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  1. Blue screen is still used in some movie work, especially for some action things. A friend of my daughter does video game development and computerised blue screen is used. Also, some of the stop action stuff done in the sports lab uses blue screen. Why? I don’t know.
  2. Moire effect. Usually from tight stripes. Some colours also still disappear, particularly if they are using blue or green screen projections
  3. The Hydro Majestic is such a lovely place for a visit, drinks, etc. Following Mic’s comment of visiting Bondi, I also love the walk along the cliffs from Bondi to Coogee. Easy to follow pathway, but a fair bit of up and down. Even the part through the cemetery is interesting. https://www.bonditocoogeewalk.com/
  4. Ok cruising gourmets, time we organised a pie crawl. Another best pies in Australia list for us to sample. Overall winner is a caramelised pork and pepper pie. From lovely Kyneton inVic Even better for Uncle Les, it is gluten free. Jo Jo’s in Kernot, down Phillip Island way, picked up a couple of awards for gluten free goodies. https://www.news.com.au/travel/australian-holidays/food-wine/the-official-best-pie-in-australia-has-been-crowned-for-2019/news-story/e28ebe48f372375beeb6dc18bf0a3eae
  5. On Sunday the camera club had an outing to Emerald Lake in the Dandenongs. Main aim of photographing fungi (yes, it is winter here). I dont have a macro lens, but here are some things i have no intention of trying to eat.
  6. On Saturday I wandered out to the wetlands to have a few snaps of the birdlife. Found this rather odd creature flying about The Royal Spoonbill found it hilarious that anything would try and fly without feathers
  7. Depends where on King St in relation to train station. From there, however, I would take a taxi. It won’t cost much and far less hassle. Yes, you can take luggage on Sydney trains. The carriages are on 2 levels, but there is a largish entry way. People with luggage use that space, perhaps even a seat or 2 there. No luggage racks, so you have to stay with your cases.
  8. Thanks for posting the link, very interesting. On Thursday evening my camera club is having a presentation called The visualisation, capture and processing for Landscape Photography, by Les Walkling. Part of the talk will focus on the work of the late Peter Dombrovskis. His work was instrumental in a major environmental campaign in Tasmania and is certainly worth looking up. The power of the landscape imagery in pristine wilderness captured public attention. (Franklin Dam) “Walkling spent ten months in the preparation, restoration, editing, and exhibition printing of over 200 of Dombrovskis’ images for the National Library of Australia exhibition and accompanying publication, The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis: Journeys into the Wild.”
  9. Many aim and shoot cameras do have some of the capabilities mentioned. If you tell us the make and model of your camera, some poster may be able to provide some guidance on how these relate. Otherwise, just think about some of the basics: composition — what do I want my picture to look like. Will the picture be better if I move a little to either side, back, forwards? Will the picture be better landscape or portrait. light — how much light is there? Is there light or shadow on what I am trying to photograph? How does the light or shadow enhance the image? (No, the built in flash will not light up the mountain 5 miles away.) If it is darkish, the camera may try and stay open longer, inducing shake. edges — look at all the edges of your view through the camera. Are there things there that you don’t want? And on.
  10. Loose in the top paddock..... it is is not a nasty comment from me. It is a diagnosis. Anyway, from Melbourne I would say Healesville Sanctuary. https://www.zoo.org.au/healesville/animals/koala
  11. Well, Monday was the Quenn's Birthday public holiday. Although, when you are retired, every day seems to be a public holiday. Got up and checked the Honours list. No knighthood --- again. Come the revolution. Oh well, in honour of old Lizzie here is another Royal Spoonbill having a good look at the photographer Also looking rathe regal is the Eastern Great Egret And any day is a good day for a pelican
  12. Now for the countryside (I need my glass) Eagle Kite/kestrel (I think) Scenery (with bird of prey sitting in the tree)
  13. Well, what a busy Sunday. Started off on the shore near my home, and ended up somewhere inland. (Fortunately managed to miss all of my football team's abominable performance).. Royal Spoonbill Blackwinged Stilt Purple Swamphen Some type of plover
  14. Eagles have a couple of really big outs — Hurn and Yeo. Really evens the contest.
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