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  1. A bit of trivia I heard the other day. Henry Hoover did not invent the Hover vacuum. (note all the vacuums called Henry On ships). Someone called Spangler invented the upright system, even sing a pillow case for the bag. Thinking it was not a goer, he sold/gave the rights to Hoover who then developed it to a marketable product.
  2. We did meet at the meet and greet you organised on QM2.
  3. I don’t remember if this bit of driving was discussed previously. Also, depends on how many days you wish to allocate. A few options. Simple one is to get in the car and drive down highway 1 until you get to Melbourne. Stopping, of course, to see the dog on the Tucker box in Gundagai. About 12 hours of not much to see. 1a is to pull off that highway and go into Canberra. Plenty of interesting things there, except the politicians. Second major option, but decidedly longer, is to take the coastal route. Either directly south from Sydney, visiting Uncle Les in Batemans Bay, down through Eden, and then into Victoria with places like Mallacoota , Wilson’s Promontory, Lakes Entrance and on to Melbourne. Could be a week, but some beautiful countryside and ocean frontage. 2a is to take the road from Sydney and go to Canberra. From there it is an easy drive to that south coast area. I have one the direct drive and the Canberra to the coast version. Preferred to coastal one, but we were in no hurry.
  4. Thank you for asking Uncle Les. And of course you may call me Adrian. Out of hospital yesterday, staying with family to lose pain and regain strength. Nasty piece of surgery. Probably have more controlled substances than the Drug Squad’s evidence room. off the liquid anaesthesia until I’m off the opioids. Actually took myself off 10 days before the surgery because I Knew was going to be under for 3+ hours. Lots of surgery related pain and weakness. Big decline in original pain and restrictions.
  5. Where I grew up we had neighbours from a host of Southern European countries. So, a variety of red liquids that was unpleasant to me. However, the Sicilian family would put it in a pasta sauce with pigeons they also raised. Divine. Best fun was one family where we would go and tread the grapes to help with production.
  6. Discharged yesterday morning after 3 weeks in hospital and rehab. Major cervical spine surgery does not fit well with photography, but lots of drugs helped.
  7. Oh so de classe. Vegemite glasses could be seen as ironic. Back to my straw joke, I love my Reidl glasses. The way the specifically designed varietal ones lift both the smell and taste is amazing.
  8. To continue your linguistic education, boxed wine has other names, depending on quality or pose value. Better : chateau cardboard normal: goon bag.
  9. I send my dress shirts to the laundry. All the frills and things just too much bother to iron myself. Hobart is a must of those itineraries.
  10. From The Age: Police in Victoria have arrested two men and charged one of them with incitement ahead of a protest planned for Melbourne's CBD on Sunday. In a statement released on Friday morning, a spokeswoman said police arrested two men after an investigation was launched to find those responsible for organising the large gathering. Officers raided two properties on Thursday night, one in Mooroolbark and another in Chirnside Park, where mobile phones and a computer were seized. They charged a 41-year-old man from Mooroolbark with incitement. The offence, in the Crimes Act, involves a person inciting someone else to pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offence. The man was bailed and is due to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on January 21 next year. A 41-year-old male from Chirnside Park was also arrested on Thursday night, but was released and is expected to be charged later on Friday with the same offence. Police on Thursday night warned anyone who attends the protest will be fined or arrested for the "completely flagrant breach" of the Chief Health Officer's directions.
  11. When I Was living in the US, the Oz students and Austrian students shared many stories of where their letters home ended up. Sometimes visiting the other countries several times. The Austrians started writing No Kangaroos on the envelopes to help the US Postal Service.
  12. Those submission extracts , particularly the first, could have been written by Sir Humphrey Appleby.
  13. The left side is the actual protest poster, the right side is social commentary from a site I follow.
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