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  1. Dear Mic thank you for bring this awful news I had met gut through this board, via email, and I person on the QE2. He was a very nice man. We we able to compare serious medical scars. Condolences to the family adrian
  2. About 12 years ago, I was going to a conference in Puebla, Mexico. This necessitated a change of planes in LAX. Of course, no proper transit system, go into US, Go back out as a departing passenger. So, standing at the luggage thing when all of a sudden a large number of TSA officers with guns drawn, shouting at us to stand back from the belts After about 10 minutes, one of them called for our attention. He then thanked us from taking part in their training drill.
  3. Buddy Franklin has announced his immediate retirement. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/lance-franklin-has-retired-on-the-spot-ending-famous-career/news-story/a52cc7c4d44ce01cd082c5328bab96c2
  4. One year in uni, I had a summer job in a hospital laundry. Interesting! On pay day we were all gathered in the big work room. The managers would bring in all the pay packets and call out each name in turn. So far so good. As one goes up to collect their pay, designated manager would open the envelope and the other would the publicly count the amount. Odd.
  5. My mum 92+, still uses cheques. A few years ago she sent my daughter (25) a cheque for her birthday. I had to explain to my daughter what to do with it. Mum has now moved onto new strategies. One is to send me the cheque, and I transfer the money. Well, mum usually forgets the date, but there may be some advance work from my end. As my older brother manages mum’ s accounts, she now gets him to transfer money to my account. Her bank is trying to phase out cheques, but she has no computer skills
  6. It looks like what we called a Mexican pie. the filling of spiced meat, beans, unidentified filling, cheese over the top, etc.
  7. Come on folks, lift your game.. https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/catastrophic-iconic-australian-snack-at-risk-of-dying-out-as-sales-plummet/news-story/8f03858b9994f132958a0a3347ecf63f
  8. I live on the corner of Douglas Parade. About 2km along is the very nice Pint of Milk Cafe. In the last few months they have had this mural painted. it reminds me of my childhood back in Perth. A few hundred metres away was the Healey's stables. They used to deliver the milk to all the houses with their horses and carts.
  9. As reeves35 has pointed out, there are various airlines which come into Melbourne without going to Sydney. Better options. As to Hawaiian Airlines, I would not recommend it for transferring into Australia. Last year, my daughter flew Hawaiian on a trip to Boston. Trip there was really positive. Return trip had her stranded in Sydney in the middle of the night, as the flight was late getting in and onward to Melbourne was not confirm. All Hawaiian staff had disappeared, so no assistance at international terminal. After a very expensive taxi trip, she got to domestic terminal with Qantas closing down, and no transfer record from Hawaiian. Qantas staff, although they were off shift, comforted her and provided her with with directions for safe accommodation. Not positive advertising for Hawaiian.
  10. Victoria currently has free RATS, Available through libraries. They are available as up to 2 boxes per person. However, the expiration dates are rather close. I went to the local library on Saturday to pick up some more. Expire in July. They May have surplus stock as they were offering more above the limit.
  11. The best croissant in the world. (According to sooner, but oh so good.)
  12. Looking across the Bay to Station Pier, about 5-6 km . No cruise ships scheduled until late October, however, a couple of Navy ships in town for ANZAC Day. The closer ship, HMAS Adelaide, is berthed at the main cruise dock. Over the back is the superstructure of the HMAS Sydney. Lastly,being photobombed by a tug.
  13. Dame Edna and Sir Les getting news in the passing. More should be given to Sandy stone -- a very poignant character. Barry said Dame Edna was spinning off from the original relationship -- but Barry was becoming more and more like Sandy.
  14. Last week went on an outing to some of the lane ways in Melbourne city. They feature quite a lot of graffiti/street art --often changing as it get covered over by different artists..
  15. I was in the lane way last week. The mural celebrating Malcolm is still there. Other have been replaced by less interesting ones.
  16. I took the balcony for somewhat less, and several decks higher.
  17. Cunard has some ocean view and inside single cabins. Not flash prices. When I looked, I bought balcony cabin with single supplement. Cost less than than the single room.
  18. Pretty much the same. Tomato sauce on plain pie, nothing on other flavours. No chicken pies as I don’t like white goo. On pasties, I go with Worcestershire.
  19. Fairy bread for dessert? Sounds like kids’ birthday parties.
  20. Article in The Age today. Says Swans are too focussed on Buddy, who is not quite up to it. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/sydney-s-buddy-problem-20230404-p5cxya.html
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