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  1. I too disagree that the cruises in Asia are primarily for Asians. I have sailed on the Millenium twice from Singapore and Asians were in the minority on both those cruises. I would say Europeans, Australians and Americans made up the bulk of the passengers.
  2. We did a 3 week round trip from Perth down to Albany in November last year with a stopover in Bali at each end. We had previously visited the east coast a couple of years before and loved it but both felt the West coast was best. I agree a cruise is no way to see Australia you are merely scratching the surface. We did a cruise round New Zealand a couple of years ago and whilst we enjoyed it we felt we should have done it as a road trip. Hopefully be back to Australia in the future.
  3. Came off NCL Jade on 6th February and on Celebrity Reflection on the 22nd August and Azamara Pursuit on 20th November and have no intention of cancelling unless UK Government advises against travel to countries I am visiting.
  4. Never even gave that a thought. Unless you have an underlying medical condition it’s no worse than catching the flu.
  5. I cruised from Hong Kong aboard the NCL Jade on the 30th January. At embarkation they went through every page of your passport to ensure there were no Mainland China stamps in it or visas. Apparently 1,000 were refused boarding. We did our full itinerary finishing in Singapore. So glad we weren’t on the cruises after ours where embarkation ports were changed and ports missed. We had a great cruise and weren’t unduly concerned about the virus.
  6. I find it staggering that anyone would travel anywhere without travel insurance! From the first holiday I ever embarked on back in 1977 I have always had a policy in place to cover the unforeseen emergency or cancellation.
  7. We just got off the NCL Jade on Thursday. There was no self service in the buffet nor menus in any bar or restaurant. Paper copies of menu were handed out in restaurants and I’m assuming destroyed after use. A plastic film was over all lift buttons for easy cleaning and hand sanitizer was compulsory. In buffet you had to wash your hands with soap and water also. Temperature was taken every time you left and returned to ship. Now in Singapore and flying home tonight. Hardly anyone wearing masks here unlike Hong Kong. Unusually quiet due to lack of Chinese tourists. Apparently room occupancy down 50% or more in some hotels. I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise and time in Hong Kong and Singapore and didn’t let what’s going on spoil my enjoyment.
  8. I’m in In Singapore just now after disembarking a cruise on NCL Jade on Thursday. Unlike Hong Kong, where we boarded, there are very few wearing masks although the WHO have stated you should only wear one if I’ll or around I’ll people. Apart from at the port when we disembarked there have been no temperature checks. In Our Hong Kong hotel we were checked every time we left or returned. It is a lot quieter than usual with no Chinese tourists. A taxi driver told us hotel occupancy is down 50% but it’s business as usual apart from that. I’m not unduly worried being here it’s an amazing city and if I did take ill their medical facilities are amongst the best in the world.
  9. No airline bans or government restrictions at the moment to and from any of the places we are visiting so not concerned.
  10. We have been in Hong Kong for 3 nights and had a great time. We board NCL for a 7 day cruise of Vietnam finishing in Singapore. We are not unduly concerned. Every year in the U K the flu virus claims life’s in fact my Dad died of flu complications in 2017 despite having had the flu vaccine. If you were to constantly worry about catching a virus you would never leave your house.
  11. Surely insurance will not kick in though if you are sailing from Hong Kong like we are tomorrow. UK government is not saying dint go to Hong Kong! In fact there are more confirmed cases in Thailand and they are not saying don’t go there!
  12. Waiting at airport for our flight to Hong Kong and not unduly concerned! My Dad died of the complications of flu so as a previous poster said this can be just as serious. There have been more confirmed cases in Thailand (7) than Hong Kong and they haven’t cancelled any of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Think a lot of people are over reacting.
  13. Flying to Hong Kong today for our cruise on the Jade which departs on 30th January. There’s no indication it will be cancelled as all our ports are in Vietnam and we finish in Singapore!
  14. Thank you for all your replies. Might have A few more questions in coming months as first timers to Azamara.
  15. We are Elite with Celebrity so have I think Discoverer level with Azamara. My husbands wants to buy the Indulgence package for our 19 night cruise and I’m just trying to work out if it’s worth it. We are in a Club Continent suite so get some perks for that anyway.
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