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  1. Thanks for all yer replies.. we will just have to make do with what we have it’s a hen party so I don’t think Wel be spending much time in the beds 😂😂🙈
  2. Hi has anybody ever shared an inside cabin with 3 other people there is a gang of us going on the preziosa and we are sharing inside cabin with 3 other people so 4 people in each cabin I just can’t figure out how they are going to fit 4 beds in an inside cabin 🙈😂
  3. Hi I’m going on a 4 night cruise on the preziosa sailing from Southampton to brugee, Rotterdam and Hamburg.. I’m wondering what the preziosa is like I’m actually going on it for my hen party there is 22 of us going so hoping the ship will be good fun.. it’s more of a relaxing holiday. it would be great if ye could help me out telling me about the ship 😊
  4. Hi there is an offer up at the moment on the explorer of the seas for 2 nights cruising from Dublin to Southampton.. its the musical theatre festival. Has anyone done this type of cruise I just don’t no what to expect?? Thank you
  5. Hi we are thinking of doing this next May as a hen party would you recommend it?? Any tips welcome?
  6. But can u get free wine and beer with your lunch in the buffet??
  7. I’m hoping to do the 2 night cruise as a hen I’m just not sure how we will work it as they don’t do a drink package and we’d prefer to have everything paid for before we cruise.. a travel agent told me yesterday that he was on the Ventura and there was self service machine with wine and beer at meal times
  8. Hi just wondering on the Ventura is there free beer and wine from the self dispensary in the main restaurants at lunch and dinner?
  9. Hi just wondering is there any update on the drinks package I’m looking at doing a 3 days cruise next year with a group of 10 girls and we want to have everything paid for before we cruise?
  10. Do you no if you can get the drink package on a 2 night cruise.. I am thinking of going on the Ventura next June from Southampton it’s for 2 nights if the drink package isn’t available on the short cruise I’m not sure I would be interested.. thank you
  11. Anybody know if they do th wdribk package for the 2 night cruise??
  12. I’m just wondering if you pay for the drinks package can you have any drink on the menu even the tattinger champagne??
  13. Do u no if the age on the cruise are more of an older crowd or is it a mixture of all ages? Thanks for the reply I don’t mind about the T-shirt’s and all that
  14. Hi I have never cruised with p and o but I am looking to go on Ventura next year on a short cruise for my hen party so around 20 girls in their late 20s? I’m just wondering would people recommend it? As I say I have never cruised with p+o but I have done royal carribbean, NCL and MSC it’s just none of those cruise line have short cruises for around the time we are planning on going? Hopefully someone can help me out with recommendation weather to go on Ventura or not.. thank you 🤗
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