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  1. On our recent cruise on Aurora we were told that the new obs cabins were very obstructed. However they are slightly larger than the other large outside cabins. We were also informed that photos would appear on the website in due course.
  2. Lasagne was my favourite meal!!I also liked the chicken tikka masala.I liked the fact that at lunch time occasionally by the swimming pool they had crepes (savoury and sweet). another time toasties etc.I loved the rum and raisin ice cream but couldn t face trying the salt and vinegar ice cream.I think the food has improved slightly from our last cruise.
  3. Mine was waiting for me online when I returned home!My hubby didn t get one as I think they only send one to the lead passenger
  4. We have just returned from a wonderful cruise on Aurora and booked the B2B whilst onboard(I checked our TA would give us a discount if the booking was transferred back to them)Enjoy your cruise 🙂
  5. We have recently booked a B2B on Aurora for March 2020 (R003 followed by R004)The price of each cruise is worked out as usual but a 10% discount is then added to each cruise.(A select fare has to be booked) We check that the same cabin is available for both cruises before we book and then tick the no upgrade box.We then go to reception on the day others disembark to get a new card.A bill for onboard spend is provided for each cruise .If you have to change cabins the steward will carry everything to your new cabin on a hanging rail though you usually need to pack everything else in a suitcase. I don t think you can book a B2B online.We use a Travel agent to get an additional discount I think the cruises have to be at least 5 days long and no longer than 50 days in length
  6. Paul Ludlow was only onboard between Alicante and Lisbon (I presume partly to view the refit?).At the Peninsular party he seemed to be observing (don't think he took notes!!)but I was disappointed that the captain didn t introduce him to give him an opportunity to thank us all for our loyalty!It made me laugh though because as he was leaving the party someone passed him in the corridor (and I think assuming he was one of the entertainers)said 'Still finding your way around, lads!(He was with another chap-not sure if he was another big wig from Carnival or his partner)
  7. On P and O website a 7 night cruise on Iona for april 2021 is £579pp for an inside cabin and £729 for a balcony.A bargain even if prices don t drop further
  8. I would have liked to book the maiden voyage on Iona but Mark wasn t keen on going to the fjords so soon again.Hoping for a real bargain on her next year that Mark won t be able to refuse!! There are a lot of cabins to fill!
  9. We really like Aurora but our favourite ship is Britannia!!!
  10. They only have free cakes in the main Costa bar.You can buy Costa in the Crows Nest but no free cake.Also the cakes are only available at certain times.One morning on our recent cruise a lady asked for a cookie (displayed in a jar) with her coffee and she was told she would have to order after 11 30 if she wanted one!!
  11. Just returned from Aurora.Costa cards were still available to buy.A small latte cost £2.55 and a large £2.95.The free cakes were delicious!!
  12. We have just returned from the same cruise too and had a wonderful time.We were among those unable to re board Aurora in Citivechia for several hours but I feel the situation was handled quite well. Mixed feelings about the Captain.I found his remarks humerous(not the one about Madonna!)and it was good that he engaged with guests.However some of his comments were repetitive and he went on a bit.He told us one evening we would not be able to tender into Propiano but then spent over 5 minutes explaining why before eventually telling us we would be docking at Ajjecio instead.If he had told us straight away we were visiting Ajjecio instead of Propiano his waffle might have seemed more interesting. I spotted Paul Ludlow at the Peninsular party but he was just standing to one side.I think it would have been better if the captain had introduced him.My husband also joined the choir and can agree with Jean that the choirmaster was brilliant.I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the choir in concert.
  13. Yes.I tend to ask for tap water to make sure I am not charged for it! Sometimes it is on the side of the bar(on deck) for you to help yourselves
  14. There are small bottles of water provided in the cabin when you arrive.You could refill that but there is also water at the bars on deck that you can help yourself to.
  15. That's great, thank you.We disembark Aurora as you embark. 🙂
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