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  1. No, even with sleeping tablets I don't sleep well if I'm not comfortable, and I still wake up if my knee starts acting up.
  2. The most comfortable economy flights I ever did were on Emirates in 2017 with the aid of these items: - a light tote bag (see photo below) - an inflatable footrest - an inflatable neck pillow - noise cancelling headphones - a white noise app on my phone - a sleep mask Before boarding the plane I put everything I would need on the flight into the tote bag and put that in the top of my carry-on. Once at my seat I'd take the tote bag out of my carry-on and put my handbag in the carry-on and lock it, then it went on the luggage bin. Once settled in my seat I'd take the headphones out of their carry-case, plus phone, kindle, charging cables etc, . Then I'd inflate the footrest to 1/2- 2/3, put it on top of anything else left in the tote bag, slide it under the seat in front and put my feet on top. When it was time to sleep, I'd inflate the neck pillow, switch to my white noise app, recline my seat, take my sleeping tablet, and put on my sleep mask. Because of the foot rest I ended up being able to stretch right out, at a slope of course, but it meant my knee wasn't locked in a sitting position so didn't seize up on me and I slept for several hours between Sydney and Dubai. That was almost a miracle! In fact I slept better on that economy flight than I did in Singapore Airlines business class last year as my legs were straight not bent. GO travel folding tote bag
  3. We had a very enjoyable Panama Canal transit. We booked spots in the Sanctuary where they laid on a lovely breakfast - mimosas, fruits etc, pastries, tea/coffee. Then chilled gazpacho late morning, lunch from the regular Sanctuary menu, and the usual afternoon tea. It was interesting to watch the transit from the aft rather than forward. We were able to appreciate the convoluted channel through the Gatun Lake from this vantage point, seeing the leading lights positions for each section. It was very hot and humid but regular dips in the pool kept us cool.
  4. If all she is doing is drying her long hair then the Princess hair-dryers would do the job OK but those people who rely on a good hair-dryer to style their hair would be very frustrated with those hair-dryers.
  5. We've been getting 8 spirits plus 10 other drinks, most of which we don't like. We swap them all for bottled water which saves us having to order it through the app or pick it up at one of the bars.
  6. Princess has crappy hair dryers. They are OK for my short, straight hair but useless for anyone who needs to style their hair.
  7. You might get it taken off you but it will be returned at the end of the cruise. You won't need it onboard as most cruise ships have two power circuits - 110v with US sockets, and 220v with EU or AU sockets.
  8. It hasn't changed much in 24 years! 🤣 A zillion shops selling tshirts etc, gorgeous old buildings. Sloppy Joe's bar still looks the same, and there is plenty of key lime pie to be had. We went ashore this morning to do some shopping. It's very hot and humid today so we skipped the idea of having lunch ashore and came back to the ship where we're admiring the scenery from the Sanctuary, and watching passing boats and planes go by.
  9. I did pack 250 of my favourite teabags for our world cruise as I've been on too many cruises since the pandemic where they ran out of Twinings English Breakfast and the alternatives were ghastly! I'm using my own teabags in the MDR for breakfast but use the Twinings in the buffet (unless they've run out).
  10. I'm a chronic overpacker! And, yes, I always pack my fan as I've had cabins that were too hot for me to sleep. Unfortunately my fan died about a month ago but mostly the night-time temps were cool so our cabin stayed cool enough for me. However the night before we reached New York was very hot and I didn't sleep well so I had to buy a cheap fan at Target (opposite Macy's). It's quite big and, of course, totally useless in Australia. I'm seriously thinking of leaving it on the ship. Strangely one of the most useful things I packed for this world cruise was a cheap set of filing trays. They've kept the desk tidy. We put current stuff in the top tray (latest Patter plus any other stuff that need action or reference in the next few days. The middle tray holds our file of visas, tour tickets etc. The bottom tray holds stuff we want to keep. It was a last minute buy, packed easily stuffed with other things, and I think it will become a regular item on most of our future cruises of any length. Did I pack too many clothes? Yes and no. There were a couple of things I wish I'd packed more of, and so far I haven't needed my long sleeved tshirts or my fleece but all-in-all we packed well. Of course, I just had a major wardrobe refresh at Macy's in Boston and New York so now have far too many tops! We're working our way through our consumables. I think I figured those fairly well apart from aloe vera tissues but we have had opportunities to restock those. I do like to have variety in the clothes I wear and usually get it right on most cruises but I must admit I was getting bored with my original choices. Thank goodness for Macy's!!!
  11. Before we reached Elite on Princess we would use the laundrettes for most of our clothes but anything that needed ironing we sent to the laundry. Usually it was just Rolf's shirts and my linen pants. It was worth paying a bit to get them ironed.
  12. Chasing Celebrity Eclipse under the Verrazzano-Narrows bridge.
  13. The cruise terminal was crazy yesterday with a big Norwegian ship on changeover. We went off shopping just after 10am and the NCL check-in queue was already long. We got back at about 2:30pm and there were still hundreds of people checking in. I had a serious shopping spree in Macy's so I'm happy. We came back to the ship early as we were going to Birdlands Jazz Club later. We ended up getting to Birdlands a bit too early so crossed the road to the Intercontinental Hotel to have a cocktail in their lovely bar. We managed to score a window seat so could watch for the queue building up at Birdlands. We had a good table in the jazz club. The deal is you pay a basic entry fee then are expected to spend at least $20pp on food and drinks. As usual the portion sizes were huge. The hummus appetiser could have fed four people, and the mains were enormous. We had a very nice bottle of wine. The featured jazz band was the Cindy Blackman Santana Band. She is an exceptional jazz drummer, and the others in the band were of an equally high standard, so we had a great night. We were looking for a cab back to the ship when we came across a pedi-cab so decided to try that. It was crazy expensive but so much fun. The guy played all sorts of music and we ended up singing along to ones we knew as we zoomed through the streets. It's stinking hot in NY today. Rolf is battling the cruise cough now so we've canned our plan to walk the High Line and are staying in the cool and just resting.
  14. When I peeked out our cabin with down yesterday morning I spotted this on the next wharf. That's the closest I've ever been to a Concorde!
  15. We just went to one of the MDRs when we were ready to dine every night, usually about 7pm, for the first couple of weeks of our current world cruise. Each time we were allocated a table for two fairly quickly. Once we decided that we liked a particular section/waiters we booked a table in that section for the rest of the cruise.
  16. Then I agree, the service there is amazing. By now the waiters who have been with us since the start of the world cruise know all our favourite drinks. If we go there during the day they just go "two espressos, two iced waters". Night time it's trickier as we have a few different pre-dinner and after-dinner drinks we like.
  17. On Coral or Crown? On Coral the Good Spirits bar is our favourite hangout. On both Diamond and Grand the service was nowhere near as good. We are unlikely to cruise on Crown - we've been on Ruby which is another one of the extended Grand class ships and that put us right off that subclass of ship.
  18. We've also been very happy with the service etc on this cruise although it took a while to find a sommelier who actually listened to what we wanted. Despite succumbing to the onboard lurgies, it's a wonderful way to briefly see parts of the world that would be fairly difficult to do as land travel at our age. If we could afford it we'd do one every year! Although I think it might be a completely different experience on Crown Princess with it's extra 1000 passenger capacity. Coral is the perfect ship for this type of cruise
  19. I am, thanks, Carole, although I'll probably have a slight cough for a few more days until my lungs settle down again.
  20. Thanks, Linda. I'm improving each day with just a bit of residual coughing. I managed to go on our booked excursions in Halifax and Bar Harbor - both were good and luckily mostly bus touring. We did the HoHo bus yesterday in Boston, then had a quick wander through part of the town. I even managed some shopping! Good to hear your claim was approved. I've managed to avoid the Medical Centre this time. Although I might have been able to claim back the costs of the excursions I missed I just couldn't be bothered with the hassle of making a claim. I had all the medications I needed with me anyway.
  21. Ships booked to visit this year were grandfathered in, thank goodness.
  22. We bought the HAL laundry package when we were on Westerdam. It was brilliant, so quick. Princess laundry service is just as good but not as quick if you're getting it free but it was very quick if you were paying or in a suite.
  23. We're putting ours in every couple of days.
  24. It might take them a few years to modify their restrictions. Plus Crown Princess is a bigger ship than Coral - just over 3000 passengers instead of Coral's 2000.
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