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  1. So cancel before final payment and get over it! Or, if you're already after final payment, then caveat emptor. The T&Cs are clearly listed on the agreement when you booked. What exactly are you bitching about? A company is trying to stay solvent during a pandemic that has left them virtually incapable of generating revenue for a year? You must be in one of those jobs where you're sitting at home doing nothing and still earning your pay, thinking everyone is making out like a bandit during this pandemic. Pathetic.
  2. First, the impact of potential changes on cruising (reduced capacity, social distancing, dining changes, etc.) while attractive, cannot yet be quantified in terms of impact. I agree, it's a good effort, but we still can't say how effective it will be. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the unsolvable part of the problem is still the continued comingling of a defined population for an extended period of time. While the measures mentioned certainly should cut down on the transmissibility, there is genuine concern that the defined population and extended period are goin
  3. Very good! But that has also not been reliably replicated. There aren't frequent reports of this. Take a focused population of several thousand individuals and put them in a circumstance where for an extended period of time, they are largely restricted to only interact with those several thousand people, and you have the perfect recipe for infectious disease spread. The longest flight in the world currently is between Singapore and Newark and comes in at just over 18 hours with a maximum capacity of 440 people. 440 people for 18 hours, largely remaining in their o
  4. You can disagree all you want. But you won't have a single epidemiologist or infectious disease specialist on your side. Pointing out the relative success of a handful of cruises in carefully cultivated markets is in no way representative of the problems that would be inherent in a filled ship out of Florida. The cruise model is PERFECT for magnifying the spread. I think it's laughable that cruise lovers are in denial about this. Still in doubt, riddle me this: often did you every hear about a noro outbreak tied to a plane?
  5. The problem with the cruise is it's the same several thousand people for many days in a row. If you walk past someone in the airport with Covid, you run a fairly low risk of getting it. But if you spend five or seven days continuously interacting with a group of people that are all also continuously interacting with the same self-contained group, you have the perfect recipe for unmitigated spread. Look, I know the cruise fans here don't like it. But make no mistake. Cruising before this is completely mitigated is going to be very, very difficult to do succesfully.
  6. You can "feel" whatever you want. But science isn't about "feelings". Cruising is far more problematic than flying when it comes to infectious disease. There is no debate.
  7. True. But those skeptics keep moving the goal line. And if that happens, they'll just denounce the "rushing through" of the formal approval process to invalidate the whole process. There is no material gain to approval unless you have the ability for universal vaccination, and we don't (it's still not even approved in kids). There is no compelling reason to expedite that process right now.
  8. Perhaps, but formal approval has alway involved more than the CDC simply making the declaration. All I'm saying is that there is no substantive need for it, and both the CDC and manufacturers are primarily focused on other related issues currently.
  9. There hasn't been a war. There have been people that understand and accept masks are a long established reasonable public health tool. And there are entitled idiots who can't handle having their "freedumbz" hurt.
  10. This is a little bit of obfuscation on your part. The NFL has opted to GIVE tickets to an event to front line workers. They are not selling a product or conducting routine business. The comparison would be if the NFL were requiring anyone attempting to buy a ticket and attend the event to first be vaccinated. They are not, and they will not.
  11. Masks have been approved for universal use. The Covid-19 vaccine is not approved.
  12. Really? Literally NO ONE was thinking "hey, cruise lines should just mandate everyone get a vaccine even if they're not planning on cruising". That is utterly nonsensical. But for a cruise line, or any private entity to require someone to do something that is in fact NOT approved is opening themselves up to potential liability that no underwrite would touch with a ten foot pole. The problem would come up not in those who refused, but in those that got it and then could argue culpability on the part of the cruise line for any impact the immunization might have. No entity, govern
  13. Perhaps. But what MSC is doing in Italy, and what happens on a cruise in and out of say Miami, are kind of night and day. My point is this: resumption of cruising won't be what bolsters my confidence to get back on board. Having CERTAINTY that I will be able to debark on time and be free to travel back home will be the key determinant. And they have to basically bat a thousand on that one. ONE ship gets held at sea and it undermines the entire industry.
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