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  1. Having spent a total of 42 nights between Armonia and her sister ship Sinfonia, I can confirm that only Fantastica and Aurea suites have MyChoice dining - those in Fantastica balcony cabins have set dining times in an alternative MDR to the one that those in suites dine in.
  2. I'm wondering, now, what's contained in the envelope I was given - it's very convincingly like a letter made up of a number of pages ... should I be concerned?! 😱 πŸ€” πŸ™„
  3. I'm afraid you only get MSC's version of afternoon tea, DCG ... no scones with clotted cream & strawberry jam, I'm afraid! It's still a very nice experience, with tiny sandwiches and dainty sweet things offered. If I get around to doing it one afternoon, I'll post some pics for you.
  4. They do! They don't want to have every wine on the menu opened, is what they're about! With them selecting 2 reds and 2 whites, they control what's being used. Unfortunately there are many who don't know that they're entitled to ask for whatever's included, and not what's opened on the night, which is how they're getting away with it. There was a time when I was green, too - not anymore!
  5. Personally, I couldn't warm to the ship and can't quite put my finger on what it is about it that I didn't take to. But you've reminded me that the newspapers were very late every day. I've never experienced that before. They were often too late to be bothered with. Our fruit bowl was replenished regularly (even though we didn't touch the fruit - we eventually asked them to remove it as we were in an inside cabin and space was tight). We had the worst butler we've ever had - and not because he was MIA ... I intend to spell out exactly how bad our experiences were with him on my thread (which I hope to get around to adding to this weekend).
  6. SS22 ... our Norwegian companions had been on Seaview the previous year, too, and enjoyed it more then as well. I asked what was different, and they highlighted the very same reasons as you have just done. They have just asked me if I would be interested in sailing Seashore so I went to have a look at pricings. MSC Ireland website's "system busy" (which is becoming a regular feature lately), so I went to the UK site as their prices are generally similar when you do the currency conversion. Anyway, it's practically €2000 pp for a YC inside!!!!! (YC balcony cabins aren't "available" at the moment). No way would I pay that for an inside cabin on a 7 night West Med (boring!!!) itinerary. An online German TA is pricing it at €1749 - it's not too long ago that you'd get a YC1 for that price!
  7. That might very well be the case! However, I've seen a photo of the servers in the Champagne Bar (where I intend to spend quite some time enjoying our Prem+ package 😜) on a FB posting and, I believe, it was stated that they would be onboard when Meraviglia goes Stateside. Anyway, we know one of the servers, so are looking forward to seeing her there! We also have a letter to take to a head waiter, who is the boyfriend of one of the butlers in TSL on Seaview. We had told her that we would be going on Mera and, when she said that her boyfriend was working there, I told her to write a letter (they're so much more special and intimate, aren't they?!) and we'd give it to him. I hope it'll be a lovely surprise for him. 😊 Anyway ... I'll report on my findings re the crew and whether any stand out. As for DH ... he got enough of a health scare to cause him to give up smoking - 2 weeks off today, but is struggling at times. ETA ... not sure about the Mark Twain joke. πŸ€”
  8. Certainly with the difference in price between Easy and Premium on US-based sailings, I would also be inclined to agree with AtΓ©.
  9. Thanks, DCGuy! I may report "Live" as it's so much easier in some ways than trying to do it after arriving home (it certainly is for me, anyway). I'll have internet on the ship, but we'll be in company for the Canada itinerary, so it'll be brief snippets possibly. Plus, now that DH has given up the cigarettes (Yay!!), I won't have time to myself (which I used to have when he'd go off to have a smoke - that was when I usually did my 'Live' posting). But if there's anything specific you want to know about, please let me know in advance so I can get the info for you.
  10. I'll explain (very briefly - and hope that I don't leave a completely negative impression! I will have more to say and will expand on my own thread). @Captain-John the main issue was actually with the design/layout of Seaview (I'll stick with YC for now and stay on topic - for a change πŸ™„) We really disliked the Top Sail Lounge/Restaurant set-up and much prefer the more intimate settings of both venues on Meraviglia. As Norwegian Cruiser has stated, the singer in the evenings was much too loud and it was difficult to have a conversation over it; this also impacted the enjoyment of dinner in the restaurant. We didn't feel the YC area was any less crowded than Meraviglia (we never found Meraviglia YC crowded at all, despite there being more YC cabins than on other ships. Perhaps our experience will differ in October/November when we're in cooler climes and everybody is indoors - at least until we reach the Caribbean. We were in the Med in extremely hot weather, with a port-intensive itinerary when we were last onboard Meraviglia). We were in YC on Splendida last year and it felt very crowded in TSL when the weather was poor. Anyway ... there were a lot of positives, too, especially the personal attention we received, not just from most of the crew, but especially from the head butler, Rajiv and the YC Director, Alessandro, in relation to DH's situation. Anything we wanted we were just to ask for! But, overall, Seaview, itself, just wasn't for us.
  11. I intend to expand on it on the thread I started a couple of weeks back. A short answer here would be less than kind to our overall experience onboard - which was fantastic.
  12. Hi Cap'n ... we're now 2 weeks home so I'm hoping to get back to sharing my overall views of the cruise soon. Right now, I'm enjoying our Indian Summer 😜 Plus, we have some follow-up stuff to attend to as a result of DH's illness. He's doing great, now, thanks, and our focus is firmly on our upcoming cruise on Meraviglia and ensuring that, if he does have an underlying condition, he'll be sorted with treatment, etc, before we go.
  13. Sounds like Premium will be perfect for you! As an FYI ... Aurea only covers the room service - not the cost of the food items on the menu (except for Continental breakfast). The mini-bar is only included for those with PremiumPlus or in Yacht Club.
  14. We were in YC on Seaview a couple of weeks ago ... for us, MSC is going in the wrong direction when it comes to YC. We did not like YC on Seaview and can't wait to get back onboard in Meraviglia's YC, which we loved.
  15. Yeah ... they need the jumpers on the colder itineraries. I've only seen them on Med cruises in the Summer (and on the new-builds of Meraviglia and Seaview).
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