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  1. Would you believe it took us to get to 94 cruises (this December) to finally try Celebrity!!?? My question, we could not get reservations for the Rooftop for when we are docked in San Juan late one evening and I wanted to go to the steakhouse four times but was only able to get dining for two evenings....we will havea lunch at Raw on Five and we decided the Bistro was not for us because we don't feel like waiting for everybody to finish their course to get to the next course and Eden we will decide whether we want to try it when we get on the ship. My question, which is your favorite dining room and why?
  2. Thank you we plan on walking our luggage off and taking uber, we decided to keep our flight out of Miami, and feel we get there in time, thank you.
  3. I been on 92 cruises so far, we went on two carnival cruises this year and decided Carnival has changed for the worse...longer lines in buffets, drastic cutbacks in buffets, MDR ugh.....limited drink package and a great decline on liquor brands in the bars...as a result, we cancelled our cruise on the Mardi Gras next October and decided to stay with RC as we are very happy with RC and all its ships (Oasis class our favorite ships) and we also just booked the Celebrity Edge for this December to give it a try. You can't compare Carnival and RC, DEFINATELY choose the Oasis!!!!
  4. All you have to do is ask for another shot of the liquor that is in your drink. Honestly, I never had a problem with watered down drinks, maybe because I generally drink martini's and straight tequila and bourbon???
  5. Thank you for the update. We will not be dressing formal, nobody is going to kick us out of the MDR with my other half wearing a pair of pants and a shirt and myself capris and a blouse. Everybody should wear what they want but dress neatly.
  6. We also have a sleep number and mine is 100 lol.
  7. Thank you, I will email them.
  8. Thank you for that information! I am glad they have pillow options (last year had a double cervical disectomy & fusion and my neck needs alot of support still). I wonder if they have goose down pillows? lol
  9. We have cruised on other cruise lines and I never had any issue with bedding, in fact, we prefer (due to back issues and my having fibromyalgia, lupus and osteoarthritis) to have firm mattresses. I read the mattresses on this ship are made of cashmere....I can only assume that they be "spongy" feeling and soft...how do you find the mattresses on the Edge, any comments? Also, I love feather pillows or any good supportive pillow, how are the pillows and the sheets (love high percale sheets). Just curious to to what to expect.
  10. Hello, We wanted to go out of Port Canaveral, since we will be going back on the Harmony October 2020 we wanted to go on a different ship, therefore, we booked B2B on the Harmony for March. Question, we like to have a couple nights specialty dining, does anybody have the 3/4 night menus and does the 4 night repeat the 3 night menu's only adds an extra menu for the 4th night?
  11. Hello that is fine just need to know what time you got off and how long it took, that give me an idea.
  12. Thank you for that info, glad to hear there are servers all around. Where was your favorite areas to relax and have a drink?
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