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  1. It works both ways when political leaders outlaw church and say if we go there should be no singing or talking as that these activities spread the virus. These protesters are yelling, chanting, and holding hands and no Politicians have called them out on this. Works both ways!
  2. I have talked to medical professionals who have said the stay at home orders were to ensure that medical facilities would not be overrun with cases until the curve was flattened. The only way to stop a pandemic is to either have it run its course (why with all the lockdowns numbers were still going up) or a vaccine, and we all know how effective the flu vaccines are.
  3. Wow, that is awesome. A group of people are all bunched together to loose money rather then to torch and steal.
  4. Lifted and shifted an Alaska cruise from August 20 to August 21. It did take a week for the price we paid for the 2020 cruise to be reflected on the 2021 cruise invoice.
  5. I have seen cat litter boxes setup up in the aft section of the lifeboat decks.
  6. The APP and Zoom overloaded around lunch, I had to wait till the next day to order. We have walked out of so many bad shows during this cruise, and DW seems to sit next to someone that snores through a lot of them. I like the CC feature during the shows but still can’t understand a lot of them. I thought I would never miss the dancing waiters.
  7. That is the longest it can be halted. We have cruises scheduled for late August and late October,
  8. What are people to do or think when they hear one of the doctors on the panel say that handshakes will no longer be socially acceptable, yet his comments on HIV/AIDS Is to accept the most dangerous activity that spread the disease?
  9. Medicare doesn’t cover overseas medical care either. You have to buy a supplement.
  10. Nobody intends to get a transfusion but we were on a cruise that they requested blood donors for a passenger in distress. My points are there are risks involved with us just getting out of bed. Would you avoid this if you knew that 2.8 million have this happen to them, 800,000 have to be hospitalized, and 27,000 a year die of this? So stay in bed because this is the yearly statistics for falls.
  11. Nothing will survive, as we know it, if this lasts until December.
  12. US has 1.1 million people with HIV/AIDS, with a little under 40,000 new cases a year and around 16,000 deaths. Hopefully no one gets a tainted blood transfusion, especially since screening laws have been relaxed, or the disease mutates and becomes more communicable.
  13. My DW doesn’t want to mention to anyone that we booked a cruise last week for an October sailing. Her cruise was cancelled for the end of April and we were supposed to fly out Wednesday to visit relatives. We also have an Alaska cruise in August we will be playing by ear. But if it doesn’t sail, then we will have bigger problems.
  14. Where are you getting your numbers from? You are using the US flu numbers but comparing it to the world wide Covid-19 numbers. Here are the real numbers for the flu. https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=208914
  15. We went to Italy over Christmas, this was when there was little or no news about the virus. The 3rd day in Rome I caught something. I've had the flu and pneumonia in the past but this felt like a combination of the 2, but not as severe symptoms I had dry cough, low grade fever for a day, headaches, and lost a lot of my sense of taste and smell. It took me a month to get rid of this, and when I finally went to the doctor 3 weeks into it, I was given medicine that didn't do any good until it finally went away over a week later. Also a friend was in Spain at the same time and he caught something nasty too. Unless I get it before, I am going to get tested after this settles down. I also had the flu shot this season and the pneumonia vaccine.
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