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  1. Do we get lanyards when taking a premier cruise?
  2. What era music do they mostly play? I tried googling them can't find a video.
  3. Does anybody know the name of the band currently on the Breeze?
  4. Hello, I booked up the Breeze yesterday for May 25, 2019 sailing and found out it is a Premier cruise, we have a few questions if anybody can answer them for us, thank you! 1- What is the gift now that is given upon arrival in your stateroom? 2- The drinks on us card is only for the casino correct? Are we able to get drinks at the casino bar right outside the casino? 3- Has anybody won any of the tournaments for free items? 4- What is the gift that they leave you on the last day? 5- Do you find the slot machines are tighter on these cruises and the table games stakes are raised higher?
  5. You know what, it doesn't matter, I am also going to dress in nice dress shorts, I made up my mind, its Carnival for goodness sakes! I have beautiful rompers that I will wear, they look like dresses.
  6. Ask my father in law we don't understand why the pants is an issue, I just tell him it be a bit cool he wear the pants. Maybe I eat dinner too late and this is a reason why the steakhouse has been pretty empty on our cruises, we generally eat between 7:30-8:15pm? Carnivals steakhouse is the best, you can't compare it next to Chops which is horrible. I did find this on Carnival regarding dress code in the steakhouse...so yes, not short shorts for men is acceptable on the casual nights. Cruise Casual Dress Code Men: sport slacks, khakis, Jeans (no cut-offs), dress shorts (long) and collared polo shirts Women: summer dresses, casual skirts, pants, capris, dress shorts, Jeans (no cut-offs) blouses and tops Not permitted: cut-off Jeans, men’s sleeveless shirts, tee-shirts, gym or basketball shorts, baseball hats, flip-flops and bathing suit attire
  7. Odd, Royal Caribbean allows it and maybe this is why the Steakhouse is always empty on the Carnival ships. We dine there every night and pretty much have the place to ourselves with the exception of the first night. Thank you everybody but were going to give it a try and see what happens worse case he put pants on.
  8. Hello, We just booked the Breeze yesterday for next month. Its been awhile since I been on Carnival ship, question, can my elderly father in law wear nice shorts and a nice shirt to the steakhouse?
  9. We just spur of the moment said lets go on the Breeze on May 25. We also take our elderly father in law so need two cabins, we always have booked balconies there was only one left all the way on deck 2 and an oceanview deluxe four cabins away which is perfect. We do have some questions if anybody can help us: I am booked in oceanview 2473, it appears its next to stair case that goes up to the dining room and to the upper decks, I would assume early am there be a ton of noise in the hallway which will wake us up.....anybody have a room around here that can let us know what to expect having a cabin in this location. My father in law is booked in cabin 2495 an aft like cabin odd shape, has anybody had a cabin like this and can comment on it? Again, were just fortunate that there were two rooms together on this sailing. 1- Can anybody comment what it is like on the bottom of the ship, movement, vibration etc? 2- Any pros and cons we need to know about or any suggestions you have for us on this cruise? 3- How much is the steakhouse now? 4- Anybody know what the shows and who the band is? This happened to be a premier cruise what are they like?
  10. Sorry didn't look at the other threads.
  11. I just read this and thought you be interested in what the article has to say. Honestly, anybody who has upcoming cruises on Carnival I would suggest to purchase the insurance. As we are aware, Carnival is the one who is eliminating plastic, and you know why, they were the ones dumping plastic in the ocean as well as other bad items. Guess who pays for this us the people! https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/article_1096304e-5c02-11e9-b298-73ef49c7b9d7.html?fbclid=IwAR0ddEfUE_5tRRXYDv2_vMgA5iGrkLFCQ64gFlVDQIfwyoeGgqo3RinWb78
  12. What about the list that comes to the house quarterly anybody get it yet
  13. The list that you get the last night outside your door.
  14. Has anybody gotten the newest comp list that was suppose to be sent out this month?
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