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  1. Just got off on February 2, 2020. No issues or changes from sailing in January 2019. There were two major construction projects being completed during the sailing I noticed. They replaced the "slow" revolving doors with sliding doors going from 11 elevators (Windjammer) to the pool deck, and were replacing carpet on the port side front stairs.
  2. -The most annoying thing about a room is that the light switch for the bathroom is on the outside of the bathroom. We bring a battery operated light switch with magnets to hand on the inside of the bathroom. -Lounge chair towel clips, the deck can by quite breezy -Small bag to bring necessities to pool -Leave as many clothes on hangers when packing -Outlook extender plug (i.e. one male with at least two female sockets) -Water on ship is all filtered so don't worry about bringing bottle water, just bring devices to hold it -Carry on your 2 bottles of wine and 12, 1/2 liter drinks per room. If you leave in you checked bags you will have to go to the naughty room to claim -If the room has a coffee table and you don't need it, put it in the closet. Will make room feel bigger and give you another shelf
  3. We are doing our first Alaska cruise later this year. Have talked to friends who did the round trip and they said the one big mistake they made was not doing a point to point (south or north bound) cruise.
  4. Boutique Hotel Trevi. Steps from Trevi fountain and we walked to all of the major sites including The Vatican. We would get up early and have the entire fountain to ourselves. Nice Italian breakfast buffet and free WiFi.
  5. Just physics at the bottom of the drop. I used to could ride with my legs extended and bum on inflated part of tube. Not anymore. I lift my bum up because I have bottomed out on other water park rides.
  6. Just need to look closer. The guy in the white shirt is sitting down and it appears the grandfather slides into his personal space and he lifts up his arm to move the GF away from his space. The GF appears to turn with only one hand on GD then the guy in the white shirt and his buddy get up and walk away. Only a couple a seconds later they go back to a different window (as do other passengers) to "rubber neck".
  7. Yes. If you look real close there is a person who is sitting down in a white shirt who appears to bump into GF as he is standing up. The GF turns with at least one hand not on his GD and you can clearly see right before that the GD with her head out the window.
  8. Just made it to Cozumel. Around 11:30 last night heard the Alpha Alpha Alpha code from our room. Knew something bad happened. I heard other rumors on what the incident was. Praying for the best. Talked to a passenger who saw crew scrambling with oxygen tanks around that time.
  9. This happened to us. We were MDR and the other couples wanted MyTime. We asked to be wait listed for MyTime and were eventually granted it about a month before departure. Were able to link after that.
  10. The family is misrepresenting to the public that the entire area was a child’s play area, yet in the video GF escorts her at least 30 feet to the windows. My analogy would be if your house had a lawn. Kids are playing in your house but you go outside with one to the front yard to look at a squirrel. The squirrel runs across the street, the kid wants to chase the squirrel so you let them then the kid gets hit by a car. I have empathy for the family, I can’t imagine what they are going through but for some money they want to blame someone else while rehashing this event. That is were my empathy starts to wane.
  11. I have gotten much worse, including at the Chicago Bean. When they still had the roller blade area on the ship I wanted to bring my own but the packing weight/space and the small area changed my mind. Also they will have a blast on the activities upstairs including the flow rider and jump zone.
  12. And of course the family or the lawyer didn't have time to read or adhere to this part of the passenger code of conduct which would have prevented their tragedy. Unsafe Behavior Sitting, standing, lying or climbing on, over or across any exterior or interior railings or other protective barriers ............... But maybe the lawyer will say they didn't include "lifting over".
  13. I'm sorry, the video shows otherwise. You see him squatting down talking to Chloe and then he walks to the window with her. Again the family said that the open window was in a child's play area, trying to get more sympathy from the unknowing public.
  14. We got notified when we were guaranteed MyTime after we were waitlisted.
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