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  1. Golden Princess has changed direction and now heading west. Marine Traffic shows destination as Jakarta.
  2. Golden Princess is on her way. No indication of where she is going, but heading out of the Bay at 15 knots.
  3. Those 4 ships that left Sydney are showing either Bali or Singapore as their destinations in marinetraffic. Obviously taking the scenic route along the Great Ocean Road. None are showing as expected arrivals in Vicports. However, Glorious Leader is due tomorrow.
  4. Scenic Eclipse is in Brazil. Not somewhere I would want to be at the moment. Appears to be sailing under the flag of Malta.
  5. Odd, marinetraffic shows Solstice, Ovation and Voyager all heading south. Destinations give. As either Bali or Singapore.
  6. My laminectomy etc was going to be moved to today. Spoke at length to GP. Said the particular hospital I was booked would probably be the safest place to be at present. Of course, it was cancelled until whenever.
  7. The comedian Adam Hills often has a sign language interpreter on his shows. The one I have seen sis a British woman. He gets her to provide all sorts of signs. Some material in this video, but I am not sure why the heads do not appear. Perhaps it was an idea after the Tower of London show on SBS last night. Caveat as always, not suitable for all audiences.
  8. 200 crew on Ruby with virus symptoms https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-australia-200-ruby-princess-crew-members-with-virus-symptoms/news-story/ea9c431d385c4dcec2ba8186c6c95a6d
  9. The tour guide video is actually from Australia. Have to make the American news somehow. This is one of the stay at home videos — Rotterdam Philharmonic playing Ode to Joy
  10. Viking Orion has left Station Pier and returned to anchorage. Seabourn Sojourn departed a few days ago and now shows heading to Hawaii.
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