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  1. Has anyone ever visited Sesimbra from Lisbon.It seems like a pleasant seaside resort (we have previously visited Estoril and Cascais).There is no train service but an hourly bus service so wondered if anyone had visited previously?
  2. Is there a roll call for your cruise? Occasionally others will arrange a tour and invite anyone interested.Also the Ports of Call section on cruise critic is very useful.
  3. ann141

    Laundrette Wars

    Ha Ha! Love this.Can you imagine what might happen to your laundry if someone found you out!!
  4. I have just returned from the Caribbean and would not hesitate to return(though I wouldn t wander about alone)One thing that concerned me and that I left on my feedback form is that despite the fatal minibus accident in Dominica a couple of years ago although the minibus on our P and O excursion had seatbelts, they weren t all working.The roads are so winding with sharp bends that I wouldn t have been happy not to wear a seatbelt.
  5. WE are tendering into Sorrento in April.This will be our first visit and I would like to explore Sorrento.However Capri sounds lovely.Would I have enough time if I caught the ferry to Capri, stayed there a couple of hours before returning to Sorrento, or am I best just exploring Sorrento?
  6. ann141

    Why so long waiting for excusions?

    Also for Caribbean cruises I expect the excursions are ready to book whether sailing in October or March as they will probably arrange packages with the companies for the whole season
  7. ann141

    Spain, Portugal and France in late October?

    Have you thought about a fly cruise on Oceana from Malta?
  8. ann141

    Price Reduction

    Interesting.Thank you 🙂
  9. ann141

    Formal nights ventura

    I also take one of those Robinsons mini bottles of concentrated squash and hopefully I will be able to still buy one of the soft drinks cards onboard
  10. ann141

    Price Reduction

    Are you hinting that if we specifically phone the concierge dept (rather than the normal customer services number) we might have more chance of an upgrade for a reasonable price than paying the difference at the time the cruise was booked?Or is that just my wishful thinking!?
  11. ann141

    Limelight Club

    Thats what I thought.We had booked to see Gareth Gates before our cruise hoping we would be allocated good seats but although they were closer to the front than the previous time we had booked they were right by a pillar!
  12. ann141

    Limelight Club

    Usually I wouldn t bother to book in advance but when we saw Gareth Gates earlier this year he was sold out every night.I agree about some of the tables being in an awkward place.Is it possible to ask for a particular table? We have been twice and have always been allocated a table
  13. ann141

    Formal nights ventura

    You can take squash or other soft drinks/(I drink gallons of diet coke so always take a few bottles to have in the cabin.)It is just alcohol you are only allowed one bottle.5 weeks today!! 🙂
  14. ann141

    Formal nights ventura

    Its normally 2 nights a week which would mean 8 nights but on our cruise (N901)it states there will be 9 formal nights.I am hoping there will only be 8 because although I quite like formal nights I would prefer fewer,ideally 1 a week