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  1. I am very keen to sail with Princess on a Caribbean cruise and the only thing that's really held me back is the cost of the Premium beverage package. Do most people on Princess pay as they go or just buy a Soda or premium coffee packages? I think I worked out that a Premium beverage package for two on a 7 night cruise would be nearly $1000 give or take & I don't think we would reach that limit of drinks spending over a 7 night cruise with 2 sea days. I am just curious to know what others do or would do if they liked to have a view drinks and not feel to restricted. We normally sail with Celebrity and get a classic drinks package thrown in but I like some of the itineraries that Princess have in the Caribbean.   

  2. 1 hour ago, TeeRick said:

    are you asking specifically about Symphony?  My guess is that relatively few on these boards have sailed Symphony yet which was launched a little over a year ago. 

    Yes I am, maybe I should ask on the RCL board who have more likely been on Celebrity as well! I forgot do they still have a formal night on RCL?

  3. I have been looking at this ship and I have been quite impressed as maybe a one of alternative to a Celebrity cruise in the future, I have been on most of the S Class ships and I have spent enough time to know what Celebrity is all about & I understand that no cruise line is perfect. I am curious to know what the MDR & Buffet food is like compared to the X? is the speciality dining package good? and whats the space like on sea days if you want to relax around the pool? We like the cliental on Celebrity a lot but I can be wanting for a bit more things to do in the evening as we don't always go to the shows, we generally hang out at the Martini bar then were done really for the night. I notice things like a drinks package & grats are added on top of the cruise price on RCL! were on the X we normally have them as a perk. Will I earn my points as a captains club member going on RCL as well? lastly will I notice the amount of kids and families on board even if we go out of holiday time?

  4. I find Celebrity pizza's are poor across the board, as noted above they are very bland and lack any type of flavour. I have had pizza's from all over the world and these are on par with a frozen pizza in a UK supermarket if you think they have good pizza's you have never tasted a good one before, there's nothing subjective about it.

  5. I am aplogies for basic question but I have never sailed on Carnival before although I have sailed on other cruiselines. Thinking off doing a short 5 day cruise in December and was wondering what the best route was for gettings my drinks on baord. We do like to have a nice social drink but we could easily just drinks sodas during the day and pay for Cocktails and Martinis etc around meal times and in the evenings? would that work out less than a full on drinks packakge? I understand both parties in the room would have to purchase one as well? I don't really want to be paying $500 or whatever it is for alcohol! as we are also thinking of doing a b2b this being the second one and we probably being drinking less at this stage. 

  6. I would love to do a med cruise on a Celebrity ship to mix things up a bit but as you said its very expensive and isn't good value for money for us, the only one I would consider is a Fjords cruise but that's another topic. We are actually booked for the Edge in December although I am excited to go on a new ship the 7 day itinerary for this one doesn't blow me away so we are seeing it as the ship being the main attraction lets hope we get it out of our system and tick the box and stick with the S class ships and look at new ports because there are only so many times I can see St Maarten especially post Irma. Back to the food on X I have noticed a slight drop, On our last cruise I don't think I put any weight on and it was for 10 nights. I am not a fan of a ship within a ship to extremes.

  7. 4 hours ago, Fogfog said:


    Hi DX


    have you sailed MSC in the Med or other parts of Europe? We have friends we met in the Baltics on Celebrity (they are from the UK) that sailed MSC. 

    Wondering what you have thought in the reverse of your question/experience... we have considered trying MSC in the Med 


    Hi, we have never been on a cruise in the Mediterranean we normally just do land holidays in the med and cruise holiday in the Caribbean as it works out cheaper for us so I can't compare the two unfortunately.  

  8. Has anybody here have experience with some other ships like NCL Bliss and MSC Seaside for example (not interested in Carnival) as I see a lot interesting things that I like. I have only been on Celebrity, we do mainly 10 night plus cruises in the Caribbean as we have to travel far from europe just to get to the ports so its not easy to just do a sample cruise to figure it out for ourselves.  We have been on Cunard before but that's another kind of cruise. Things we like about Celebrity which works for us is the drinks package, the food, the martini bar :) and the fact that there are less kids but that could be down to the time of year we travel.

  9. 1 minute ago, Orator said:

    They have been changing ships very quickly and a number have left the company and have been replaced by new CDs. It's difficult at best to guess who will be on unless the CD tells you. They often joke that they read Cruise Critic to find out where they are going.

    Many thanks I know what you mean, One thing I am confused about though is when you say they left the company do you mean left for good & or just having a short break?

  10. We like many normally arrive at the cruise port as soon as possible (circa 10am) in the morning, but I might try something different this year allowing us time to do some pre shopping etc. Lets say the ship leaves at 4.30pm am I okay to get there at say 3pm to check in and board etc? We fly in from the UK and go to our pre cruise hotel the night before without really doing or seeing anything whilst in Florida. I am assuming porter and check in staff are all at hand as usual.

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