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  1. As I said before the cc police went all nannie state on this thread: if you think I was referring to the disabled, you might be disabled yourself.
  2. Totally agree! I never understood why anyone above the age of a child needs a straw for anything but a frozen drink (and even then only sometimes). Really, imagine if you had guests over your house- I'm talking grown adults- and upon handing them a glass of ice water, a diet coke, or a gin & tonic, they were like "could I have a straw?" LOL! Seriously haven't used one on a liquid beverage since I was a child....
  3. Nonsense! If they can do it, they will! I often see large tables right next to each other in MTD for this very reason.
  4. Well, to be honest, that sounds kinda like terrible service on the part of your card issuer. There is no excuse for them leaving you high and dry while traveling. Amex has never done that to me, and I've had my card replaced dozens of times. Even while traveling.
  5. I agree. But I'm not VERY hesitant to put the credit card down in advance, knowing the problem it can cause should I have to change my card. And being someone who manages to have his card compromised 3-4 times a year, it's constantly being replaced.
  6. Agreed. I just thought it was very interesting to identify this glitch. Varun (the guest services representative) was also very surprised to see it. He brought out their supervisor and showed him. Definitely something to be aware of.
  7. Figure this one out. Turns out there is a glitch in the customer account system. I did my online check in back in June. I set up my charge account and gave my credit card info. In July, Amex replaced the card because it was compromised. When I checked in for Freedom last Sunday, I gave them my new card (the only one I had), and they ran it (I saw the authorization on my Amex app on my phone). Mid cruise, I had to go to guest services because they couldn’t authorize charges. I again gave them my NEW card (the only one I had) and the charges went through (again, I saw this on my Amex app). Flash forward to departure, and I once again had to go to guest services (45 minuets in line GRRR!) because they couldn’t authorize the charges. I spoke to the same gentleman who remembered me from mid cruise. When I again gave him my card he insisted it was a different one. He even showed me on his screen that the previous charges were supposedly on a card with a different last four numbers. The last four he was seeing were from the PREVIOUS card that was replaced a month ago. So, even thought I had TWICE presented and they had processed the new card, the system kept reverting to the old one and claiming previous charges were on that card. I showed him in my app that the mid cruise charge that his system said were on one card were actually on the new card. Lesson? Don’t bother to register a card in advance if there is ANY chance it might need to change as the system will accept a new card for a discreet charge, but it will only attempt ongoing charges on the initially entered card. I wasted more time than I cared to on trips to guest services because of this!
  8. Any recent Freedom guests who can share intel: What time do they start boarding (generally), and what time do the open the staterooms?
  9. Sorry, I did a search, but wanted to confirm FOTS. I'm getting confused. NCL probibits hair dryers. What about Royal? Wife and stepdaughters with ridiculous hair and the little in room one is a PITA. Yes or no: Can they bring their own hair dryer?
  10. I know on the ships I've been on recently, the minibars have been emptied out and are in place as refrigerators/cooling boxes for guest use. Is this currently the case on Freedom as well?
  11. Ever since they refused to take my golf clubs and I had to lug them up to a Crown Loft on Allure a number of years ago, I have been insisted on carrying my luggage on board regardless of the size. I hate waiting for my bags to arrive. They have tried to tell me my bag was too large and had to be checked, and I have informed them that I will be carrying it on myself and that always relent. You can carry on any bag you wish.
  12. It sailed no problem. Cruises originating in PR don't come and go from Old San Juan, but across the bay. No issues over there.
  13. They're playing it by ear. If there is unrest in Old San Juan, they will divert and not dump 6,000 people into the middle of a protest. Having said that, even the dysfunctional and corrupt island of PR will likely get their act together with regards to this before then, as they are losing a ton of $$$ from one of their few sources of income.
  14. This is one of those cruise oddities. People seem to clamor for them, and now that they have mixed availability, even more so. The reason it's so strange to me, is this is a readily available food at home that is about as easy to prepare as a cup of coffee. And the home version is usually better. I tend to find the ones on board are overcooked and too firm. I guess it's just a cruise thing for people....
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