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  1. We travel by train to Southampton and stay over night.If we need more than a large suitcase each it is a struggle on the train with changes, particularly finding somewhere to put them.I have also heard of people using the company if say there are 4 travellers and a car with a small boot or people flying down to Southampton.I was concerned that the clothes would be really creased sending them ahead in advance but my fears were unfounded
  2. I used them for the first time in November and found them ok though they collected my luggage a week before sailing and I only found out a week before that of the actual day they were coming to collect
  3. We went on a cruise to the Canary islands and several people were complaining because it wasn t sunshine as soon as we left Southampton! It was february but I think those of us who had checked temperatures for other ports as well as the few we were visiting in the Canaries realised it wouldn t be warm for a few days.Those who hadnt done any research into weather had unrealistic expectations and for me researching all about places and individual ships etc helps me to be prepared and to enjoy the cruise even more.I get excited as soon as I start researching rather than having to wait until I step aboard!
  4. I wonder if it will be someone like Jamie Cullen who would probably appeal to all ages?
  5. If you mainly stay onboard it might be worth looking at how much things like The Retreat cost or similar(it may be different on different ships.There are also spa treatments hair salon etc.
  6. We have travel insurance through our bank.We booked a cruise for Jan 2021 when it was first released and as it was over the standard time cover of 31 days they said we could pay a small excess to cover the extra few days.However they said it wouldn t be covered until 18 months before sailing date.We noted this date on our calendar and phoned up to pay the small extra amount a few months ago.It is not an annual policy as it just continues as long as we meet the banks conditions and it may not apply to all insurance companies(or even to all banks)
  7. It might make you feel a bit better if you miss a port or are confined to your cabin and you receive monetary compensation but this 'additional' insurance seems to be a fairly recent thing which I am sure Insurance companies have introduced as a means of THEM making money.It can be mis leading to new cruisers to think cruise cover is essential but as long as your travel covers cruises and any medical eventuality it is a matter of personal choice whether to pay extra for 'cruise cover' for missed ports etc
  8. Thanks.I thought it was perhaps just Oceana but obviously not!
  9. We are sailing on Oceana in just over a weeks time although our next cruise on our account according to P and O is Aurora in March!It also states on the cruise personaliser that there will be 14 casual evenings on the cruise on Oceana and on the itinerary lists a day at sea as 'arriving early morning and departing afternoon'!!I suspect that they have had to organise the new cruises on Oceana very quickly so there will be some admin errors.I am still taking my posh frocks!
  10. There were far more Americans onboard than our Princess cruise 3 years ago and that could have been a factor particularly as there were some quite large groups.
  11. When we cruised on Princess 3 years ago we didn t find a problem.It was only on our cruise last June that it seemed to cause problems.
  12. We too found on a Princess cruise last year that so many people wanted to reserve tables for Freedom Dining (often for 2 but also several larger groups)that when we arrived at the restaurant the staff were busy sorting the 'reserved' queue out and we had to wait ages to 'share' a table mainly because nearly everyone had a reservation.On our previous Princess cruise a few years earlier we didn t find it a problem but I think the problem has been caused by allowing reservations.We like sharing a table with others on Freedom Dining and have found previously on Club or Fixed dining there is a problem if one of the couples(or both) decides to eat elsewhere on certain nights.This didn t used to happen until speciality dining restaurants became popular.I also hope P and O don t go down the route of reservations for Freedom Dining
  13. Thank you.Already joined. Are you sailing this February or Jan 2021? 🙂
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