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  1. It sailed no problem. Cruises originating in PR don't come and go from Old San Juan, but across the bay. No issues over there.
  2. They're playing it by ear. If there is unrest in Old San Juan, they will divert and not dump 6,000 people into the middle of a protest. Having said that, even the dysfunctional and corrupt island of PR will likely get their act together with regards to this before then, as they are losing a ton of $$$ from one of their few sources of income.
  3. This is one of those cruise oddities. People seem to clamor for them, and now that they have mixed availability, even more so. The reason it's so strange to me, is this is a readily available food at home that is about as easy to prepare as a cup of coffee. And the home version is usually better. I tend to find the ones on board are overcooked and too firm. I guess it's just a cruise thing for people....
  4. Well, I gotta give the Princess crew credit! This question on The Royal Board tends to blow up with crazy "what ifs"! I tell them I'm even considering a flight at 11, and they'll get on their soap boxes and preach about how it needs to be one pm or I'll spend my whole vacation worrying about getting home LOL!
  5. Sadly no, it's Delta. JetBlue is my preferred and I have Mosaic Status. But there are six of us, and the JetBlue flight is $590 pp ONE WAY right now!
  6. So, now the question that I imagine will generate great controversy and debate: 11:00 flight out of FLL reasonable? Carrying on, pre-check, domestic, and coming off a Caribbean cruise (not Europe/SA).
  7. I know there are exceptions to every rule and things can and do change. But generally speaking, what time are Princess Cruises returning to Ft. Lauderdale cleared for self debarkation?
  8. Greetings all. Long time cruiser, first time booked on Princess. So, does their website suck? I'm just trying to log in and review and manage my booking and it's sooooo sloooooooooow. More often than not, it doesn't even work, and loading fails. I have found it to be a consistent theme among cruise lines (NCL, RCI, Cunard, Celebrity, Carnival) that their websites are basically awful. Am I correct to throw Princess into the mix, or is it just a bad Sunday morning?
  9. Looking at a New Years cruise, so prices are at a premium and availability is limited.
  10. Looking at booking Symphony. I have two adults (wife and myself) and three teenage siblings: 18, 16, 15 and 13. Can I book three rooms? Or do I have to have a 21-plus for each room? The three staterooms are right next to each other.
  11. If only the federal government would issue some sort of documentation that could be used for identity, particularly relating to travel. You know, like maybe some sort of ....... "passport"!
  12. Tone is not conveyed in written text. It can only be inferred by the reader through his or her own proclivities. Therefore, it is you who has chosen to give her one "tone" and myself another.
  13. Bull. She's not looking for "support or empathy". She's pissed that her bag full of dirty clothes isn't fetching her more than $300.
  14. Woe is me! I lost SOOOOO many treasures they are PRICELESS! And $300 isn't enough of a price to keep me from complaining. Stuff happens! Who brings "personal things which are so dear to me and cannot be replaced" on a cruise anyway???
  15. Sailing Freedom in August out of San Juan. It doesn’t depart until 8:30pm. I’ve only done cruises that sail around 4 or 5pm. Does the later departure time mean a later check-in and embarkation time as well? Anyone have any feedback on this experience in San Juan? Just trying to plan our day.
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