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  1. Funny, we bought a Mova when we last sailed on Regent when we had an obscene amt of OBC! They are cool!
  2. As an FYI, you do know that there are people with handicapped children, that enjoy Disney, and up till now, most excursions were not handicapped friendly, causing folks to hire out for their excursions. All forum posts are not adult only.
  3. There is a difference between non refundable and refundable OBC. If your TA gives it to you, pls ask them what type they provided. If it was OLife, it’s non refundable, and if it is loyalty it is non refundable. It makes a difference. For refundable, you can ask for it back on the last day of your cruise, non refundable is use it or lose it.
  4. DH states that it as labeled ‘casino cage’ line item on our cruise itemized bill or something like that, paid the amt + 3%, and it came out of our OBC. Now that said we had some non refundable and lots refundable, but 0 total at end of cruise. Now there is no way to determine which it was taken out of. There are no accounting codes on the line items to itemize which it comes from. You would have to be given all non refundable to verify.
  5. It’s called a “cash advance” against your OBC, and in the Oceania faq’s It states you will be charged a 3% fee. I know this is true, because DH did exactly this on our last cruise. https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005475693-What-are-the-casino-policies-
  6. I have been known to wear a reindeer antler headband, and sparkling Christmas tree light earrings and necklace for Christmas dinner (I had the blinkers all turned off so not to bother others at dinner)! DH wore a Christmas themed vest one year! I don’t remember dirty looks, but I would not have cared. One year we were on the Panama Canal Cruise, and had just stopped in Guatemala, where they had a Holiday Bazaar filled with homemade things! That year many folks were dressed for dinner with Holiday themes. New Year’s Eve, they used to give headbands and noisemakers at dinner for your enjoyment. Wear the sweater and enjoy!
  7. This is a very civil discussion imho. You should see some of the attire “discussions” on the luxury boards!!!!! You would think it was the end of the world as we know it if someone doesn’t comply to their opinion of the code!
  8. There is an excellent forum here on CC for solo travelers that is updated with specials and current deals offered from various cruise lines, and great conversations: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/279-solo-cruisers/
  9. Booked a guarantee A1, received A1 on full Christmas voyage through Panama Canal. Received cabin assignment 2 weeks prior to sailing. Have also received upsells twice on Christmas Cruises from A2 to Penthouse 2 on Riviera in the past. Took one for $100 per person above our A2. FYI, I would personally only book a guarantee cabin if I was happy with ANY cabin in that category, and no other option available. I do not believe any TA would swear you to silence on this, it is still up to Oceania to offer the upgrade, or upsell if available.
  10. Give or take ...00:01 EDT(1 Min after midnight). It may take several minutes to load, but in our experience, it’s been pretty close to that time.
  11. Something is occurring on this forum tonight, there are duplicate posts popping up all over! Here is a link to your first post: please advise us what type of information you are looking for!
  12. We have also used USD, last year in all these ports. USD is widely used and accepted. If you wish to purchase Local money, simply go to a local bank or atm.
  13. We have stayed on deck 9 on the Riviera. What type of information are you asking for? Room numbers? I would say any cabins in the front or rear ends of A2 classification may be good for you. We have stayed in dead middle of A2’s in heavy weather and found it to be fine, but we don’t get seasick either. If you give us more information as to what you are asking for, we can assist further.
  14. Not sure which cruise line you are referring to, but we saw an actual fight between two (ahem) older men, on an upscale premium cruiseline, with 750 passenger onboard!!! Man #1 accused Man #2 of “stealing” his chair. Man #2 said it looked just like his, and so he “took it”. Sigh...it ended up in blows, with ships’ crew breaking it up. Turns out, that both rented from the same company, so they were identical!!!! The extra one, turned up in a hallway, I am sure someone else moved it out of the way. We have also seen the crew trying to take the wrong one to a good friend of ours one night. They looked somewhat alike, and they store them in a hallway, so like a”black” suitcase, they look alike. Moral of story, put an identifier on your chair...room number on label wrapped around handle, yarn, etc. Never heard of one actually stolen however...I think it’s more of a mistaken identity...labeling your chair should cover most bases IMHO. If you are afraid of it being misplaced or commandeered.. stay in it at the table. Or fold it up and place it next to you.
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