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  1. British authorities have approved the Pfizer vaccine for immediate implementation. I would not be first in line with that sort of speed. https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/health/uk-to-get-covid-vaccine-next-week/news-story/8e81665c6bcf4699acc5672d4eaf3871
  2. Back to the topic of this thread, which is not whining about Queensland. Get over it.
  3. A few images of Lyle the Pacific Black Duck doing some limbering up yoga before having a big quack.
  4. I did a bit more reading about this, Twitter is too short for detail. So the unfortunate person contracted Covid in July, and was cleared of active disease some time later. However, Covid caused other complications, and these led to her death. Hence, it is a Covid caused death because Covid caused the complications. I think we are getting more publicity about long term consequences and impacts. These will play out over a long while yet.
  5. Some bad news in Monday numbers with the recording on 1 death.From DHHS Twitter: The case was a woman in her 70s who was part of a small group of cases diagnosed in late July. She was cleared as an active case in late Sept. In line w/ the national case definition, this is a COVID-related death as no recovery occurred from time of infection.
  6. A male superb fairy wren singing away to woo a lady. She does not seem too impressed.
  7. We don’t get the bush turkey this far south in Melbourne. Pretty much inedible, too.
  8. Well, we started The year with the country On fire. Then we had the pandemic. Today, the Eriksen water bomber has been flying around again. (Couldn’t find one of my photos, so here is one from the interwebz)
  9. I have found it useful to search the company website to get pricing, printing it all out. Include specific cabins, if you are interested in that. Then discussing with my TA what was there and seeing if they can match or better. Have received better prices, and some extra OBC that way.
  10. Questions are now being asked about the half dose regimen. Seems it was done because of a manufacturing error (vials only partially filled), and only tested on a younger sample. This necessitates broader clinical trials to test the actual efficacy of this half dose-full dose procedure. https://www.theage.com.au/world/europe/astrazeneca-likely-to-run-new-covid-19-vaccine-trial-as-questions-emerge-ceo-says-20201127-p56iee.html
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