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  1. Noticed yesterday my cruise on the Constellation on 29th March 2021 had reduced by £860.($1053) Just rebooked at lower price. Wonder if this is because it won’t be refurbished by then?
  2. Due to the amount of money Celebrity is currently losing do you think they will put the refurbishment of the remaining ships on hold? I think the Constellation was the next one to be done and finished in May 2020.
  3. Can’t believe you have to pay to select your seats when flying business class!! We usually use Qatar airways and have never had to pay and can select seats on booking.
  4. We have a land holiday to Thailand and Vietnam in June a Baltic’s cruise at the end of August and an Azamara cruise in November from Dubai to Singapore. We have resigned ourselves to the fact we will not be holidaying this year at all. We have a b2b from Tampa at the end of March 2021 and are more hopeful for that one but still not getting my hopes up..
  5. I checked our Baltic’s cruise on 22nd August 2020 for the dame cruise in August 2021 and it’s actually £900 cheaper but currently no perks are being offered.
  6. Wonder why the UK is ok when we have more cases than most other European countries other than Italy!
  7. I agree I’m 61 this year still working and go to the gym everyday and run 5k. I’m on no medication. I’ve never smoked and my blood pressure is in the ideal range so why am I classed as high risk? Provided my cruises at end of August and November and my land holiday to Thailand in June aren’t cancelled I fully intend to go.!
  8. My friends travel agent in UK called MSC yesterday and was able to reschedule her cruise leaving Venice on the 19th April to a similar itinerary leaving on 17th April 2021!
  9. Rebooking you’re get all perks would cost me an extra $2800!so not worth it.
  10. We had one if the enclosed balconies on the Jade in January this year and it was fine. Much better than I expected.
  11. When I called Celebrity I was told giving all perks to all suites was a limited offer and therefore did not apply to new bookings! I stated their website was very misleading then as it implies these perks are for all in The Retreat . She said it states this in the T &C but I can’t see this anywhere.
  12. When we booked the price for 2 people for a Sky suite was $5534 its now $9269. We currently have free gratuity’s, classic drinks package and $1,000 on board credit so not too bad.
  13. Called Celebrity and to get all 4 perks we would have to rebook at the current price which is $3700 in total more than we are currently paying. Obviously we won’t be doing that and just using some of on board credit to upgrade our package to premium.
  14. Do you think these perks will apply to existing bookings in Sky suites? When our cruise for November 2020 was cancelled in August 2019 due to the Constellation being redeployed to Tampa we booked a Sky Suite on the Constellation for April 2021. We had booked the original cruise onboard so our perks were transferred along with additional onboard credit for the inconvenience. We only have the classic drinks package so premium would be nice!
  15. Confirmed cases has increased in Italy by 25% in 24 hours! Now up to 400.
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