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  1. You have filled in all your paperwork for check in, chosen your arrival time and then discover that you will be late for arrival. What happens then?
  2. Unless you live near the port, I can't see going to the trouble of a 3 day cruise. Just too much trouble/travel time to endure for such a short amount of time at sea.
  3. We always travel with our "My Pillow" brand pillows with their travel compact bags. I always bring my red pillow cases so the hotel/cabin staff can see they are NOT their pillows.
  4. Exactly what we have done for years....since the tag is only needed to get your bag from the porters to your cabin....then they can be thrown away. They serve no other purpose.
  5. Just as going to a great "land" location steakhouse, we like to dress.
  6. Sailing the Magic 02/29/20, and this is my first cruise with TWO consecutive sea days!! The following Saturday is another sea day, which we love. The Seaday Brunch is exceptional.
  7. You got that one right!! I never would use a TA for a ship they most likely have never boarded.
  8. Make your Steakhouse reservation...you can ALWAYS CANCEL once aboard and move to another night. I believe they are still offering a first night promotion in the steakhouse.
  9. I am adventurous when dining. I have my server surprise me every night to avoid ordering the same old same old every meal.
  10. Call your PVP....and they can find one for you.
  11. Charge your drinking card?......put it on your S&S account when or after you board.
  12. Not necessarily.....I had six mini's packed in checked luggage and they were confiscated and returned to me at disembark.
  13. I am well aware that my response will not be well received....so FLAME away! If you NEED to cruise on credit with a loan....maybe you can't afford to go on vacation.
  14. Ask your cabin steward...they will handle it immediately.
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