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  1. It’s disappointing! The LA Panama Canal Cruise really appealed to us but the Lima one doesn’t. Well, back to searching for the right one.
  2. Came here this morning with this exact question after my TA couldn’t find the cruise I was looking for! We were both thinking that the other was crazy .....
  3. Enjoyed your thorough and helpful report, thank you! Did you dine at Prime 7 once because of choice or because it was difficult to get a second reservation?
  4. Isn’t Ross the best? When we spoke to him on the Explorer in April, he said he would see us back on the Explorer when we return in January 2020 for The Caribbean. Can’t wait!
  5. Omigosh, this is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much.
  6. We have been talking about it for awhile and we have finally done it ... we booked the 2022 world cruise! The itinerary could not be more perfect for us. At this point, I have more Regent cruises booked than I have kids so it looks like I’m rather well set for the next few years! Our first experience was just fabulous (obviously) but it was a very port intensive and busy 22 days so we don’t know what to expect from an itinerary with lots of sea days. We were usually back in time to thoroughly enjoy trivia and the daily Mensa! Evenings are perfect for us on Regent with a delectable dinner and a show or Ross at the piano. What, if any, activities are available earlier in the day?
  7. For us, the Regent experience is special enough that we do not see ourselves elsewhere anymore. Firstly, we will only stay with small ships moving forward. We have had many wonderful trips on many wonderful lines, including other small ships, but Regent just is our happy place. May I ask you this ... you mention that you had a fantastic time on Radiance of the Seas, why? What were the aspects that you liked about it? The reason that I ask is because there are those that love the big ship experience with the hustle and bustle so it would be wise to consider what things speak to you before moving forward.
  8. Same question here ... were you on the Voyager or the Explorer?
  9. Yes, this January they will be using the Four Seasons Miami.
  10. While it may not be the most convenient, we just love the Hilton Bentley in South Beach. An added bonus is the best Greek restaurant ever right on the property. We opted out of the included hotel and plan to enjoy 2 nights before sailing in January.
  11. To specifically answer your question: yes, you can leave your jacket and tie at home. Your shirt with chinos will be fine. We are taking our next Explorer cruise in January to the Caribbean so maybe our paths will cross! Our first Explorer cruise was a back to back earlier this year to the Canary Islands and the Med. We found the passengers to be very active and laid back, quite varied in dress. Passengers on board aren’t as hung up on the dress code and definitely don’t look like the brochures! We saw very few suits or jackets with ties, some sport jackets with open collars, many open shirts and slacks like you describe, some pushing the technical limits of the dress code (for example, one man usually wore dress slacks and shoes paired with a well tailored but non collared t-shirt style shirt), and very few blatantly out of the limits. We saw sloppy people and we saw sharp people in all varieties of dress. Only once in 22 nights did we see someone turned away from a restaurant and it was a male wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers with white gym socks. So, bring your snorkel and your great attitude ... be ready for a fabulous time!
  12. Great job with variety on the demographic! We are all for more casual so we are hoping that’s the case. I wonder if we are on the same sailing? We are on the Super Bowl Party Cruise.
  13. I just read that NCL is sending the Breakaway to the Bahamas with supplies, money, and manpower. I’m so pleased that we have chosen a company for our vacations that we can feel so good about.
  14. Count us in with the somewhat younger and more laid back Caribbean cruisers going this January. Bringing our friends from the left coast who aren’t quite as young as us but definitely as laid back.
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