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  1. There’s a reason why Empress, Sovereign and Monarch left the fleet in the first place. Majesty was also rumored to be on her way out before Cuba opened up. They just don’t fit the current Royal Caribbean International Brand.
  2. You need 5 nights to do that. And Explorer of the Seas will be offering a few 5 night itineraries that include only CocoCay and Labadee during winter 2020-21.
  3. I personally think the best way to cruise Alaska is a one way from either Vancouver or Seward on the Radiance. Spend a night or two in Vancouver and then spend some time in Alaska before or after the cruise. With that said, if ships are important to you, you might want to try out Ovation on a roundtrip cruise from Seattle. Gives you less time in Alaska, but offers the North Star and fantastic sea views from interior spaces (Two70, Solarium, etc). Radiance will offer a quieter experience, but the views are great and she is still a fantastic ship. I can't comment on the best time of year, but we went the first week of June and the weather was fantastic. I would also recommend getting a balcony if possible.
  4. In my opinion, the Oasis Amplification announcement almost seemed incomplete. Because if the DL is moving, then something has to take its place, yet nothing was mentioned. Also surprised not to see Jamie's. Hooked could be another possibility for the former DL space. All just speculation, of course.
  5. We’re on the December 15th cruise. Hopefully kinks are worked out by then, but we just go with the flow, so not too worried. We have the UDP on Anthem in September, so we’ll decide whether we want it on Oasis after that. Probably won’t book it unless new restaurants are added though.
  6. I agree. The lack of Jamie's is odd. And with the DL moving, something has to go in its place. Usually Royal doesn't release dry dock details this early. Personally, it makes me think they wanted to get this announcement out sooner than originally planned, for whatever reason. We'll see, but I hope to see a follow up release that includes more restaurants.
  7. Here’s my guess: Harmony goes to Barcelona for the summer (as it’s time for her dry dock) then to Galveston in the fall. Oasis 5 goes straight to either PC or Miami in the spring, and the other ships shuffle around.
  8. Just like Vision/Enchantment is being replaced with Adventure, I see an Oasis Class replacing Liberty. Like you said, the demand is there, but it can be met with larger (not more) ships. I’ll gladly admit if I’m wrong though 😁
  9. Harmony will also have to head to Europe for a dry dock in 2021, so we’ll definitely see the Oasis Class ships shuffle around again.
  10. Last I saw, the terminal's projected completion date was fall 2021. Right now, it's only a guessing game as to where Liberty would go when an Oasis Class ship arrives.
  11. They updated the release schedule a few weeks back, pushing Australia and New Zealand to the week of April 1.
  12. The shorter cruises seem to be quite popular, so I think you're good to go. The new 2020-21 deployment has lots of options- 3/4N Bahamas from MIA/PC on Mariner/Navigator, 4/5N from Galveston on Adventure, 4/5N from Fort Lauderdale on Indy, 4/5N from Tampa on Brilliance, 5N from Miami on Explorer.
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