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  1. I guess food is subjective....I don't eat any fast food or any place like Applebees and such, so maybe my standard of eating has my nose up in the air...on another note, let me tell you about our last two dining experience at Chops: 1) We were 6 adults with reservations, we were waiting for my daughter to come and waited for 22 minutes to finally went to sit down at the table thinking she decided not to show up and there she was sitting by herself all that time! Our second cocktail arrived after we finished our meals. Appetizers the caesar was good can't go wrong with that but the grilled black pepper bacon....I get it, bacon has alot of fat, but it was all fat and when you chewed it. you couldn't;t chew it down to swallow, it was inedible! The shrimp cocktail was fine and the crab cake was all filler. Entree- my steak was not 12 ounces like they advertised, it was less than half inch thick and very small, I say it was 6 ounces and had hardly any pink in it and I ordered it medium rare....the branzino was way overcooked for my father in law to eat....my other half had the salmon and he said way over cooked....my sister had the filet mignon and it was totally black, not just charred but all black, totally burnt and hard to cut...my brother in law had the 2) We were 7 adults ages 53-79 We ordered the imperial seafood tower...the shrimp was way too soft not good...my father in law asked for a shucker to open the crab claws and such and the waiter told him "use your hands" and walked away, we were amazed but it gets worse...we waited forever for our first drinks in fact, the seafood tower came before the drinks.....then after eating what was ok to eat, we asked for a wet napkin to wipe our hands and were given one dry napkin and the waiter said "pass this around" really!!!! We ordered to share our sides....the tator tots were only 4 small pieces for 7 adults!!! Surely we could order more but really, to give a table of 7 adults 4 tater tots that only 4 people would get one piece blows me away!! I think we had broccoli and there was only two stalks, well, you get the point. My brother in law order the NY Strip, and was not cooked the way he asked (medium) it, he wanted medium rare it was not pink and the same thing happened to both my sister/brother in law with their steaks. My brother in law asked for a change to a medium rare and what he got back was not NY Strip but a flat iron steak! My other half had the lamb and said that it was delicious but totally cold. My father in law had the grilled branzino, well honestly, it was the smallest branzino he ever had but said it was good but was on the cool side. I ordered the lobster and it was over cooked very hard. Glad you were happy with the food...we are all Italian, so maybe we just have higher standards when it comes to Italian food, but honestly, Jaimie's is the worst specialty restaurant of all cruise lines, no wonder his restaurants are being shut down. Maybe we just are too picky, but I don't think so???
  2. Jenny, I been on tons of cruises...it includes Carnival. We went on three Carnival cruises the past 9 months, honestly, each one got worse and worse....with the Breeze being the last and our most hated cruise ship on Carnival, but Carnival is cutting back even more and the lunch buffets are really not good any longer...they even took away the meat carving after the first day. With this being said, you will find RC lunch buffets to blow away Carnivals...its been a few years since our last NCL cruise, we were on the Breakaway and I gather they cut back things also but when I went on it the food was better than on Carnival...what I do recall is that RC always was on top over those two cruise lines. We ALWAYS dine nightly at RC specialty restaurants, after doing so over 10 cruises, it got old, same old menu and stuff...but the past four Oasis class ships that we went on in the past 2 years, we found a decline in the specialty restaurants except for 150 Central Park. Carnivals steakhouse is my most favorite specialty restaurant. 150 Central Park is our favorite specialty on RC but the Navigator does not have one. I haven't been on a RC ship yet that has Playmakers, I believe its all new, it will be bar like food, chicken wings and such but hey, we can get wings! We also haven't tried Hooked Seafood, that is also new...I don't think I go for dinner but maybe a snack for some oysters. Chops Grill hummmm, ok, being honest here, we always found problems with dining here on all our cruises, in fact, we stopped going there for a few cruises, then decided to try it again figuring it be better and again a disappoint to all 7 of us. We won't go there again, people rave about it but to me, Longhorn Steakhouse is better! Jaimie's Italian, we tried twice and cancelled our third reservation there due to the food not up to par for us. It is similar to Olive Garden...its not authentic Italian at all and the only thing I would say is very good is the meat plank platter. Do not order a steak here its horrible and basically I wouldn't even consider eating here again. With this being said, our next two cruises, October on the Navigator and January on the Harmony of the seas we decided to only eat in the MDR. We tried the MDR after having a not good dinner at Chops on our last cruise on the Oasis and it was pretty decent! We also went last August on the Majesty of the Seas to Cuba which does not have a specialty restaurant and ate all 5 nights in the dining room and it was fine. For some people that like to eat alot or lets say larger portions, just order a second entree. We also tried the MDR for lunch on two days and it was pretty good too. I am looking forward to dining the the MDR for dinner each night on the next two cruises, no need to do the specialty restaurants. And by the way, they have the ultimate dining package, beware...people say that not all the entrees are offered with the package, just in case you consider doing that. I think you like the MDR definitely well above Carnival and I also say above NCL. If you want to try one specialty dining I can't give you any advice because I don't like Jaimie's and I hate Chops.
  3. I couldn't remember, thank you. I won't take a carry on just a larger piece of luggage that I check, thanks.
  4. Hey Vision Bon Voyage! Are you from Ft. Lauderdale area or Miami area, just curious how the traffic was getting to the port. Do JS get their rooms when they board, I can't recall, I had JS rooms and I just can't remember, or do I have to wait to 1pm for my room?
  5. Thank you Al and so glad you had a wonderful time. I myself, been on tons of cruises (91 and three more booked), we will be on the Navigator this October. We live in northern Florida now and are tossing up taking the 10:35am flight or the 1:42pm flight, but hearing how easy you got off the ship, I think I may just take the early flight. I am also diamond, was there a designated area to meet for diamond/priority disembarkation? What time did you get off the ship?
  6. Hello! Lucky you... I do have a few questions, we are leaving in October on a Monday staying pre cruise at Hollywood Hard Rock, what time do you suggest we leave as we want to get the port by 10am? I am assuming you live in Florida. What time did you get to the port and was it crowded? Its been years since I taken a cruise out of Miami, how is the terminal, easy, crazy? Do go to the ice show its always the best show! If you get the Voom, I would like to know how it is. Bon Voyage!
  7. Hello, We are still tossing up taking a flight out of Miami International 10:30 or 1:45....we are flying to northern Florida, Jacksonville. For those who cruised on the Navigator, what time did you get off the ship and pass customs? My other half says lets go for the early flight I say the late flight so like to hear what time you got off the ship and past customs, thank you!
  8. I tried all areas on the ship to get service as I had to call my surgeon and get instructions (when I got off the ship went to airport to fly to Miami to the university of miami, I had a tumor that needed a certain specialist as what I had was very rare and people travel to this surgeon from all over the globe) and I had to also get info as to what time and where I do my pre op testing...I was unable to get that, but fortunately I told them I was on a cruise and there may be a chance I wouldn't have service so they didn't cancel my surgery date thank goodness. I tried all areas inside the ship as well as outside, it was the most horrible service, never had it like that but of course when I needed the phone service I didn't have it. Four days I worried and was stressed worrying they cancel my surgery. But all ended perfectly.
  9. Harmony January 12, was $65 now $61 Navigator October 14, was $61 now $57 Not buying it with these prices
  10. Bob, we really had no service after the first day at sea...we were 7 adults, all of us tried texting one another on the ship only we were unable to send our messages, and those that did get sent the party who it went to didn't get it until 20 minutes to up to three hours later. I was unable to make any calls or receive calls. My sister/brother in law just got off the Empress, they had much better service than I did, although many times she said she was unable to receive or make calls, but the Majesty pretty much had no service at all. I like to hear from other people's experience of having the Voom package on the Navigator.
  11. Thanks...I sent the link to my sister....how is the Voom package on this ship? I found the Majesty of the Seas last year we had really no service with the Voom, but on the Oasis class ships the service was excellent.
  12. Hello, We are booked on the Navigator, 4 night in October. I am trying to get my sister/brother in law to join us, they have a few questions that I am unable to answer. 1- Is there a diamond discount for the beverage package 2- Diamond gets three comp drinks on their sea pass card, can they go to any bar and order a drink, and does it have to be on the same drink menu as the diamond club has 3- What brand of pinot Grigio or sauvignon blanc does diamond club offer 4- Does anybody have the 4 night dinner menus to share 5- Does diamond get a discount on the Voom package 6- What level in the dining room is anytime dining
  13. Thanks Bob, I guess that is the answer. Your the best, always here to help with our questions, thank you!
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