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  1. Hi Leigh yes, I took the photo. It is from the Williamstown foreshore. Stopped as I was driving home yesterday afternoon. The Port webcams, including one in Williamstown, were decommissioned a few years ago. adrian
  2. of course, you need courage to be a nature photographer in Australia.
  3. Back on topic of here they come, first one for the season in Melbourne today.
  4. Just back from the camera club Nature group Sunday outing. We went to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens in the SE suburbs of Melbourne. Here are some snaps. First is our friend the southern brown bandicoot. It is a little marsupial. New Holland Honeyeaters peaking out from a red bottlebrush (it seems to have snuck down the bottom of the page, shy thing) Fantail cuckoo Powerful owl, the biggest type in Australia. Then just around the corner from home, I snapped the first cruise ship of the season into Melbourne
  5. if it was anything like my experience, probably flying without any airline.
  6. when I had opioids, they were single prescriptions at a time. to travel, the pharmacist would make a photocopy of the prescription with their stamp and other relevant details matching the box. Belt and braces was a letter from the Dr. Of course, no one ever asked to see any of it. But I had it just in case. Of course, I declared it.
  7. Well, the neurosurgeon told me no more flying bird photos or my head will fall off, or something. so some animals not in the air. A rakali, aka Australian water rat This is is a straw necked ibis, seemingly not too happy about the photographer Looking down instead of up and I found this shy blue tongued lizard. It would not come out any further.
  8. I have used the interstate Opal card system, but had to apply in advance for the card. It lasted about 2 months. Capped at $2.50 EXCEPT the airport fee was additional, not part of Opal caps.
  9. It is not the first passenger “mutiny” on Norwegian. https://www.insideedition.com/cruise-ship-passengers-stage-mutiny-after-theyre-bombarded-construction-noise-42235
  10. Black shouldered kite looking for a late afternoon snack
  11. I think I had a novice inspector. Rolling of eyes at naughty corner, but they went through the procedures.
  12. I fly into Auckland with blood pressure meds. Ticked the box. Got sent to the naughty corner for further scrutiny. Had the boxes and scripts. Sent on my merry way.
  13. Just for fun, I made the cover of the bloopers reel, and have words to say.
  14. I have been told the top picture is a golden-headed Cisticola Yeah, never heard of it either.
  15. This is a departure from the normal threads on here, but it does have relevance to cruising. On Australian ABC TV tonight (8 Oct) and on iView is the documentary The Show Must Go On. It deals with mental health issues in the entertainment industry with a focus on Ben Steel (Home and Away). https://www.filmartmedia.com/projects/theshowmustgoon/ It has relevance for the forum when we think about the performers and theatre crew who provide us with entertainment on our travels. Declaration: I was a member of the team whose research is mentioned in the film. Plus I appear for about 3 seconds. It is also Mental Health Week, so the importance of the issue is there for all of us.
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