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  1. Sign of the times I believe. We just stayed in Washington DC hotel chain, and they have removed all of them from their rooms. They have shower gel/shampoo dispensers inside the shower unit.
  2. You WILL NOT be cursed to use your choice for the rest of your life. I am guessing you are on vacation...splurge for the night!! Besides...there probably is more salt on the carrots in the MDR anyways. LOL
  3. They keep your decks and hallways clean and tidy, ship maintenance, .i.e. HVAC and the staff that has to wash your towels, sheets, etc. to keep you smelling fresh!
  4. I request YTD and the same table....or at least same section. We tip our servers the FIRST night and they won't forget you throughout your cruise.
  5. Best price...one to two years advance. Check their schedules and book as soon as they post the rates.
  6. You won a gift with conditions. Sounds like you will have to meet their terms or forfeit. Holiday, i.e. Christmas cruises probably have been sold out years in advance.
  7. I would suspect more exaggeration rather than the rule. When you board, be sure to state your request with the MDR podium staff. They will go out of their way to fill your needs. Have I waited?....one cruise was bad, i.e. up to 30 minutes but after a small complaint to the staff, we were surprised with chocolate covered strawberries when we returned to our cabin after dinner. Most likely, they ARE trying to serve 3000 passengers and you will need to give them a small amount of leeway.
  8. Your Chef's Menu is a corporate menu assigned to all ships. I have never seen a variation. But, that is not CCL ships won't introduce a new menu periodically. We stopped with the Chef's Menu due to lack of inventive variations.
  9. Being diabetic, I am aware of what I should and should not consume.
  10. You will be dressed better than 75% of your fellow passengers. Let' it go...let it go...can't remember who said that. LOL
  11. It would make a lovely gift for your cabin steward. We do not drink alcohol, so it always works for us.
  12. We feel the same way and have "resorted" (vbg)....to tripadvisor.com for all our excursions.
  13. Keep in mind....4 ladies....ONE TOILET. Good luck and Bon Voyage.
  14. Me either....and it was barely worth $49 bucks. I found out patience is a virtue. You do not need to be first on board, first in line at the buffet, Dining Room, Tender boats, etal. Guess that is what happens as you get older.....LOL
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