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  1. This would explain why Liberty’s planned 3/4 night cruises from Miami weren’t made available with the rest of the Short Caribbean / Bahamas.
  2. Seeing the interior pictures have made me all the more eager to try the ship. I don’t think the public spaces look cold at all. Most of the restaurants and bars are not dark, but sleek and comfortable (some even cozy). The Roundabout is a really neat space that is bright and airy. And I think Razzle Dazzle is amazing. I will say I think the upper decks are more utilitarian. And I don’t know why they would have made the pool so small. I think there are functionality issues with some furniture choices, particularly in the cabins. I wish they would have went with a more traditional sofa and bed layout, although I do applaud their innovation.
  3. And “no kids, no kidding” is one of the first phrases to flash across the screen when I see their ads. I don’t think they can easily back away from that just yet.
  4. Regarding Adventure's suitability for the itineraries - we sailed on her in September 2018 from NJ to Quebec. Besides some extra crowds indoors on the chilly days, we didn't have a problem. I wouldn't bank on much pool time, but that wasn't our priority for the trip. We did get to use the pool while we were in Sydney, NS though.
  5. Not as part of the amplifications. Except for the cabins that are going to become Spa Cabins next year - those are being redone. And newly added cabins always have a new feel. Some of the Voyager Class ships had cabins updated (new navy blue upholstery, carpet color schemes) during their prior dry docks before the introduction of the Royal Amplified program. But the recent amps have not included it. With that said, carpets and upholstery are replaced on an as needed basis throughout all ships.
  6. Most of their audience probably is seeing these spaces for the first time though.
  7. I'd happily choose any of those ships, but I'd probably go with Navigator because we always fly in one day prior and I'd rather spend time in Miami before the cruise.
  8. Deployment flyers are organized by destination, not ship. So China Phase 2 might include one ship for the region or itineraries covering a specific period of time. You won't know until closer to the release date what exactly will be included. But in short, the entirety of that destinations cruise options will be published in different phases. The Short Caribbean release will include the shorter cruises in the Bahamas/Caribbean. And so on. (But even then, sometimes the release doesn't include everything for a particular category and remaining cruises will be released at a later date.)
  9. Deployment flyer updated: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/19069859_Deployment_Opening_Schedule_20212022_Phase2 China Phase 2 pushed back from Feb 24 to Mar 9. Short cruises pushed to Mar 9 as well. IIRC, they were supposed to be Mar 2.
  10. Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria, Tracy Arm Fjord. She can also visit Vancouver, but that might be dependent on other factors. Port bookings for Quantum in 2021 suggest she can visit Ketchikan.
  11. To counter that point, I wouldn’t even consider a cruise from Tampa if it were on Majesty or Empress. I’d gladly go for Brilliance though. Not everyone can do 12 night Baltic cruises and Royal clearly sees the potential for profit maximization by offering more 3/4/5 night cruises and putting larger ships on those itineraries. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see more of Brilliance’s itineraries going to CocoCay from Tampa - I know they already changed some.
  12. I never disagreed with your point. I was just providing an explanation as to why I think they decided to keep her in Tampa during the summer.
  13. Because they've been increasing their short cruise offerings and someone calculated they could make the most profit if she stays in Tampa.
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