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  1. The tryptic package is more expensive onboard @ $100 plus 15% service charge. You can only visit each restaurant once with the package, but you have a choice of 4 restaurants. You choose from a limited menu selection from the Dining Experience section, but you can swap out items from the main menus for a 50% charge. Here are the Dining Experience menus from the 4 Speciality Restaurants Kaito Butcher's Cut Ocean Cay Hola! Tapas
  2. How was your trip, Frank? (Seeing as how it's my thread, I have my permission to go off-topic 😜)
  3. Liz (emmas gran) contacted MSC UK last Thursday, too, and was told that it would be 10 days before the voucher would be issued. It'll be interesting to see what T&Cs are attached. I've seen it posted that it's valid for 2 years for those in the US and only one year for someone who received theirs in Germany.
  4. We'll get the 20% for the 23 night cruise as it was one booked cruise and not 2 separate bookings like a B2B would be. I contacted MSC UK last Thursday with a view to booking a cruise in 2021 (we already have 2 booked for next year) and am still awaiting a response as to whether I can use the discount or not. I haven't had confirmation of how much it is yet, either, though I know how much 20% of what I paid for the last cruise comes out at. Jet lag has been severe this time - I was fine back in January on our return from Armonia. I keep nodding off as though I were popping sleeping pills lol. Great meeting you 2, too! What a great cruise that was!
  5. Just the one, that goes from deck 14, thru' 16 and 18, to deck 19. The main bank of elevators is just outside the YC enclave.
  6. Hi Marco Early on in our Mera cruise, I asked the SR hostess if we could drop Ocean Cay and visit Butcher's Cut twice - I was told "No". Later on in the cruise, I discovered that they had changed it out in the system (they were looking after us after a nasty situation that occurred with some YC guests during the cruise). It meant I wasted a Diamond Card meal in Ocean Cay as I wasn't made aware that they had made the change. So ... to answer your question ... Yes, it can be done - when it suits them!!!!! But expect the answer to be "No" (though I doubt they'll say "No" to you 😉).
  7. The key lime pie was good - but I prefer the one I make myself. 😛 Thank you for your lovely comments and it would be a pleasure to meet you some time if we do ever get to be on the same ship together. I met some wonderful CCers on this trip which helped make it such a wonderful cruise.
  8. We were originally booked on deck 14 for our recent sailing. It was all that was available at the time and I was willing to accept it just to be in YC. Believe me, being on any deck in YC is going to be better than being anywhere else on the ship! TSL, One Pool deck and YC restaurant cannot be topped by any other places or cabin facilities elsewhere!
  9. There's a door that separates YC from the rest of the ship on deck 14. Personally I would never choose a cabin on this deck; it feels detached from the YC area. We've had cabins on both deck16 and 18. Deck 16 would be our preferred choice, being on the same level as TSL and the concierge.
  10. They were for our 23 night NY-Canada-NY-Miami cruise. A very senior concierge onboard hadn't heard about any changes to the mini-bar situation for Meraviglia.
  11. That wasn't true in our case. We sail 2-3 times a year and get the 100 bonus points after each cruise. You will only get 100 points for each $150 onboard spend - not for the credit you add to your account. You're also entitled to 100 points for every $150 pre-cruise spend such as pre-purchasing drinks/laundry/spa packages and/or excursions.
  12. Our laundry wouldn't appear for 2 days after sending it out (though we never had it ready by 10am).
  13. Here's what it stated on our recent laundry package voucher. It clearly states that items must be sent together in a single delivery. We were able to send items in multiple deliveries; we were in YC so not sure if that had any bearing on it.
  14. I doubt they'll stock them after the changes. I can always buy some at home and bring them with me if it were to matter that much. Just knowing they were available was a nice touch. I'll miss the Deluxe package, with included mini-bar, on our non YC sailings, too. (Oops ... off-topic 😯 😜)
  15. Thanks for the update, Ziggy. It did sound like you had everything you needed in the etickets, but with MSC you can never take chances. 🙄
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