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  1. So are the ships keeping skeleton crew on board?
  2. I am so glad you are doing this! I was supposed to be on this sailing and the one following but had to cancel due to medical reasons. Bon Voyage!
  3. Agreed. Years ago I was on a Mexico cruise on the Diamond and they were having a Mexican buffet on the lido deck. The woman in front of me handled every single tortilla in the pan with her bare hands til she found the one she wanted. I told the buffet worker and at first he was scared because he thought he was in trouble for not paying attention, but he immediately dumped the tortillas before anyone took one.
  4. I've done the Mexico several times and have felt motion once the ship heads north back up to San Pedro. Some times worse than others. You have chosen a good cabin location and should be okay. Last year I was on Emerald deck midship and was fine.
  5. I received a culinary journey e-mail from Princess regarding my upcoming Mexico cruise. It says that Alberto Noversa will be the Maitre'd. I haven't heard of him. Does anyone have any feedback? Thanks.
  6. Same, I have a CC mini in March that I have received back $500 due to price drops. Midship Baja CC for $1,050.
  7. I am booked on a 7 day Mexico on the Royal in March and there have been two price drops in a week. In both cases Princess refared me at the current price and has issued credits to my CC for the price difference. Could not be happier, and yes, surprised.
  8. Unfortunately I had to cancel a cruise recently but had Princess Platinum insurance. I received a monetary back from Princess, cruise credits from Aon and I had also used gift cards to pay, and that money was put back on the gift cards. The only thing I am out is the cost of the vacation protection. I am very satisfied with how it was handled.
  9. Thanks, I stay at the Hilton Marina and have never noticed shuttle service. I'll verify next time I stay there.
  10. Thanks for the quick response, I will check them out. When the port is busy it can be a nightmare just even trying to get a cab, let alone bell service from the hotel.
  11. Thank you for your review. Can you say what car service you used for your drive to Port Everglades? Thanks.
  12. I believe you have to go to the Captains Circle desk and ask for one. As I like to collect Princess memorabilia I'm glad to add it to the collection, but I do not wear it.
  13. I wish all the men would dress up! You look so handsome in a suit and tie!
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