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  1. I think also some people would stay onboard and spend money.I wonder if they may offer the hotel experience for 2 or 3 nights on Iona to let people try her out.I think they will offer round britain cruises, (probably not on Iona)just that they may offer this experience for the first few times?They would be able to have rigorous testing set up in Southampton and the chance to disembark anyone who displayed symptoms almost immediately
  2. I wonder if P and O may start with a couple of short breaks staying on the ship in Southampton and offering excursions from there- Winchester, New Forest etc .More like a hotel?That would perhaps explain the wording.
  3. I'm not sure if that is possible but you are best phoning P and O to ask.You won't pay a cheaper price for not taking the flights as P and O charter the planes.We did a back to back cruise in the Caribbean a few years ago and therefore didn't use 2 of the flights but P and O wouldn't give us a reduction for flights not used.You may be better cruising with Princess who have cruise only prices
  4. I'm with you in that I like either an inside or balcony, not bothered about an outside but particularly like a balcony on long TA crossings
  5. We have a holiday booked in Weymouth for September and I'm hoping we won't be able to see any cruise ships from there as hopefully it means they will be sailing! We have a cruise booked in October
  6. For our first cruise we booked an inside cabin and were wowed at how nice it was.(We had only experienced cabins on cross channel ferries with bunk beds!!)Had we booked a balcony on our first cruise and then booked an inside on a subsequent cruise I think we would have been disappointed.I would still be happy to have an inside cabin for a short cruise (we have sailed for 24 nights in one)but would want a balcony for anything longer than 7 days.
  7. Yes. If you want to upgrade cabins at a later date with P and O you pay the price of say a balcony cabin at the time of your booking.You have to book a Select fare to do this, not a Saver
  8. We have the same.Ours is nearly full of ivy as well but with the state of our lawn I reckon I could fill a whole bin with moss!!
  9. We did a 28 night cruise to the Caribbean on Ventura in 2019 and really enjoyed it so really hoping we can do one of the 2 cruises on Ventura in 2022
  10. I agree that CC is great for keeping up with how things work in the cruise industry.A few years ago we had a Cunard cruise booked which I decided I wanted to change because of the long flight involved.I had read on CC that people had been able to move a Cunard cruise to one on P and O. I mentioned this to my TA who said she didnt think this was the case but she phoned P and O to check.The person she spoke to said it wasn't possible either.However I emailed Cunard head office and they said it was possible and so I was able to transfer to a P and O cruise, all with the help from others on CC
  11. We nearly always have an inside cabin but on a cruise with a lot of sea days I prefer a balcony.We should have sailed on this years 35 night cruise in january and had a balcony booked which we booked at release. I can see that the prices for 2022 are a lot dearer now but we will wait until nearer the time to book.Both itineraries look good, I perhaps favour the january cruise whereas hubby prefers ports of call for the feb cruise.We may decide on which cruise has the cheaper balcony cabins later in the year.We have previously always booked Select fare because we like freedom dining but at the
  12. We are considering either the jan or feb 35 night cruise on Ventura and I'm only looking at balcony prices.Its previously when I have compared the price of an inside to a balcony that we have decided to book an inside as we don't spend a lot of time in our cabin. If I don't look at the price of the inside I won't feel that we ought to book it instead of a balcony!!
  13. We often used to opt for an inside cabin with the occasional balcony cabin if on a long cruise but I wouldn't consider an inside now unless it was a cruise for 7 nights or less.Its the thought of being possibly confined to your cabin for several days that is really off putting
  14. My husband had always wanted to visit Malta and we were there on his birthday which was great.
  15. If you are reading this Jean, how are you feeling today?Hope it won't be too long before you are back home
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