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  1. Empress too old too small go on the Summit!
  2. Hello the upcoming drydock of the Ecstasy this October, does anybody know whether they will be changing the carpeting and furniture on the promenade. I was watching videos and the promenade is all just plain black, really dreary and boring looking. Anybody know what they be doing to this ship this October?
  3. We were on the Elation this past February and my other half got $1K and on the Breeze two weeks ago and he got $500, its real.
  4. We got premium on the Elation pretty much didn't work 85% of the cruise, on the Breeze two weeks ago, very very slow and at times it didn't work. Not worth getting the premium.
  5. With 91 cruises under my belt, RC blows Carnival away in every way! I still go on both, but we mostly cruise RC because we love the oasis mega size ships and there is no comparison. Carnivals steakhouse though is our most favorite specialty restaurant out of all of RC. Buffets and choices on places to eat as well as entertainment, RC is the way to go, not mentioning, no limit on the drink packages, and specialty dining/wi fi discounts offered multiple times during the year with up to 30% off.
  6. Hello and thank you all for the help here. I do not understand one thing, drinks are loaded to our sea pass card, I realize we can get drinks using them everywhere but the World Class Bar and the first evening....how many drinks are loaded on our card, and what time are we able to use them for until they expire each day?
  7. Perfect, that is what I wanted, would you mind another question, are cabins 9143 and 9145 balcony doors open to one another?
  8. Hello, I just booked an Alaska cruise, cabin 9143, can somebody tell me where the bed is (by bathroom or balcony)?
  9. Can somebody tel me if the Serenade of the Seas beds in the cabin are like the Oasis class where every other one is next to the bathroom/balcony? If so, can you tell me where the bed is in cabin 8052? Thank you!
  10. Thank you everybody, you been a huge help.
  11. Hello, We just booked the Solstice for next year, May 29th Alaska. We are diamond on RC and they told me we would be Elite on Celebrity, that would be very nice to keep our "status". This will be our first celebrity cruise and like RC ships, the beds are either by the balcony or bathroom, not sure how it works on the Solstice, but does anybody know where the beds are in cabin 7225? Is there anything to eat past 10pm besides room service? Does anybody know whether the casino is open during an Alaska cruise we are embarking and disembarking in Seattle. Curious, what time is the MDR open for breakfast, or is it only open during sea days? What time is breakfast served till in the buffet? Is there anything we should know or any advice/suggestions?
  12. Good point, I check out that link now thanks.
  13. You all are really helpful and we truly appreciate it! This will be a brand new itinerary for us and what better way to get the right information right here. Ok, so listening to you I will go the first week of June or take a cruise starting the last few days in May and will make sure Denali will be open when I get there. Ovation is now off the list, I did think it limited us in seeing Alaska and you confirmed it. Usually cruising its all about the ship to us so we always make sure we go on a ship that won't have a dry dock scheduled until after a year out from our cruise, with this being said, since Alaska is a place we never been to the ports will be the main issue not the cruise ship.
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