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  1. Brilliance is offering a 12 night cruise from Amsterdam on August 9, 2020 that calls in Iceland.
  2. There are new 7 night options on some of the Oasis Class ships that include a stop at both CocoCay and Labadee.
  3. Currently only Harmony is confirmed in the Med via the Palma de Mallorca port schedule. So I would think O5 will head elsewhere immediately after delivery.
  4. I think an Oasis Class ship replacing Liberty is more likely. Adding an extra 6000 people per week is a huge jump in capacity. Adventure should stay on the 4/5/5N rotation. I’m curious about what ship will be doing the 7 nighters through summer 2021 if Liberty is indeed heading to NJ. I thought the new terminal wasn’t going to ready until the fall?
  5. Updated deck plans are on the website. Some things I noticed: Giovanni's new wine bar is going to take over Vintages. The new cabins are not showing in the deck 11/12 former DL, but I assume they will be added sooner rater than later.
  6. Looked to me like the posters before you were referring to Odyssey. Not a big deal either way.
  7. Seems like she could take over the cruises from Rome that Explorer is doing in 2020? No one knows for sure. This fall will put us only one year out from her first sailing. As a side note, the Air2Sea booking site now shows Odyssey as an option, maybe bookings will open sooner than later.
  8. IIRC, Some ships have already moved to a "Dress Your Best" night.
  9. Right, the new structure extends to the forward edge of the sun deck. Exactly, that’s what I am thinking, and brought up the possibility earlier. The press release does mention a “refreshed solarium”.
  10. Okay, so we agree. I was referring to them extending the existing *enclosed* structure to include the existing deck 14 sun deck.
  11. That’s right. Looks like the new cabins take up the entire deck 14 sun deck. Brings me to my earlier question: what goes above them? The rendering of the new Music Hall shows the large windows facing the boardwalk.
  12. Yes they do. If you compare the before and after plans, they extend all the way out past the bridge wings. Cabin 14538 is a good reference point to compare location.
  13. Here is my question: these new cabins appear to extend out further than the existing structure on deck 14, essentially in the place of the sun deck. Might we see the solarium extend further forward above these cabins?
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