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  1. I have met several (different) friends for coffee at our local cafe.Fortunately they have outside tables but they have also removed some chairs so you are not seated as close as you would normally be.They have also removed quite a few tables from inside .Even so , as you state, it is difficult to be seated 1 metre away from a friend but I feel happy to sit reasonably spaced out but wouldn t want to sit in a restaurant that was crowded with people.I have taken advantage of the government's Eat out to Help out scheme having lunch with one friend today and another tomorrow.
  2. I honestly don;t know but from reading these boards it appears that some are taking FCC others refunds.No idea what proportion of each
  3. But if lots of people pay the balance and then take FCC instead of a refund the interest mounts up even at very low rates at present
  4. P and O are receiving the interest on the large balances people are paying and as already stated they hope that people will transfer their cruise to a cruise in the future rather than take a refund.
  5. When I phoned a couple of weeks ago about a possible delay to paying the balance I was given a firm No. I think they had received lots of similar phone calls and whereas a few weeks ago a couple of people managed to have an extension to the balance payment date they are all now saying No! I transferred the deposit to a cruise next year but have sent a strongly worded e mail to Paul Ludlow(I know he won't personally read it)to say that I think it is unreasonable to expect people to pay a large sum of money when the FCO advice is not to cruise.I have not yet received a reply but have another balance due in October so am hoping P and O will have changed their terms by then
  6. Try asking for a delay for balance payment.They delayed our balance for another cruise and in the meantime the cruise was cancelled so we have applied for a refund of the deposit
  7. We have seen Cheryl Baker as an act in The Limelight Club on Britannia and Gareth Gates once sat next to me at breakfast in the buffet on Britannia, but he was an act in The Limelight Club as well We were on Azura a few years ago and sitting very close to me was someone I recognised as a Quizzer from University Challenge, Mastermind, Only Connect etc.I started chatting and invited her and her husband to join us at The Synidacate Quiz, Needless to say we won quite a few bottles of wine on that cruise!!
  8. I think I look ok for my age..👩..Then I put my reading glasses on and wonder if people will mistake my mother and me for twins!!!!👵👵
  9. There are a couple of Princess cruises next June that we are interested in (back to back) but they coincide with a cruise on Oceania Sirena which is also a very good price at the moment via a particular offer.Will probably wait until Black Friday when hopefully some cruises will have sailed and we will know more .Princess have had some good offers in previous years. Oceania requires a 20% deposit which is a lot to pay when the cruise is next June and we don't know what restrictions might be in place.
  10. I think so too.33 cases reported so far and I think there were only 160 people onboard!
  11. That sounds a good idea.We were planning to stay in Stockport next week so I could visit my Mum(who lives in Formby near Liverpool)and visit some National Trust properties in the North West.However now that Greater Manchester is in lockdown we have moved our booking from Stockport(in Greater Manchester) to Knutsford in Cheshire which has a lower rate of infections.Hopefully because the local authority acted quickly in the area of Liverpool you mentioned I will still be able to visit my Mum in Formby!
  12. Interesting. Thank you .I notice that Hurtigruten have had 33 cases of Covid onboard (with 4 people in hospital!) so have cancelled the next cruise.I think it will make other cruise lines extra cautious before re starting
  13. Do you know whether this is because there are enough cabins sold at present (with social distancing measures in place)or more likely that these cruises are going to be cancelled?
  14. From what Molecrochip has posted you might be on the maiden cruise!!
  15. Traditionally cruises in November and December are difficult to sell whereas the 35 night cruises to the Caribbean are popular.Also possibly more people have already cancelled their cruises if they were due to sail before Christmas.Obviously we don't know the reason but am sure we will find out at some point!
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