guidance is in place and beyond then I would have to get the insurers agreement to include it which they may or may not give. So warning to anyone booking a cruise just now, check what your insurer says before committing. I had been wondering about doing a booking for late 2021 as a place holder given that Azamara Team have told us our future cruise certs are only covered by ABTA/ATOL when they are converted to cruise bookings. Oh the rock and the hard place returns.........
  4. You are lucky to have a family member looking out for you. My agent also indicated they spoke to Azamara, short of sitting beside them in each call I cannot tell. Anyway we've decided not to go ahead with any more bookings for now whether with the agent or direct. Its just a constant lift and shift so I am waiting for more certainty before jumping again, much as I need something to look forward to!
  5. It’s a very interesting read which further confirms why I believe it will be early 2021 before things start and that’s without a special Scottish winter. I read from an engineers post last week it takes 4-6 weeks to get set up for a cold lay up. So coming back from it is probably double.
  6. Yes us as well. The Viking model of refunds and credits appears much more straightforward. The agents seem to be making up rules as they go along depending on “who you are”. I’m hitting the same issue. In our case we have a cruise that was a transfer during the Cuba crisis and there seems to be an issue but as usual cannot get anyone to show us the actual figures line by line.
  7. But you still also have to pay a deposit on the new cruise, that’s what I’ve been told
  8. I am afraid your understanding is wrong. It was posted on another thread here and confirmed elsewhere, currently only one is a warm layover. They are getting the others ready for cold which is a lot of work - doors and windows sealing, cabins stripped etc etc
  9. Yes, they have been responding to emails and Azamara team posted on the refunds thread here a few days ago. There have also been marketing emails some guests received. Last week there was a new post on their Facebook page with an executive chef sharing a recipe. Vessels are in layover not the line closing down to date.
  10. Why would we not be able to use it - there is nothing on the voucher that says it cannot be used in combination with offers.
  11. Although we do not know how it will be when life returns to cruising, my experience having cruised a bit on both is it depends what matters to you whether you will notice big (positive) differences or little (niggling negative) issues. Positives come from the itineraries (as you have noted) and coupled to that docking much closer in and, unless taxi union rules prohibit it, free shuttles into town. Other positives come from staff focussing on service and not upselling and the paperwork for tills and sales and a generally more relaxed atmosphere. Every bar feels like a Michaels Club as a result. You will not have bottle juggling etc at the bars but I think Azamara bar staff are far better than Celebrity. Entertainment is very much a personal taste its certainly more extensive on Celebrity and the enrichment talks are of a much higher standard on Celebrity. That said, the entertainers in Spirits Bar and The Living Room on Azamara are much more accessible than those on Celebrity who we have found did not really engage with guests, rather they came and played a set routine and left. Main dining room we find is better on Azamara, speciality restaurants are good, no gimmicks, better than Tuscan but not as good (or as fancy) as Murano. If interacting with officers is your thing, you will see far more officers on Azamara, though you will probably see much less of the cruise director than you do on Celebrity. You are right the club continent suites are smaller than the Sky suites if a bath tub is important to you, be careful which suite you choose. If a tub is not of interest to you, as is my case, I actually like the large showers in the Azamara club continents. The butlers are broadly similar standard, a bit like Celebrity the new ones have rough edges whereas the experienced ones are very efficient operators. Think that is all I can think of
  12. I think that reflects all I am hearing across several lines. Looks like for most vessels it will be early 2021 and that is without a second spike.
  13. I agree, I think any start this year is now looking somewhere between very marginal to unlikely
  14. Agree, it’s a very US centric group (though I recognise why) so I hope global considerations are high on their agenda as well. It’s very hard to see how travel can open up when different countries apply very different standards for day to day life.
  15. P1 on Deck 8 are also subject to a lot of noise from above
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