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  1. Wondering if anyone has done this this while in Santorini ? Great reviews, looks awesome, worried about the timeline. If anyone has recent independent excursion stories from Santorini please share. Appreciate it !
  2. It is rather amazing but yes they do get it in and out that quickly. We had the first cruise after dry dock on the Summit and I kept an eye on her progress. Some things may not be 100% if you are first on, but they try and fix whatever it might be. Of course there can be delays, that is possible with anything cruise related but the ones I've followed have made it in and out on time. And yes there may be contractors still aboard tweaking/working on some things but you will probably not even notice them.
  3. So helpful ! I really really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you so much.
  4. Thank you, I just read your review ! Some questions then since you offered- Do you recall the earliest you could debark in Venice? Did the process go smoothly ? How did the tender process in Santorini go and other than a bottleneck did they ensure everyone made it through or is it a mad dash, also what time was all aboard in Santorini ? (I'm nervous about that one as we have private arrangements) How many ships were there and was it crazy getting on the island as well ? (Thinking about walking back down and cabling up early.) How did you board in Venice ? Taxi, people mover etc and how was embarkation ? Did you fly VCE and was the airport crazy with long lines ? Thank you for any information. It is most appreciated.
  5. How was the tendering and cable car experience ? Especially getting back. We're doing independent so curious about getting back on time. Thank you
  6. Did you share your experience ? Looking for recent feedback on sailings from Venice to hear how it went. Going in August.
  7. Hi ghstudio- fellow FL person here. Noticed you are sailing Constellation soon. Will you come back and report on your trip? Not much coming from Europe yet and we are in August wondering how things are. Curious about Luminae menu, debark time, if you are in Venice, general ship stuff as well. Sorry to hijack..
  8. Gotcha on GE, yes that makes sense. We can get off as soon as it is cleared and will take our own luggage. Then it is up to the airport Gods. Thank you, I'm not a worrier so will take it as it comes.
  9. Hello ! We are in the same position so hoping for a quick exit.(our flight is 10:30 as well but we have Global Entry and priority disembark so hoping that all works in our favor ) We have a small and rather underwhelming roll call if you would like to hop on over. Happy cruising and see you soon !
  10. Yes. I'm thinking food is better in Luminae. I just wanted that gorgeous view at the back, so I was disappointed when I remembered it was not.
  11. I booked Tuscan for the first night discount on Connie thinking it was the grand view in the back of the ship. But just realized that on Connie it is mid-ship and not that same S-class experience. It's our first night sailing out of Venice and our Anniversary so thought it would be a lovely option given the limited specialty restaurants onboard. We have Luminae but sometimes night one is a bit hectic and off. Anyone for keeping Tuscan or is it a clunker ? We usually get a decent table at Luminae as we dine early.
  12. Best butlers we have ever experienced were in The NCL Haven. They just seemed intuitive, there when you needed, not fussing but made you feel special with small gestures and friendly demeanor. On Celebrity, have only done Sky suites, both before and after "The Revolution". Recently, our butler helped with some internet difficulties noting that we had a package. Some requests such as non-feather pillows (due to allergies), extra wash cloths and towels, excursion towels and tote bag, were not met for a few days. There was no fruit or snacks this time as I believe "The Retreat" now handles that. We have never been offered an escort by the butler nor seen him in Luminae or anywhere other than our corridor for that matter. They have been pleasant, but not anything special. We enjoy our own restaurant (although Luminae menu is getting a bit stale), the easy on and off the ship, usually have a drink package so Michaels is not particularly needed, and the new Retreat area is quite nice. For us, it's not really about the butler, so we could probably do without but I look forward to experiencing an amazing one one of these days. Maybe on the Constellation ?
  13. So sorry for your unimaginable loss. I hope you get to or have gotten to enjoy some time away.
  14. Just to add- I just did this and selected the discount. I then asked the Captains Club about additional discounts and they said I could definitely add OBC on the same sailing with points but not any more discounts. I didn't see this written anywhere and this was fine as I had a bunch of points. But just for future use, go big on the discount with points as you can always add OBC.
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