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  1. I'm partial to sushi but not on most cruise ships where it's usually horrible. We had salmon sashimi, spicy salmon nigiri, and gyoza for lunch. All from Woolies, I just steam/fried the gyoza as I prefer them hot.
  2. A few years ago there was an outlet at local food court that made ramen burgers. The "bun" was two discs of noodles that were fried so they were crispy on the outside but still soft in the middle. They were delicious but very messy to eat. They also had matcha chips (sprinkled with green tea powder) with a light curry sauce. Weird but very yummy.
  3. Gut, I spotted this pie maker hash brown recipe and thought you might like to try it. https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/pie-maker-hash-browns-recipe/owt9fht8?r=recipes/piemakerrecipes&c=ca2j8u1x/Pie maker recipes
  4. Princess usually docks bow in and backs out, so cabins on the port side will face the Opera House.
  5. It's quite an old photo, taken in 2007. I don't think that pizza shop is there now. But there is one with that name in Dunedin, maybe they moved there.
  6. Oamaru it is indeed. They've preserved a lot of the old buildings in the town including the Opera House, which is still used as an entertainment venue.
  7. I'm sure you'd find both of those in this town but not the brewery or factory.
  8. The Roman Bathhouse in Bath, UK.
  9. Woolies have quite decent sushi. The type we like is torched salmon, so it ends up lightly cooked, with a spicy mayo. You might find that OK.
  10. It's an unusual photo of Kotor. It doesn't show the old town which is what most people are used to seeing. Interesting to see it from that perspective.
  11. There are so many notable buildings in London.
  12. That's could make it tricky to identify. Is it in the Greater London region?
  13. In the UK? (I thought I'd bring the photo onto this page.)
  14. Takayama is a gorgeous little town, with quite a few beautiful historical buildings. It's also the centre of the Hida beef region and we went to a restaurant where we had a dish called Hoba Miso. Each person got a little ceramic stove, heated by some form of candle or fuel that gave off quite a bit of heat – enough to cook slowly on. On top of the stove was a mesh plate covered in foil, and on top of this was the hoba – a large magnolia leaf. On this was miso paste, onions, tofu, bean sprouts and thin slices of Hida beef. Once it started cooking you tossed it around until it was cooked to your satisfaction. It was absolutely delicious.
  15. You're just too well travelled, Mic. Correct.
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