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  1. Don't worry about a vaccine. If and when it is produced the USA will buy it all anyway the same as they have done with the treatment the rest of the world have been testing!!
  2. On the subject of "Ships" and "Boats" never forget that submarines are referred to as Boats not Ships. I don't think you will fit many nuclear subs on the deck of any Ships!! Peter
  3. Oops, small problem then, Boris has decided no change to the 2 metre rule. What next I wonder!! Peter
  4. We are booked for 14th Feb 21 and thinking about cancelling as no cruise line has come up with any plan to make their vessels safe yet. We will then try to change to 14 days in Barbados next May if they will let us, or just take the loss on the deposit.
  5. We have always stayed at the Grand Harbour Hotel. Its very nice, right in the centre of the city on West Quay Road so really easy to get to. Peter and Jenny
  6. I think it depends entirely on what is most important to you. The itinerary is important to us but also the cabin is we don't mix particularly well with other folk so we spend a bit of time in our cabin. We did a week around the Caribbean with Silver Sea and visited many smaller islands, but the cabin was small for a balcony cabin and the butler was mostly not around. Booze was free and very nice, the food was average and the entertainment very limited. We have cruised with P&O a lot but the only time we had a suite was on Adonia and that was very nice but sadly P&O sold it off before we could take our next cruise on her.which I thought was a shame. For us though the best suites have always been in Queens grill on Queen Victoria, the food was fabulous and the suites very comfortable and the entertainment first class. We found the Cunard butlers were great, nothing was too much trouble. As everyone has said its what's important to you, not to anyone else. As they say, you pay your money and you takes your choice! Whatever you choose make sure you enjoy the cruise. Peter and Jenny
  7. Unless the FCO advice on overseas travel is changed its all irrelevant anyway as all of our travel insurance will be null and void!!
  8. With the announcement that TUI are to layoff 8000 staff I wonder how this will affect Marella. Obviously this is TUI worldwide but there may still be layoffs in UK customer services which will have an affect here in the UK. With the news that P&O and Cunard staff in Southampton are being let go it would come as no surprise to hear similar news about Marella. Peter
  9. Apparently Cunard and P&O have been transferring Indian crew members to Ventura which will sail to India on 15th May to repatriate them. So Cunard and P&O aren't about to restart any time soon and I would think neither is Marella. Possibly next spring/summer. We are already talking about cancelling our cruise for next February on E2. Peter and Jenny
  10. I see that World of Cruising has reported today the both P&O and Cunard have suspended operations up to 31st July. I thought you all might find this interesting! Peter
  11. I think for us the big difference between the Caribbean and the Canaries is the people in the Caribbean, with the possible exception of Jamaica, are just very laid back and friendly. This is very much not the case in the Canaries, they are very Spanish and business like. They are not unpleasant but certainly not as relaxed as the Caribbeans. Eat in Jacks Bar on Bequia watching the folks on the fishing boats and the beach and you would see what we mean. Of all the Canary island Tenerife is the most crowded with large amounts of European package holiday makers, Gran Canaria is the most upmarket and Lanzarote the most barren. We would always opt for the Caribbean but as they say you pays your money and takes your choice. Whatever you choose we hope you have a great time!! Peter and Jenny
  12. This is from the Motley Fools page on April 2nd: What has Carnival done? The cruise line has had to cancel a number of cruises based on the ports certain ships leave from or stop in. These decisions are due to the impact of the coronavirus in specific areas and/or local decisions that have taken the choice out of the company's hands. These cancellations include: All Alaska sailings through and including June 30, 2020. All San Francisco sailings through 2020. All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1, 2020. All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020. San Francisco would have been a new port for the company. Carnival Radiance sailings are being pushed back because the ship's remodel has been delayed. I know this is Carnival rather than P&O but they do own P&O so I think this looks like the way things are going. Peter
  13. Had an e mail about our travel insurance telling us that for bookings made up to 18th March claims for CV19 related incidents will be allowed but any bookings made after that date will not be covered. So our cruise for next Feb should be okay as we booked it earlier in the year. So fingers crossed!! Peter and Jenny
  14. Well we are booked on Explorer 2 next February for Paradise Islands and Tropical Delights. I am over 70 and my partner is diabetic so if Marella tell us that we are not allowed to cruise then we will simply transfer over to 3 weeks in Barbados next May. Given the way any virus seems to use a cruise ship as an incubation centre then I would not be surprised to find our insurance no longer covers them anyway. Peter and Jenny
  15. Our insurance is with Nat West as part of our account and costs us £20 per month. We have to pay extra now as I am over 70 and Jenny has diabetes but it is still very competitive Because it is part of a package that includes other benefits we wont be cancelling it and hope that our cruise next February goes ahead. Peter and Jenny
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