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  1. January ‘20 Liberty. We did have 2 family members who were on different and one of the last ones in March. One ended up getting “pneumonia”.
  2. Checked in for Feb 28th cruise and did not get that message. But could not fill out/access arrival time or health and safety forms.
  3. To add more intrigue, we have a friend who was tested twice about an hour apart. You can guess the outcome, one was negative, the other positive.
  4. The same CDC head who said he trusts the mask more then when the vaccine comes out but at the start they said masks are useless. They knew the results of the vaccine trials but waited until after the election to release? They squash any prophylactic study, how many lives were lost? We are in a pandemic and any drug that showed any promise should have been touted. No waiting several years to see if the science supports the drug, people are dying. But the biggest is that this virus thrives off of fat cells and that the US is one of the fattest countries in the world. You can drink more of the K
  5. Elon Musk got tested 4 times in one day using the same nurse and testing equipment. Two came back positive, two came back negative. So the numbers could be 100% higher or 100% less. Who are we to trust?
  6. I have eaten at Arlington TX restaurants twice in the last month, have been to two casinos, my college child had two roommates who had COVID-19,, shop in at least 5 stores weekly, volunteered at the airport, attended a wedding and funeral (not Covid-19 death), going to church for the last two months, volunteered at a kitchen, play golf weekly, go out to eat at least weekly, stayed in 3 hotels and I’m still standing. I take precautions, exercise, and take my vitamins with D3 and zinc. Life and cruising must go on!
  7. But Italy has about half the total number of cases of Florida and over twice the amount of reported deaths.
  8. What this incident should remind us that life can be taken in a blink of an eye and if only one moment in time was changed, Chloe would be alive. Just makes us wonder how many past incidents we have lived through could have turned out terribly wrong if one little thing was changed. Remember the mom left Chloe with grandpa because she had to take care of something at customer service. I am not blaming her just that a lot of things had to align for this to happen. The law suite should go away, but it won't because all is it about now is money and making someone pay for the misfort
  9. You trust the CDC and scientists? They have gone from masks don’t work to masks provide better protection then a vaccine. Then they come up with a statement that says we never told anyone that masks protect the wearer after the CDC director said the mask will protect him more than the vaccine.
  10. "We've got to break that custom," he argued. He meant it. He only backtracked a little when he was called out on it.
  11. Where do you get your information? Your basement? https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/fauci-perfect-world-americans-stop-shaking-hands/story?id=70062797
  12. I saw a lot of hoverounds on cruises before this. I was also on a cruise that was called a floating nursing home.
  13. Really? Dr Fauci says no more handshakes after this.
  14. So if there are treatments, why are millions still dying yearly from the WHO identified diseases? I thought the WHO is supposed to help those countries, and not be political. But when the WHO president called a cholera outbreak in his country just a case of diarrhea, I have concerns what their real intentions are.
  15. Millions of people die yearly from diseases without pre-existing conditions. Lower respiratory illnesses, diarrheal illnesses, malaria, cancer, stroke, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS are just a few. Unless you don’t believe WHO. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/the-top-10-causes-of-death
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