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  1. Perhaps on Seaside; I'd like to know what the situation is with Venchi on Seaview. It seems crazy that upgrading your package caused you to lose your entitlement to enjoy Venchi .
  2. Rum has never been supplied in the mini-bar. There are 3 spirits offered - gin, whisky and vodka. The brands have changed down the years; they also vary depending on the region the ship is being stocked in.
  3. The deposit isn't refundable, but they usually allow you to cruise move when something like this comes up (though there are restrictions which can sometimes make the 'offer' a redundant one). We did have our deposit refunded, once, when they changed the itinerary from a Black Sea cruise to a Canaries one (!). It took over 6 months, though, to get our money back, despite booking something else in the meantime. They wouldn't 'move' the deposit over.
  4. Here's one person who's soooo glad it's not! The cheesecake in BC is to die for! I've also had almost as good in YC on Meraviglia (though it wasn't topped with strawberries - or anything else, for that matter).
  5. I honestly don't know whether to laugh at that or cry for you CF. I can only imagine the disappointment that people are feeling (it's coming across in the posts). Thankfully you haven't booked flights, yet, so your options remain open, at least. If MSC have to replace Havana, hopefully it'll be with an attractive alternative such as the one you've suggested. Otherwise, they're going to be getting an awful lot of cancellations (which may still happen; I'm sure everyone who's booked Armonia did so for Havana).
  6. Would you consider cancelling if MSC pulls Cuba AND is willing to refund your deposit, CF, or have you booked your flights?
  7. Goosemay has already started a thread on the subject: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2655949-cubauh-oh/
  8. Cuba may have to be removed from the itinerary, CF.
  9. It must be such a blow, FG - it's such a shame that the fragile relationship that was building between Cuba and America has been fractured (regardless of the reason - I don't want your thread to descend into a political scrap).
  10. Will that mean that Armonia can't continue to sail from Miami to Cuba, or is just that Americans can't cruise on her?
  11. Now that does not surprise me at all, Kodes, though I was half-hoping that it would be included. However, MSC in the Med are not as accommodating as they are Stateside, where they're more interested in their US guests - especially YC ones! It's up to people to make enough noises, first to the Concierge, then the YC director and on up to the Hotel Director about the inconsistencies onboard their ships.
  12. Well, I was very grateful for it, anyway, as I hadn't come across it before. I knew about the subject that your OP was about lol.
  13. The link you posted brought me to Adam Coulter's article. The subject was the 'stretching' of an MSC ship (not about the BC speciality restaurant) which is what I was referencing when I said that it's not 'news' (since the article is from Feb 28th): https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/3801/
  14. I think this was the first time they had al fresco dining, NC. It was only for those in Fantastica and Aurea suites. We had chosen a table next to the railings so we could watch the water as we dined. However, we had to move to a table next to the restaurant entrance due to the soot from the funnel falling on us (and destroying my white capris lol).
  15. They wouldn't be able to base a Musica-class ship in Venice if they do that (and they often have at least 2 of that class based there for the Summer season). Or would they still be small enough to be eligible?
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