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  1. I just went back through my emails and added up all of the opportunities, and so far there have been 25 free (non-booking) activities offered for a total of 61 points. There have also been six times where they awarded points for specific booking activity. This would be another 48 points if you did all of them to the max (a few times, this would have required booking a suite). Lastly, I received an offer to get 5 points for booking spa appointments and 2 points for buying a photo package on an upcoming booking (which was subsequently suspended). Not sure if that was a one booking per passenger
  2. Had my eye on this sailing for a few months and finally booked this morning. We were supposed to have sailed on Scarlet Lady in May 2020, so it'll be great to finally get on board. Looking forward to visiting Bimini and enjoying all of the offerings on the ship!
  3. Looking forward to experiencing a new cruise line and a new private island!
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