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  1. Do you no if you can get the drink package on a 2 night cruise.. I am thinking of going on the Ventura next June from Southampton it’s for 2 nights if the drink package isn’t available on the short cruise I’m not sure I would be interested.. thank you
  2. Anybody know if they do th wdribk package for the 2 night cruise??
  3. I’m just wondering if you pay for the drinks package can you have any drink on the menu even the tattinger champagne??
  4. Do u no if the age on the cruise are more of an older crowd or is it a mixture of all ages? Thanks for the reply I don’t mind about the T-shirt’s and all that
  5. Hi I have never cruised with p and o but I am looking to go on Ventura next year on a short cruise for my hen party so around 20 girls in their late 20s? I’m just wondering would people recommend it? As I say I have never cruised with p+o but I have done royal carribbean, NCL and MSC it’s just none of those cruise line have short cruises for around the time we are planning on going? Hopefully someone can help me out with recommendation weather to go on Ventura or not.. thank you 🤗
  6. Hi I’m going on the seaview this Friday from Barcelona returning on Monday.. I am first time cruiser with MSC I have cruised with royal Caribbean and Norwegian before.. I’m just wondering what to expect I have never done such a short cruise? What time can we board it says 3 o clock but can we get on earlier as we will be flying in early that morning? Is there anything else I should no? thank you
  7. I have a Central Park balcony booked on a sailing in November I never heard anything about complimentary lunch... travelling from ireland! How do I go about this offer? 😊
  8. But this is why I'm confused because it says u have an over night stay in maui and Kauai so what time do we have to be on board the ship those 2 night?
  9. Hello thinking of doing an Hawaiian trip just wondering when we spend a night on an island do we still have to board the ship early at around half 6 or that, like when sailing off to another island or can we stay out late in the night and then head back to the ship?? Thank you
  10. We were on the getaway last week the 29/11 sailing and there was some one medivacted the first night...
  11. Hello anyone no what the weather is suppose to be like next week going on the getaway on the 29th! 8 days away 😁😁 hope the weather wil be good as coming from very cold ireland 🍀
  12. How do I go about doing that please??
  13. Hello Cruising on the getaway in 10 days time 😊 just wondering do we need to check in online before we cruise??
  14. Ok thanks love Christmas so was hoping to get into the swing of things there and watch a few movies ☺
  15. Hello I'm cruising on the 29th of November on the getaway and I'm wondering if there will be christmas movies shown on that cruise?? Thanks
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