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  1. I really hope this happens. Wonder is our only shot at an O class experience in the next decade at least.
  2. I still cannot believe 5 Oasis class ships will now be sailing Europe and NA.
  3. One of my sources tell me maybe as early as end Sept, but their announcement could also be no announcement knowing Royal. 🤣
  4. Nope. Voyager is in the Baltics. Spectrum would be several months in for HK sailings. Doesn't seem likely also.
  5. Currently looks like RCL has abandoned our market beyond Feb 2022. There are no more available ships for us 😭
  6. A tragic loss of a season I'd say. I was still wondering why HK cruises were left untouched. Sadly i spoke too soon. You lucky NA and European buggers. 😆
  7. Deckplan legend has a little kid holding a balloon. I don't think its so general.
  8. Never heard of Cask and Clipper Pub before, is it new to RCL and debuting on Wonder?
  9. They seem to claim they can make it back in that market. Who knows for sure until they actually start sailing ships from there again. The fact that Wonder is becoming more westernized throughout her construction might already address your concerns where future deployments would be more global rather than Asia (specifically China) focused.
  10. Australia definitely doesn't look likely for this. I guess they could offer something like this to Asian frontline workers, but it seems to out of culture for that to happen. And if anything, I would think RCL would want to rake in some cash with a new big ship, not offering losses to the company.
  11. I think the general consensus is that we are still unsure. Not much progress in the speculation department for now.
  12. Word says, Wonder might have been planned to replace Quantum for the rest of the season. But this is still very much speculation at this point.
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