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  1. Another beautiful spring Thursday in Melbourne town. Doing my 2 hour exercise around Point Gellibrand (Williamstown) and came across this sea lion enjoying the sunshine.
  2. A beautiful spring Wednesday morning. Melbourne city skyline and smooth waters of Hobsons Bay.
  3. Or extrapolation beyond the data. Looking at lines on a graph can be instructive. What they mean and how they should be interpreted is quite another. But as we know with our crystal balls is that the outbreaks in Vic, SA, QLD, and nipped in WA all came from Sydney. That place where Glad is from.
  4. Sorry, I have spent too many years working with data presentation and interpretation. Taking it back to landscape you can see how it stretches out the horizontal (correctly). I think the line that is important is the pink one. This is where they say current outbreak is actually a continuation of the July outbreak. The purple on seems to overestimate the rate of increase.
  5. Taking a graph from a portrait orientation on a phone can provide a very misleading impression. The original presentation in the landscape orientation provided a very different understanding. then we look at the lines and what they represent. The RED Victorian line is for last year’s major outbreak, not this years. The short purple line is the July 2021 outbreak in Victoria. The Pink line the current. Blue line is current NSW.
  6. Friday afternoon and night we have had over 2 inches of rain. Off to the ford I go as the creek swells.
  7. I must have a ‘young’ filter on my camera.
  8. Ah, detective skills on display. Yes it is me. Camera at top of stairs on a tripod. I used an app on my phone to trigger the shots. The bottle is a prop as i haven't been able to drink for about 5 months because of pain meds. My camera club has a set topic for September of "stairs". So i got creative. The next day, I re-set the camera and added a flash. Here is an example (cap hiding the see through hair):
  9. I have a little trouble with driving the 5km. Half of it is underwater.
  10. When I worked up in the East Kimberley, the highways only had 1 lane of bitumen. Oncoming traffic normally put 2 wheels on the gravel to give passing room for each other. caravan drivers did not seem to understand this part of manners. Some were scared of losing control on the gravel, others just … With one lane of bitumen, passing was another issue. Often come across a convoy 3-5 vehicles, about 30 under the speed limit. They were afraid of the great outdoors, so close to each other so no room to pull in part way along. Look for a very long straight stretch, both sets of wheels in the gravel as they yielded no surface.
  11. I went to the extent of my 5km lockdown limit. Found a nice little grey fantail, then looked to the southwest. managed to get back to the car in time.
  12. Vision of the Greene incident. https://www.afl.com.au/video/672030/toby-in-trouble-superstar-giant-makes-contact-with-ump?videoId=672030&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1630135875001
  13. Utterly dumb thing to do. Should be weeks. Stoppage in play, Greene had something to say. Then walked in and bumped shoulders with the umpire. Nothing hard, but deliberate. Dumb.
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