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  1. We are on the Radiance in March 2020 and arrive at Circular Quay on a Friday at 6:30 am. Air Canada (our nasty airline) moved our 12:15 pm flight to 11:15 am. We are planning to do self walk off as soon as it is allowed (hopefully by 7:15 am) and walk over to the very crowded train and hitch ourselves to it (ha ha). From what I have read so far, it should take no more than 40 minutes to get to the airport by train and then we will run as fast as we can with our bags. We will check in on line the day prior and I will report back as to what eventually happens. We do have trip interruption insurance and hope we will not have to use it!!!
  2. We prefer the Concierge Lounge on Royal Caribbean ships where one can actually get free alcoholic beverages as opposed to Princess' Elite Lounge as on Princess we still have to pay for drinks. That is really quite an advantage RCCL has over Princess. We like Princess and will continue to sail on the large ships and the newest ones including Sky, Enchanted and Discovery (but we really do enjoy our free beverages (3 per person per day between 4:30 pm and 8 pm -hours ship dependent) on the RCCL ships.
  3. Let's see if the actual prices go up tomorrow. I have both the Enchanted and the Discovery booked (booked them on Oct 31 during the $1.00 deposit sale.) Will see if prices are higher or lower with this new sale tomorrow. And if I can pick up any additional perks. What a game having to constantly check the prices. Oh well, thanks for the heads up.
  4. Can we add another layer to the whole question. Our booking included complimentary Sip and Sail Premium Beverage Package (free) on the Sky coming up in December. We are also both Elite members. Does the Sip & Sail include complimentary coffee and specialty coffees at the International Cafe in addition to the alcoholic beverages, water and soda?? If not, I guess I would have to trade in the mini bar set up for a coffee card.
  5. We took the bus into the down town. From the ship, it is on the main drag, right in front of a gas station. So basically, exited the ship and walked right and paid 10 pesos for the ride. Locals on the bus told us where to get off. You will pass all the hotels and the water will be on your right hand side. On the return, we looked for a bus that said Walmart (I did not know there were more than one Walmart) but anyhow, it did go through the tunnel into the mountains and it was pretty scenic and came back out and took us right back to the ship. Was easy peasy.
  6. Will be on the Sky Princess in December and stopping in Cozumel as well as Costa Maya. My husband would like to see some Mayan Ruins (already seen pyramids in Egypt (however, would like to see different architecture of the Mayan people.) I am not overly interested in hours on bus and ferry. Any advice from people who have done both of these ruins on a cruise ship tour. Looks like either spot, tour would be 8 hours long. Weather in December am I thinking 90 degrees at these places as well. I see there is also smaller ruins Chacchoben (4 hours tour) 1 hour away from cruise port in Costa Maya (but people say very small). Oh, suggestions please from anyone who has done these tours. Thanks.
  7. Seems pretty easy to use the train to get to the airport from the ship. We will be on Radiance in March 2020 and that is what we are going to do. This way we will avoid any traffic jams that might occur. Can someone give a step by step from departure from ship. We will have our Opal card already loaded with at least $20 dollars on it per person so we will be ready to go. Step by step from someone who just did it would be great.
  8. Thank you for the reply. Soon enough when they both finish university, they will have the same address on their driver licences, so, they will simply do the Linking at that time as I am sure there are many more cruises in their future as long as she enjoys this first one on the Allure. I mean how COULD SHE NOT!!!!
  9. Oh thank heavens they are getting this propeller maintenance over and done with early. I was a little worried when I first heard about the issue as my son and his girlfriend are cruising in early January on Allure and I wanted that maintenance over and done with sooner rather than later.
  10. My son and his girlfriend (this is her first ever cruise) in January on the Allure. He is a Diamond, thanks to his parents (us). Please explain about this linking. Both are in university, hence, have separate addresses. Can he call Crown and Anchor and ask for a linking so that she can also access the Diamond Lounge with him. What are the rules exactly.
  11. We have the Sip and Sail promotion for balcony and above and we would love to see a menu of the beverages that are available under this Premier Beverage package and wonder if there is a limit in terms of price. E.g. cocktails up to $13 dollars. Yes, I know it allows up to 15 drinks per day per person.
  12. On the promotion material for the Medallions, they appear to be blue, will they have black for the elite, silver for the platinum? I am not crazy about identifying my status as an Elite. I see people in the literature with the medallion on a chain. Really!!! I think I will just drop it into my little cruise card holder so that it is not visible.
  13. Going to be on the Sky Dec 7, 2019 and then again on the Royal in January 2020. Check in is asking me to download the Medallion Class Act which I did do to my phone. However, it asks for a Security Photo (ok that is fine) and it also wants a Profile Photo. What is the difference. Seems to refer to picture in the profile will show on monitors as you approach any screen. I really do hate receiving the incessant marketing time and time again in my cabin. I really do not like the whole idea of the Medallion as I am sure that if I walk into the Effy store, I will then be bombarded every time I pass Effy with ads on my phone while on ships. More garbage coming at me when I really just want to ESCAPE COMPLETELY!!
  14. We are on Royal in Jan 2021 and we got the Sip and Sail sale and we are in an obstructed balcony. It was really just a tad more than an inside so we took the obstructed cabin. Works for us. Fresh air is fresh air. Much better than being in an inside cabin in my opinion. My son and his wife had the Sip and Sail on the same sailing and then traded it in for the $600 on board credit promotion when it came out. The wanted money in their hands versus the Sip and Sail.
  15. On a cruise a few years back, I got very sick and I would have been very unhappy spending several days locked in an inside cabin. A balcony, any balcony even one with "no view" is better than an inside in my opinion. You never know what can happen in terms of norovirus and having to be sequestered in an inside cabin would have driven me insane. Having the fresh air and being able to sit outside was a true life saver.
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