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  1. As people here know, Mr Gut has had some major physical challenges over the last few years. He told me that his last couple of cruises, particularly on the Radiance, have taken a lot out of him. So, at the moment he is recuperating and taking a break from the board. He is happy for me to make these comments (we are in email contact). Than you for asking.
  2. When I was on QM2 there was a resident astronomer. With good winds he would do some workshops on the top deck. Not sure if he could get main lights turned off. Someone called Greg Redfern has written a book on astronomy and astrophotography on cruise ships.
  3. lovely timing and detail in those photos. Yes, I shoot in manual as there is more control over various parametres. At a pinch it would be shutter priority as speed is the most important for me for birds.
  4. I upload from my laptop regularly directly to this forum. Use jpeg files, so not directly from Lightroom. At the bottom of the dialogue/message box is a paper clip with words. I select choose files and go from there. Selected files appear as thumbnails, and you place the cursor where you want the image, then hit + sign in the thumbnail.
  5. Sunday morning outing to the Western Treatment Plant outside Melbourne. All sorts of birds, and some other things. Most with the lens at 600mm Black winged stilt Brolga Musk duck White fronted chat Spider (40mm macro/micro) in a web in the gusty wind.
  6. The advice I have been given about birds is shutter speed as fast as light will allow. Best for flying, but also to compensate for lens movement (much crisper for feathers and features). The lens at 600mm will highlight any small movement. If bright light, I run about 1/1600. I have mine on a monopod with ball to control that and it’s weight. I run auto ISO, and f5. Change numbers as light goes down. Your D500 should be very good in lower light conditions.
  7. This is from a Nikon D5600. Benefit of the 1.5 crop factor. Very basic editing in Windows on MS Photo (noticed typo in original post). For proper editing I use Lightroom. I noticed a lot of shots have come out darker than I had expected, so will have to work on my light. As always, better under than over. I went to test this afternoon, but the thunderstorm beat my car to my shooting spot.
  8. My local wetlands hosts lots of royal spoonbills. Last week I saw this yellow billed spoonbill for the first time here, now it is gone
  9. Several pictures trying out my new toy. I just bought a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary and gave it a run today at 600mm (APSC camera). Editing just with MAPhoto. Singing Honeyeater Great Crested grebe chick Egret in the bullrushes A choir of cormorants some sort of duck
  10. There are ATMs from various providers at Melbourne Airport. I don’t recall anything other than Travellex in the international arrivals hall. I know there is a couple outside the clearance area. Better bet is to go up the escalator as there are various machines in the international checkin hall, or walk through to the Qantas area which has plenty.
  11. First we have drought. Then we have bushfires. Then we have floods. Now we are having royals. Does it never end?
  12. over the long haul, Melbourne would win that thread.
  13. 1 each. remember, most people on Oz passports apply for the ESTA online visa. These are identified to the specific passport. Use the official government site https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov
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