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  1. Christie Brinkley is one of the most famous models of all time with decades as the face of Cover Girl and also decades in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ... posing for that coveted spot into her 60’s. She’s an award winning artist, dedicated mom, animal rights activist, and a USO overseas performer. She’s been on Broadway, in movies, and on TV. To sum it up, she’s good hearted, multi talented, and timelessly beautiful. Sounds like a great choice for the honor.
  2. Gluten free and sugar free items can be a different texture and taste and while it’s not for some, they are often quite good. Our focus is more on the vegetarian/vegan aspect though and it sounds like there are many good choices, even if we don’t always plan ahead. The always available salmon option will work well for our group too.
  3. Inedible doesn’t sound very inviting. Do you think that gf and sugar free items aren’t to your taste or do you feel that Azamara did a bad job on those items?
  4. While most people know Billy Joel and are aware of his musical talent, not many people know that Christie Brinkley indeed is an artist as well. For example, she painted the River of Dreams album cover that won her the Rolling Stone award for best album cover of the year.
  5. Thank you all for this very helpful information! Sounds like we will have no trouble whatsoever.
  6. I have to share. I received a piece of mail from Regent addressed solely to me and when I opened it, saw it was a birthday card. I thought it was such a nice gesture! I opened the card and it began “Dear John” ... I guess now is a good time to mention that my name is Karen. Too funny not to share!
  7. On a brighter side, Christie Brinkley is well known to be a timeless beauty and is lesser known for being a talented artist.
  8. This really is a concern! From skimming this thread, this is supposed to be resolved by January? We board end of January and connectivity is of huge importance to us. We also just booked another trip for May and literally took the concierge suite instead of the superior suite because we need the multiple device perk.
  9. I was also wondering this very question. I’m not sure I’m clear on the internet usage plans as I’m having some trouble finding information on their website. How much is unlimited WiFi and can you apply the allowance toward that?
  10. Just read over the new vegan menu and I’m so impressed! When searching the boards, I read some things that make me question if you have to order in advance for this menu? None of us are completely vegan but to varying degrees, we eat very little meat so vegan options are so welcome. Any clarification on advance ordering is most appreciated. One of our travel mates has a mushroom allergy and it’s obvious on the menu that several selections have mushrooms in them but does anyone know how prevalent mushroom are on some of the other dishes? Some of the things that I know she would love (provided there’s no mushrooms) would be the Vietnamese rice paper rolls, vegetable pho, Moroccan spiced kebabs, tempura veggie tacos, and the pad Thai noodles. Has anyone had any of these dishes? And one more thing, and apologies if this is not the best thread for this question, but is there an everyday menu with basics available such as a chicken breast or a salmon filet?
  11. This is all great news and they will be thrilled. Also, just found the vegan menu and that will help them a lot too, except for the mushroom allergy. Lots of challenges with those two! I remember enjoying the food very much and look forward to our return.
  12. We enjoyed our first Azamara cruise several years ago and are considering a second but with another couple this time. We especially enjoyed the specialty restaurants and were always pleased with the dishes as presented. The other couple has many dietary restrictions and allergies so can they make substitutions on the menu? I just read over the menus for Aqualina and Prime C and here’s the type of things they might need to do. For the Branzino dish in Aqualina, could the sauté be served without the calamari or with a completely different sauce? In Prime C, could the crab cake appetizer be served in a larger portion as a main course ? Thank you.
  13. The coolest thing ever is the customized dinners on the balcony. Last year, our butler asked us if he could do that for us and while we had no concept what to expect, we said sure! Turned out to be the most luxurious treat we could imagine.
  14. You will know if a tour is available or waitlisted because it will be listed accordingly in your account. There is good availability on most tours. We sign up first for those that look likely to sell out quickly such as small group tours. You don’t have to finalize your whole page before continuing your sign ups for your other tours. One important note is to take that extra minute to be sure and careful as you sign up because you must call Regent to make changes once entered. Another helpful note is to have a second choice in mind but still sign up for your first choice. Once you are waitlisted, then go back in and sign up for your second choice. That way, you will automatically get your waitlist choice as your priority. And one last note, once on board other passengers cancel frequently so never give up on your first choice! A trip to Destination Services on board is always helpful.
  15. Fabulous, sounds like a date! Our first two days are at sea so how about we meet for lunch on one of those days? There are 3 of us, joining me are my husband and mother-in-law (her first time on Regent). Love the itinerary for the 2022 world cruise and am very excited about it. It’s a long story but the time presented itself for us to do a world cruise and that one looked the best to us.
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