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  1. BPCruiser

    Reykjavik Hotels

    We stayed at the Hilton Nordica, not sure if you consider Hilton luxury but it was clean and nice for our 1 night pre cruise. It is not directly in the city center so if you prefer to be directly in city center, this would not be your choice. It is about a 20 min+ walk from hotel to city center or you could taxi. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. BPCruiser

    New to River Cruising - lots of questions

    We typically avoid Summer river cruising as we find July/August in Europe too hot and crowded for our personal preference but many have to travel in summer due to work and kids summer schedules. We are retired now but started river cruising almost 10 years ago. Our favorite time of year in Fall, October/November when weather is milder and much less crowded in Europe. We have other friends who always cruise in mid-late September. Like Fran mentioned in her post, many regular river cruisers are brand loyal, often to which cruise line they first started with. We have done 6 river cruises, all with Avalon and Avalon is a good fit for us. Not all inclusive but includes what we enjoy. Have never had a bad cruise with them. Their ships have a more shallow draft and can often make it up or down river during low water when other cruise lines with ships that have a deeper draft can't and those cruises turn into bus travel, which we do not enjoy. Weather and water levels are always a variable but you can often hedge your risks based on time of year and cruise line you select. The Danube is our personal favorite due to the anchor cities of Budapest and Prague, 2 of the prettiest European cities you will ever see. Much to enjoy there, great food and easy to navigate independently which we do pre and post cruise. Do your research for companies and amenities that you prefer and I highly recommend you book thru a TA. Do your research there too as many can offer perks independent of what you will receive booking directly thru the cruise line. We cannot post and advocate Travel agents on these boards but it is easy enough for you to review on your own. Wish you the best in your planning!
  3. BPCruiser

    South Africa and beyond in 2020!

    Just booked our 1st Azamara Cruise for Feb. 2020 on the Quest. 10 days round trip from Cape Town and 5 days Pre-Micato Land tour to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and Botswana. Itinerary looks awesome!
  4. We depart in a little over a week on only our 2nd Silversea cruise ever on the Silver Wind, with the 1st cruise being an Expedition cruise on the Silver Galapagos where no dining reservations were needed except for the outdoor Grill. Should I make Dining Reservations now before we embark next week or am I already too late to do this? Do you need dinner reservations for the Formal Nights? Thanks for any recommendations...
  5. BPCruiser

    Changing fully paid reservations on SS?

    We are also booked and pre-paid in full for a SilverSea Cruise in June 2019, including paying for the Business Class airfare upgrade. I read the postings earlier about the $200 per booking cancellation fees that can be applied to a future cruise but what about our pre-paying for the Business class air upgrades. No tickets issued or booked yet since flights not yet available for our cruise dates. Would they reimburse us for that as well?
  6. BPCruiser

    Silversea Expedition cruises-Anyone here done one?

    We were on the Silver Galapagos in Spring 2016 and very much enjoyed our trip, it was our one and only expedition cruise so we have no others for comparison. Food and service was great as were the Expedition Leaders. We will be on the Silver Wind next week for our Iceland cruise, looking forward to experiencing a different style of cruising with Silversea and we are also booked for the Norwegian Fjords for June 2019 on the Silver Spirit.
  7. Hi Prish, Thanks for the recommendation. I did check their web site and they have cruise ship tours listed by the date and which cruise ships are in Port. However for their 4 hour morning tours, they are pricing it at 1,995 danish krona which in USD equates to about $315/pp. Too expensive imo for a 4 hour tour. I did e-mail them to ask if they had any small group tours priced lower. The above price was for a private tour, min. 2 people. This is priced significantly higher then the cruise ship tours which are usually overpriced. I will be interested to hear their reply.....
  8. BPCruiser

    oban and kirkwall

    Soraya, I found your name listed in very old CC thread about Kirkwall and Aberdeen. We will be in Kirkwall from 8A-4P in July 2018 and in Aberdeen only until 1:20PM in July as well. They cut our Port time in Aberdeen by 3.5 hours after we booked our cruise, supposedly due to the tides?? Anyway, I am looking for suggestions for Aberdeen especially since we have only about 4 hours in Port. Can you share with me any recommendations on must see attractions for this limited time frame. Any info on small group tour companies for Kirkwall would also be great. We prefer not to do the cruise ship tours when possible. Overpriced and undervalued usually. Thank You so much!
  9. We will be in Torshavn, Faeroe Islands in July from 8A-2P and Kirkwall, UK from 8A-4P. Looking for recommendations of tour companies or other options to see the highlights from anyone who has visited these Ports of call. Our time in Torshavn is limited as you can see. Are any of these Ports DIY or should we try to arrange a small group private tour? Prefer to stay away from the cruise line tours. Thoughts, ideas or recommendations much appreciated.
  10. BPCruiser

    Iceland - questions answered

    We will be on a cruise July 2018 Silver Wind to various Icelandic Ports. Would greatly appreciate help with tour recommendations for the ports of Isafjordur (12N-6P), Akureyri (8A-4P), Seydisfjordur (9A- 12MN). Prefer to book excursions independent or as a small group from our Roll call but our Roll call is practically non-existent for our cruise. Typically we do not like the overpriced cruise ship excursions which only last 2-4 hours at best. I have spent much time on TA reviewing the recommendations and the ones we like are cutting it close with our Port time or just not calling out to me. Any recommendations from past travelers to these Ports would be greatly appreciated. Just hubby and I traveling together.
  11. BPCruiser

    Viator for Iceland tour?

    Hi Dronnygirl, We are cruising Iceland in July too and I am desperately searching for "reasonably priced" shore excursions to book in Isafjordur, Akureyri and Seydisfjordur. We try to never book the cruise ship excursions, preferring small independent group tours with providers that will pick us up and return to cruise port. I have spent hours going through the TA top recommended excursions in these Ports and have had great difficulty zoning in on a company that has tours to meet our hours in Port, good reviews and excursion variety. Have you had good luck with your FAB Tour bookings,.... which Port are they based out of? Any help or recommendations you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  12. BPCruiser

    Budapest hotel recommendations

    I agree with the post above, we have stayed twice at the Intercontinental Budapest and have had great service, wonderful rooms with a view and they have a great Breakfast Buffet. The views of the Danube, Chain Bridge and the Buda side of the river with Castle Hill cannot be beat. The only slight negative I will mention was the bathrooms were small but all the positives far outweigh a small bathroom in my opinion. Convenient to walking to all locations on the Pest side, the Tram and walking across the Chain Bridge if you choose for magnificent view, especially at night. It will always be my go to Hotel when in Budapest. Concierge services are quite helpful too!
  13. BPCruiser

    Faroe Islands/ Torshavn

    Nothing booked yet, we have changed our original cruise plans and I’m not sure if our new cruise includes a stop in this Port. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. BPCruiser

    Oceania Tahiti - any recent reviews?

    We have toured with Reef Discovery twice previously on snorkel tours and been satisfied. We did Patrick’s and Reef in Bora Bora and loved them both. In Raitea, we booked with Bruno’s who picked us up in Raitea and took us by boat to a Pearl Farm, swimming with the Black tip Reef sharks and then to Taha for a picnic lunch and coral garden drift snorkel. We enjoyed it! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. BPCruiser

    Southampton To Heathrow transportation

    You are very welcome. You can go to their web site and I believe look at the various size vehicles. Error on the larger side as it takes a bit of space in back of van to hold 4 large pieces of luggage plus carry on luggage unless you want to sit with excess on your lap for ride which would not be fun. 2nd Row fit 3 people who all were on the more slender side. It was easy to remember Simon’s name as he is British and I associated his name with Simon Cowell. He jokingly said when he dropped us off and I asked for his business card, replying just ask for the tall good looking Simon and they will know which one you are requesting. [emoji6] He had a great sense of humor and was quite pleasant to chat with on the long ride. Sent from my iPhone using Forums