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  1. How long have we been banging that drum, Dave?! I have to say I was sooo convinced that there was a higher tier in the offing for late 2017 from soundings I was getting earlier in the year. I won't be falling for that again! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Here are the prices for a US-based sailing where the currency onboard is in US$. They'll differ if onboard a ship where the onboard currency is Euros. You may be able to pre-book a Spa package (in Ireland, pre-booked packages aren't offered - I don't know if the same would apply for Denmark). There are also discounted offers onboard - usually for the days that the ship is in port and demand for Spa treatments is slack. However, you need to add 15% service charge to all quoted prices, except pre-booked ones:
  3. No, though there is free access to the thermal area of the Spa for YC guests.
  4. As an FYI ... I had a hot stone massage when booked in Aurea, so it was included on our sailing.
  5. We've been hearing about a new, higher tier being introduced for the last few years, Bollinge. No sign of it. In fact, all MSC has done is reduce the benefits even further by only offering one person a complimentary meal for 2, when there are 2 occupants of a cabin at Black Card level, whereas, up until Nov 2017, each received a voucher for a meal for 2. Another change they're making to the Voyagers Club is the NAME of the top tier: BLACK being replaced with DIAMOND! They're busy, alright, in the Voyagers' Club office, but the focus is definitely not on giving those of us who've built up points way above the number needed to attain Black/Diamond anything extra. However, I'm not 'loyal' to MSC just to collect points (though it would be nice to receive a little recognition); MSC offers us a great value product which, overall, we're happy with, to the extent that we're reluctant to go elsewhere.
  6. ... and you're only discovering, now, how "worthless" the perks are? When I reached Black (I don't know when you did if, like you say, you've done "umpteen" cruises, so didn't status-match to attain it) we got 20% discount off the cruise price, a meal with the officers, a bottle of champagne rather than the cheaper Prosecco. Due to status-match the benefits were reduced. Didn't you see the discussions around this at the time (seeing as you've sailed MSC in the past)? Were you not aware, as you continued to add to your points, that the benefits would be "worthless" to you? At the end of this year I'll have 4 times the number of points required to reach Black; I get nothing extra for that. However, I still don't turn my nose up to the aforementioned perks that I do get. If I weren't satisfied with them and felt they didn't match up with what other lines offer, I'd be looking elsewhere for my cruises.
  7. I love the perks that can't be purchased 😜 (MyChoice dining for Aurea guests - and those in Fantastica suites on Lirica-class - is another one).
  8. Priority boarding is a great perk, too (you listed almost everything else, Ziggy 😊), plus the towelling robes and slippers supplied.
  9. Chances are that your cabin will be ready before you go to lunch. It'll definitely be ready before 2.30pm. As there are at least 3 embarkation ports on the itinerary there are a smaller number of cabins to be readied for those embarking, so they're always available much earlier than those outside of the YC enclave.
  10. For the moment, at least, it is. Apparently the M&M for Seaside wasn't set up for registration 'til around 2 months before her inaugural; perhaps it'll be the same for Meraviglia's first sailings in the US. I had the same problem when booked on Divina in relation to being registered for an M&M. I cancelled the booking but was unable to de-register for the M&M.
  11. Yes, there is - it's called Surf n' Turf and the menu is included in the following thread (post #89, second photo): https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2631573-notes-from-armonia-miami-havana-jan-2019/page/4/ The photo is a little blurred; there are photos of the food we ordered in the subsequent post.
  12. YC guests are treated differently so some of those responses aren't applicable. There is a YC tent where you leave your luggage with a butler who will then guide you to the area in the terminal where you can wait to be processed. This should begin around 11am. You need to print off your luggage tags (though they're usually replaced by the butler at the tent 🙄). While you wait, you will be offered sparkling wine or juice/water and snacks. You will be escorted to the YC by a butler, with a number of other YC guests, to the Concierge area where you will be advised as to when your cabin will be ready. In the meantime, they will suggest that you head into the Top Sail Lounge, where you can enjoy some refreshments 'til your cabin is ready. You can also go for lunch in the YC restaurant. There is a kiosk for registering your credit card close by the concierge desk; you can register within 48 hours of embarkation, though it's advisable to do this some time on embarkation day. You don't need your cruisecard in YC when ordering drinks, unless what you order has a price next to it on the menu (Connoisseurs' Selection items are not included; everything without a price next to it is).
  13. We did a Christmas cruise on Orchestra in 2017, P - it was the worst MSC cruise we'd ever been on! It was fine up until Christmas morning, but it went downhill after that. Looking forward to Seaview, thanks! (This day 10 weeks before we fly out to Rome for embarkation the next day 😜).
  14. We've always been accommodated in the Oriental restaurants on the Musica-class ships. However, it can depend on the crew on the night (or the ship) whether they'll be flexible or not. With MSC it's always a case of YMMV.
  15. The benefits are listed on the following (just scroll down the page): https://www.msccruises.ie/en-ie/MSC-Voyagers-Club/Voyagers-Club.aspx
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