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  1. Great review, thanks! I've been interested in that itinerary and your comments on the ports were meaningful. I too love the Royal!
  2. I just saw on Princess Instagram that they officially get the ship tomorrow.
  3. I'm not that technical and don't know how to upload an insta post, wish I could because what Marine Interiors posted does show an end table and does not show the wall piece. I know it was posted on this thread awhile ago if you feel like digging around for it.
  4. Or maybe it's an artist's rendering. I went back and looked at actual room pics from Marine Interiors on insta and although they didn't show a full room view, there was no wall partition and I did notice an edge from a table next to the couch. Can't wait for actual pics from passengers!
  5. Thanks for posting. I just compared it to a mini I had on the Royal and it looks smaller. On the Royal there was an end table next to the couch and a barrel chair next to the desk by the slider.
  6. That copy and paste didn't work so well. Scroll down to the dining area and select La Mer.
  7. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ships/yp-sky-princess/ The carpet's the same and so is the little lighting fixture over the table.
  8. If you do the Chef's Table or Wine Maker's could you post the menu when you get back? Thanks, hope you have a great cruise, I won't be on her til March.
  9. Based on the carpet that I've seen in other pics, and the hot air balloons I'd say it's the French bistro.
  10. One example is the Royal, Generoso Mazzone has been the Maitre' d since April 14. 2019 per my update a few posts back, and per a recent patter is still on the Royal.
  11. You copied an extremely old and inaccurate posting.
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