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  1. SNJCruiser, Yup, will watch the game. See how it pans out. But will not compromise my health or that of my husband even for a balcony upgrade. We have a lot of other cruises booked for 2021 and 2022 at good deals. We have also cruised extensively far and wide over the last couple of years and are almost on cruise overload (Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Europe, Alaska, Asia, Caribbean) that we are happy to simply travel in Canada once our provincial borders open up hopefully by end of September (that is allowing people from one province to travel to another province), so if I have go give up Dec Enchanted, I will and will remain in Canada. We have lovely rocky mountains and Vancouver and Victoria are fabulous cities. So happy to revisit those cities. So we are perfectly happy to put cruising on hold until a vaccine comes out before we embark again. And, we might decide to actually just stay put at home and do day trips, etc. until we feel completely comfortable with any type of travel again. My husband was actually asking me the other day where I wanted to go next, and I did not have an answer. Again, vacation and cruise overload.
  2. Actually, we are booked on the Discovery Princess (brand new ship, well, maybe... if it ever gets built), ha ha for Dec 13, 2021 out of Fort Lauderdale 8 day Caribbean Cruise which we booked oh, sometime last year with a $2.00 deposit. Sale was on and we took advantage for a great price to boot. So, yes, there is at least one cruise in your time frame (Oct to Dec 2021) unless they have suspended it. I was only looking for brand new ships, however, did not check older Princess ships, so perhaps there are others too.
  3. Check the date of your cruise! All cruise ships are banned from Canada now until October 31, 2020. Just announced by Canadian government this morning.
  4. Thanks Chrysalis, Chrysalis for finding the media post. Sometimes people need to read bad news in print to actually believe it is true.
  5. If you are speaking to my post, our Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is speaking to the media in Canada as I type this post. All cruise ships 500 Passengers and more banned from Canadian ports until Oct 31, 2020. All Canadian media outlets reporting this as well. But he is right on TV saying it and our Transportation Minister announced it earlier this morning as well. Print media takes a few more minutes to post.
  6. I agree with the Canadian ban. We need to protect our country and our citizens. Justin Trudeau our PM is speaking right now and he is saying that this ban is to protect our coastal communities from the very serious Covid 19. Yes, he understands it will be a big hit to the economy but health is his primary focus right now. We will all be better for this ban in the future.
  7. Canadian government has just banned on cruise ships entering its ports until Oct 31, 2020.
  8. We are scheduled for Dec 7th, 2020 Enchanted cruise. We got upgraded from Inside Guarantee to Balcony Cabin (a great location as well) on March 14, 2020. Yippee. All that for putting down our $2.00 deposit, which also includes free internet, and a specialty restaurant dinner. We loved the Sky last Dec 2019. And I will remain optimistic until my final payment date of Sept 8. But will not pay my final money if things look bleak as I do not want to be left with a Future Cruise credit. I prefer cash and I know that once I put down that final payment the chances of me getting a cash refund will be less than nil. I do not want my money with cruise company I prefer it in my own pocket. We have several others booked again for these ridiculous deposit amounts ($1.00) per person for two Princess cruises in January 2021 and we will watch and see how things transpire. We also have others booked for 2022 which I am hopeful by then, there will be a vaccine and we will all be good to go. Even if cruising does resume by Dec 2020, I am leaning towards simply forgoing cruising until 2022. Not worth the hassle. If everyone were to follow proper social distancing right now, wear face masks, stay within their social bubble (immediate family living in the same home), avoid non essential outings, we could beat this virus and resume cruising like we all on this site love to do. If only!
  9. Also, just announced by Canadian government that all cruise ships with more than 500 passengers will be banned from Canadian ports until October 31, 2020. So that will take the sail out of Alaskan cruises which depart / or disembark on our Western coast as well as many of the fall cruises that stop in our Eastern ports (Halifax, St. John, New Brunswick, etc.)
  10. CBC News is reporting right now that Canada is extending its ban on large cruise ships - 500 passengers and more in Canadian waters and ports (which would include Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia until October 31, 2020. That will surely put a crimp in Alaskan cruises by all the cruise lines.
  11. We absolutely loved the Marriott Harbour Circular Quay. Basically a block from Circular Quay and we had a high floor with a lovely view and the buffet breakfast was fabulous. Get it part of your room rate otherwise $42 per person I believe. We loved the location!. I believe rate was $252 per night at least this past March anyhow.
  12. I look forward to being able to tell my family, kids, etc.. that we will be cruising again but NOT until Covid-19 is under control and from what I am seeing a lot of people are not taking Covid-19 seriously at all. Today in Toronto, we had just over 200 new cases. Yes, a small number compared to a lot of places in the US. We have two cruises booked for Dec 2020 one on Royal Caribbean and the other on Princess Enchanted. I really really want to be able to tell my family that we are going, but come just before final payment if there are still loads of sick people milling around (final payment being Sept 7 and 8), sadly we will be telling family, WE ARE NOT GOING!. Sad, but that is the reality.
  13. I would love to be able to cruise on Ovation to Alaska. That would be great. But seriously doubt British Columbia will allow cruising at all for the entire summer. BC is just starting to get Covid-19 under control. Government information is below. CBC NEWS - Cruise ships not welcome this summer, B.C. health officials say Cruise ships will be allowed to stop for refuelling but passengers not permitted to get off ship CBC News · Posted: May 12, 2020 9:10 PM PT | Last Updated: May 13 B.C. health officials say passengers will not be permitted to disembark if cruise ships arrive at the province's ports later this summer although it's still unclear if the federal government will decide whether to resume the cruise ship season on July 1. On March 13, Transport Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada announced as a safety measure to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, that the cruise ship season which normally starts at the beginning of April would be delayed until the beginning of July. There have been questions over whether coastal cities including Vancouver, Victoria and Prince Rupert could see the arrival of international cruise ship lines this summer but Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said that will not be the case. Dr. Henry said the province has made its position clear about the possible resumption of cruise ship visits. "We've had those conversations with our counterparts in the federal government. We are as you can imagine not in favour of cruise ships coming into anywhere in British Columbia." Tourism fears grow as B.C.'s top doctor advises delay to cruise-ship season amid coronavirus spread Henry said she has spoken to health officials in Yukon, Alaska and Washington State who feel similarly concerned about cruise ships which have seen some of the worst outbreaks of coronavirus. Henry explained that federal government rules requiring people to self-isolate for 14 days after international travel will apply to cruise ship passengers. "So if a cruise ship somehow had somehow planned to come here, then we would not be allowing people to come off the cruise ship for example." According to Tourism Vancouver, the cruise ship season made $840 million in 2019 with more than 280 ships arriving at the city's port. The Port of Vancouver is closely following developments and said on its website,"We will continue to be in discussions with our cruise line partners over the next few months, as we actively monitor the Canadian and international response to this extraordinary circumstance." Henry said she expects the federal government to revisit the issue and come out with more recommendations around cruise lines but says provincial health orders will stand through July 1. Health Minister Adrian Dix also warned people who may be thinking about taking a cruise to reconsider. "I think if people are planning that kind of travel and I know there are many people who are dedicated fans of cruise ships, going on cruise ship vacations that really all of the evidence tells you this is not the summer for that," said Dix.
  14. NO NO NO. Too many variables with a one year old. Leave him or her with grandparents and go and enjoy the cruise yourselves. I would be worried silly that the kid could get sick and that the med facility on board could not assist. Really, trans atlantics are made up of me (retired) people with nothing to care about except ourselves. Don't just look at the price!.
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