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  1. The fun of trying to get a swan in takeoff.... swing that big lens around and hope focus hits something.
  2. Never heard of them before. the very fine point, probably 24 point but the eyes aren’t what they used to be, says travel insurance is through nib Travel. I give my nib health insurance a hammering, so they may know too much about me.
  3. I usually have ISO set on Auto. However, I also set an upper limit of 800, which I adjust if poor light conditions. Typically using aperture priority. I found simple auto could give me huge numbers, and grainier than the Sahara Desert. Again the caution on polarising — practise, practise, practise. Sort out your adjustments in order to get enough light. Remember that they can take out reflections, but reflections may “make” your image. Etc, ad nauseum Enjoy.
  4. Tax Day? Hmmm, not 30 June already!! Anyway, I was off on my morning stroll yesterday and spotted a crow. I wonder what that crow is eating I said to myself. So I sat down on a seat about 3 metres away and took some pics, because i had not seen a crow eating a snake on my morning walk before. Not sure that I am more amazed by th photo op, or that there are snakes on my walk. The crow did not seem worried.
  5. Didn’t Queensland have a trial for several years in the 90s leading a referendum that did not approve for permanent introduction? Anyway, in Melbourne I love it.
  6. I would take a bunch more cards with me. Never wipe them while away. They are cheap compared to everything else. If you are shooting RAW or video of the whales, more space required. I would also have a couple of spare batteries, always cycling through the charger. Remember, the charge does not last as long in the cold.
  7. I was out walking around the beachfront this afternoon, and some little birdies were about. Saw this little fellow along the way (Australian magpie):
  8. My cruise is showing $89.05 (Oz) per day. That said, I haven’t been able to drink for some months. No package for me, but I would not get near break even anyway. you got a really good price.
  9. Ships should always have maintenance and repairs as the cruise along. However, the extent becomes an issue. I was on a boat that was scheduled for dry dock in a couple of months. They were doing some of the prep work to expedite the renovations. The main thing was that they were replacing a lot of hallway and some cabin carpeting. Smell of new carpet and glue not that flash. They also blocked off a sheltered part of the promenade deck to store the rolls of carpet and buckets of glue. The story that came to mind with the thread title was the Norwegian Sun last year. Caused serious disgruntlement amongst passengers. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/furious-norwegian-cruise-line-passengers-slam-ships-horrible-nonstop-construction-zone
  10. You would need a big trailer and plenty of grunt in your Ute to tow that runabout.
  11. I have a November booking with a non-refundable deposit, made it earlier this year. at $200 it is very reasonable for me as I have some uncertainty to be resolved before final payment. $200 deposit is less than the insurance premium.
  12. Do we have your reactions from the game tonight? Eagles beat Pies, again.
  13. They could buy the Manley ferries which are being replaced by something else. carry up to 1000 each.
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