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  1. I do remember their most famous 270 show being Star Water back in 2016, but I haven't been back since. OP is it the same still?
  2. That's what they did with the shakedown cruise, not sure about yours. Quantum was stopped for around one or two hours if I remember correctly.
  3. Can you just go into the pool when you want, or do you have to reserve a certain time slot?
  4. Yes there were, it was open to 'family and friends' as they call it!
  5. Looks like Wonder is less and less likely in China when it launches..
  6. They probably have a very lucrative partnership with STB and the local governing authorities to be selling the prices this low. My parent's friends just got off the shakedown cruise, and they are not cruisers. They are literally scared of the ocean, but because they own a travel agency, they probably got a private offering. It seemed to go great as well. I really hope your cruise goes well!
  7. Yes please do too! Trying to convince my family to get on board with the idea either early next year or before New Years! Is this app the same as RCLs normal phone app?
  8. Probably because she's supposed to be back at port in the morning tomorrow. That's further then when i went on a 2n cruise to Bintan haha.
  9. Can't be weather, whether you're here or there or in Singapore rain is bound to happen this time of year. But what interests me is that World Dream seems to have no issues making U-turns in the straits of Malacca. I for one, thought that that's all the guest will see on a cruise to nowhere, instead of the 'open' sea. My rationale behind this is maybe this is the eventual route that Quantum will sail this season. With her sailings a minimum of 3 nights, she might be better sailing around in the South China Sea than the Straits. Probably a test run if that's the case!
  10. Anybody know why this 2 night cruise is taking an unconventional route of going to the east of Singapore rather than the Malacca Strait?
  11. What's going to happen to Odyssey for 4 months? Will she just sit somewhere till her delivery date arrives? I know that interior needs to be worked on as well as several external touches, but it doesn't normally take 4-5 months from float out to delivery right?
  12. Maybe RCL might swap Voyager with another ship if she's scheduled to be there earlier.
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