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  1. Just to update ... we can re-use the deposit as long as the cruise is before the end of 2021 and we must book up to 48 hours prior to the original sailing date of the cancelled cruise. We weren't planning on sailing next year (have an eye on a Feb 2022 cruise, though) so will have to decide whether to write the deposit off or re-consider a cruise we were looking at for Nov 2021 but had dismissed in favour of the 2022 one.
  2. Yeah ... I got an email yesterday from the UK office advising that our Sept 2nd Preziosa cruise from Southampton has been cancelled. At least they gave more notice than they did for our May last cancelled sailing which was only announced a couple of weeks before the due sailing date. Maybe I'll be able to salvage our deposit after all. (Hi Foxy - saw your acknowledgement of the post I'd submitted on this subject on another thread 😚)
  3. Beamafar

    MSC Med Return

    Just got an email from MSC informing us that it's been cancelled, G, and that we would receive a voucher for 125% of value of the cruise package. Don't know if that would apply for the deposit only ... I'd be happy enough to just move the deposit to another cruise. Looks like I'll have to ring them about it.
  4. Beamafar

    MSC Med Return

    We have a deposit down on that one, G, but I've kissed goodbye to it! 🙄
  5. Here's a photo taken from the YC side on deck 14
  6. The situation is far too volatile at the moment for cruise lines to be making definitive plans and their handling of our money in the circumstances leaves a lot to be desired. Even in Europe, they're beginning to see a second surge in C-19 numbers.
  7. Believe me, I'm missing cruising!!! However, a couple of the MSC's ships haven't even been built yet which is impacting on next year's schedules. My distrust of MSC keeps me from jumping in too soon.
  8. Late 2021 is the earliest we’d consider in the hope that things would be well settled by then - including cruise schedules. Currently looking at a Nov sailing as well as one in Feb 2022, the latter being the one I’d move the deposit we have at present to if MSC allows. Will be checking that out in 3 weeks’ time. If we lose it then I’ll wait til mid-October to book (which is when a FCC we have will expire).
  9. My understanding of the FCC is that you have to have made the full payment to avail of it. I don't trust MSC enough to pay over the full amount and then have it 'returned' to me in the form of an FCC. TBH I haven't considered the option up 'til now. We'd written off the deposit for our May cruise back in February when it was obvious that that sailing would be cancelled. There's no way that the Sept cruise will go ahead but MSC is only cancelling cruises through to July 31st for now. Our final payment date for the Sept cruise is July 1st - highly unlikely MSC will have Sept cruises cancelled by then despite the fact that it's highly unlikely there'll be any cruises this year. TBH I'd prefer to write off the €200 deposit than to hand over several thousands of Euro final payment to MSC to "hold onto" for me against a future cruise.
  10. Which is what makes MSC's delay in cancellation announcements so frustrating!
  11. Hi BB ... all’s well here. Hope it’s the same for you guys too. I’ve noticed how late MSC are with their cancellation notifications. Seems to me that they wait til after final payment dates before cancelling. We have a Sept cruise booked and am hoping that cancellation of Sept cruises will be notified before our final payment date so that we can move our deposit. We’ve already lost €500 to them on last month’s cancelled cruise. No way would I pay them the full amount in the hope of receiving an FCC - not with the t&cs they have the nerve to attach to these, considering it’s our money they’re controlling!
  12. Hi Marco .... such a shame MSC wouldn’t take a leaf out of Cunard’s book and announce cancellations before final payment dates!
  13. Hi Cap'n Totally agree about the choc ships - I'd never eat one in company lol. It really isn't great chocolate, either, but handy when a choc craving comes on and there's nothing else available 😃
  14. We've had the Prem+ package a couple of times, now (though both times when in YC, where the mini-bar and room service were included, anyway). However, up until this current crisis, you could order drinks from room service with Prem+. It'll be interesting to see what, if any, changes MSC makes to their drinks packages when they finally get to sail again. MSC had made some changes to how the minibar was being stocked on their newer ships - until people start cruising again, nobody knows how the minibars will be stocked in the future. I'm expecting quite a few changes to be made to the way things were done onboard before this pandemic. Cruise companies will have a lot of losses to make up for and drinks packages/mini-bar contents, etc are going to be target areas for increasing revenues IMHO.
  15. Hi BB ... thanks for the good wishes. We're resigned to not travelling at all this year (though that may yet change lol). Gives us the time and space to concentrate on catching up with some badly needed home maintenance. Plus, DH has a few medical investigations and issues to deal with which came to the fore after COPD was discovered. 🙄 Thankfully he's stayed off the cigarettes - almost 6 months now 😄
  16. Hi Ken ... I rarely check that account, but I did now and again on my old phone. Haven't added Yahoo to my new one so haven't seen your email. I'll reply with my regular email account so you'll have that. Yeah ... Foxy is on that cruise. I got an email from her on the 17th but haven't heard anything since. The cruise was going well up til then. We're not too upset about not doing the cruise, surprisingly enough. I'm hoping that we may get some of our deposit back, or at least be able to move it to another booking, if things get any worse in Italy and MSC is forced into offering that.
  17. It was easy for us to make the decision. Had it been this time last year, before DH’s diagnosis, we would have played it by ear, though the uncertainty for you (and others in similar situations) must be very stressful and I empathise with your plight.
  18. Thanks Ziggy. 😊 TBH we’ve all but decided not to travel. There’ve been a couple of cases reported in Venice already and, while May is still a bit away, we’re not prepared to make final payment in the hope that things will be better by then. We have fences to mend after the recent storms so the money we save could go towards that.
  19. Our Department of Foreign Affairs has advised against travelling to affected parts of Italy. We have a cruise out of Venice in May; if that advice is still in place then, our insurance would be invalidated were we to travel. Final payment date is 3 weeks away so we’re following the developments closely. For those of you who know me you may remember that DH was very ill on Seaview last September and was diagnosed with COPD therefore is one of those who would be extremely vulnerable so it’s looking doubtful that we’ll be going. If flights are being cancelled around final payment date, I’m hoping to get at least some of our €500 deposit refunded or an opportunity to use it towards another, future booking.
  20. Totally agree! Well done, L2f for your perseverance. We're keeping our options open 'til next October (when the offer ceases for us) before deciding whether to avail of what MSC has considered is our discount. We have a cruise on Musica in May (hefty deposit due to flights included, which we're not prepared to walk away from, so not cancelling it) which we look forward to, but don't intend to do the one we're currently booked on in September. We're putting our money where our mouths are on that one! For the sake of a few hundred Euro, MSC will be losing the thousands that that cruise would have cost us (and, perhaps, the thousands we may have spent on a cruise we would have booked with the full 20% discount we should have received initially, had they honoured their Meraviglia captain's offer).
  21. Hi G ... you're right, I haven't been posting recently. Bit peeved with MSC at the moment due to them not honouring (in full) the offer made by their captain on our Meraviglia sailing.
  22. You'd be well-advised to get your facts straight before discussing this issue. There is no 9 night cruise involved in this. Nobody on that ship looked for compensation - it was offered in a letter from the captain which clearly stated a discount of 20% of the fare would be given. MSC has reneged on that commitment. That is the fact of the matter and your opinion won't change that!
  23. It appears that MSC is not willing to honour the word of their ships' Captains when they ride rough-shod over what they offer their passengers onboard. This is a sad indictment of the way the company is being run. We may yet be finished with MSC after our next May cruise. We would have cancelled it had we not had such a hefty deposit down due to flights being included. We've lost all trust in the company.
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