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  1. Best wishes for a good recovery for your colleague's son.
  2. We're in Noumea today. Clear skies, the only smoke is from cigarettes. We're just pottering around Anse Vata enjoying the sea breeze.
  3. Les, I'd give you the short version of my opinion of Ruby Princess so far but they'd probably ban me from CC if I did! Suffice to say we are not happy cruisers! I'll post in more detail after we get back.
  4. We're now about half way between Brisbane and Noumea. There is a slight haze at a very high level but we've got away from the thick haze on the horizon.
  5. The Worldfresh Marketplace is even bigger so you'll probably come back fatter!😜🤣🤣🤣
  6. Absolutely! We're further offshore now, 300+ kms and the sky is blue with just a faint haze remaining. Stay safe, Les.
  7. I'm currently on Ruby Princess running up the NSW coast. According to our position on Google maps we're running about 200km offshore. Very hazy conditions but no actual smell of smoke.
  8. I don't usually get seasick but have had a couple of tender rides where I ended up feeling nauseous, both times because of problems docking the tender against the ship in bouncy seas. I also got drenched on one tender ride. I was sitting near the open door and the sea was starting to get a bit rough. The tender turned out of the channel towards the ship just as a large swell hit the side of it. Luckily I was just wearing bathers and a sarong! It certainly cooled me off nicely.
  9. Some ships have tender boats with seating on the roof which could be an option if your mother is agile enough to get up there. Also sitting just aft of the door opening, or in the forward section if the hatches are open, helps. Look at where the tender pilot is sitting - that tells you which is forward.
  10. Yes, OBC depends on the onboard currency. Usually you can't apply for shareholder OBC until three months prior to your embarkation date. It has nothing to do with when you book the cruise. I have cruises booked up until May 2021 and will be applying for my shareholder OBC at the appropriate time for each cruise.
  11. There are plenty of ways of discreetly and tactfully dealing with that sort of situation. As I recall, from three cruise ship visits to Tauranga, there are always a number of local tourism people at the wharf, mostly probably volunteers. All that needed to be done was for one of those people to go over to the ship security people and say something like "hey, guys, what those photo people are doing is a bit of an insult to us locals so it might be a good idea if they stopped it". Or if it was noticed by one of the wharfies then that person would/should have mentioned to their supervisor who then would be able to escalate it to the appropriate people.
  12. Some days are worse than others, it depends on what the winds have been doing.
  13. OBC could be in USD or AUD depending on where you cruise but apart from that your figures are good. We've been happy with our share purchase which we've had for about four years even though the current price is just a tad under what we paid. Still, shares go up and down all the time and we're not looking at selling them any time soon.
  14. Actually I'm surprised the state hasn't already done that! I'm sure the Sydney developers would love to get their sticky paws on that piece of land.
  15. I'm not a fan of the photographic team's antics at ports but I suspect this is just another media beat-up. Firstly I very much doubt if the antics of those crew members came anywhere near resembling a powhiri (which is a powerful and very moving ceremony). Secondly there would have been a number of local port staff in the vicinity and if it had truly been offensive then I would have expected one of those people to have had a quiet word to whoever was in charge to get it stopped immediately. Thirdly that ship, plus a number of other Princess ships, visit Tauranga on a regular basis. Presumably the photographers do the same thing on every visit. It's strange that this time it ended up blown out of proportion by the media. It must have been a slow news day! 🙄
  16. Current fires burning in Australia.
  17. Oh no! Very sorry to hear that. I can't believe how bad the fires are this year, it's just shocking. And it's not just in one or two states, it's everywhere!
  18. Am I right in deducting you were off the ship and inside the cruise terminal at the time? If so, the person responsible would probably not have been a Princess employee but rather an shore staff employee who are not part of Princess.
  19. Some of my evening tops are several years old.
  20. The latest Australian drinks prices are in this thread - the full MDR wine list plus a couple of bar lists. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2694836-princess-cruise-drinks-price-australia/
  21. There are small beaches right in Picton and Akaroa but I'm not sure how good they are for swimming. I have seen people swimming at the Akaroa one on a couple of cruises and I recall swimming at the Picton one many, many, many years ago. The Picton one is near the information centre, through the park. The Akaroa one is a short walk from the tender wharf, to the left and round the small bay. Both would be ideal for small kids wanting to play in the shallows but aren't big, beautiful surf beaches.
  22. After 35 nights we still didn't want to get off!!! The Sydney return 35 night Hawaii/Tahiti on Sea Princess was one of the best cruises we've ever done. We soon got into a shipboard routine and felt very relaxed at the end of the cruise. Sea Princess is the perfect size for a long cruise, big enough to have all the usual Princess facilities but small enough so that it did't feel like there a re too many people onboard. Of course, the layout of that class of ship, with it's wide wraparound promenade deck, full atrium sized Crooners, the large Wheelhouse Bar, and a theatre that wasn't too small for the number of passengers, really makes it feel like the next best thing to a luxury line. The food was excellent and the menus only started repeating after 28-30 days, which is quite acceptable. The only very slight negative was that the Sea Princess inside cabins are just a tad too cramped for that length of cruise, even with the beds in twin configuration. I'd happily do that cruise again and would book a full world cruise like a shot if I could afford it. 😊
  23. Yes, that's the best way to get to the Lotus Spa pool but it's also why people think it's part of the Spa as you have to go past the Spa reception desk. I prefer to keep away from the main pool area, too crowded and noisy for me.
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