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  1. If I hated Christmas music, I probably wouldn’t take a chance on sailing in December. Better safe than sorry.
  2. i think the problem lies in the fact that, as you stated, most of the masks are meant to protect “your patients”, as opposed to protecting YOU from your patients. Same with this scenario...people are wearing masks that protect others from them, not protecting them from others, as they believe is the case?
  3. @kip6 you are someone I would definitely love to meet. I love your attitude. Stay positive, continue to share your insights (I believe you when you say the crew and shore staff are fantastic), and order a bottle of wine to see what happens! You deserve it!
  4. Are there ant Aft suites on The Solstice that have some shade?
  5. GypsyCouple, I had the same experience on Solstice last March. I “felt weird” about it, and in the end I decided I had to give extra to my suite Steward, the wait staff in Luminae and to Anna, the best concierge ever. It was all token amounts, $25 or so, but I bought a pack of thank you cards (and a special card to Anna) and wrote out personal thanks. And above all, fill out those comment cards, naming names.... PUT IT IN WRITING TO THE BOSSES!, this goes way further than you know (as others have mentioned, it is true)
  6. I didn't know about their lack of participation in the move up bidding programme. I'll re-think using them again next time, but I will have to think about it, because their price was good, the perks they added onboard were good, and i came home to a $680 gift card for their warehouse.....so if I wasn't successful in bidding with another agency, I'd have lost all that.
  7. We were told by Celebrity directly that we were not eligible BECAUSE we booked with bigbox. We couldn’t submit an offer through TA, through Celebrity website, through phone call or Celebrity, through emails to TA and Celebrity. We were simply ineligible due to booking with bigbox.
  8. Sorry I didn't answer this earlier, Tom and Judy, I was away from cruise critic for a few days. I was going to post the email I received from Celebrity when I enquired earlier this year. It was exactly the same as you just received. I am booking another cruise, but with a travel agency that participated in the "move up" programme. (Although the cash card was nice to come home to!)
  9. I think you made the right decision! And if you precruise in Vancouver (and you should) your dollar goes a lot further with the exchange!
  10. Fill the bag is a joke. $49 USD for the few items you could cram in that small bag. Criminal.
  11. Thank you for this update, that makes me feel better about The Solstice (though The Eclipse did it right”
  12. I continue on my NZ travels, and Kiwis are indeed warm, lovely people. I am enjoying every moment (except for watching a certain group of tourists who do not care about “do not feed the animals” etc, who prefer selfies to saving endangered species). Continue being you, do not let this unnamed Aussie Nationalist mar your personal National humanity, beauty and warmth.
  13. Wonderful to know that the Captain of the Eclipse made this gesture, even while sailing in other waters. Classy.
  14. a) what does this even mean, and b) were you on the Solstice in New Zealand on that sailing in question, and c) are you from New Zealand, or d) are you just chirping in where you don’t belong to have your words in print without being involved in the event aka a very sad “15 minutes”?. This thread addresses how those of us who were ON THAT SAILING feel. Sad you. I am still in New Zealand, feeling it all, until April 2. I do not want to jump to conclusions, but feel you may be from a country of mass shootings and/or violence, and you are completely numbed by it all. To the original poster, and to all New Zealandera, please know most of us feel it with you.
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