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  1. Second that! My DW wanted to cruise and I was reluctant....now approaching 35 cruises and hoping for many more.
  2. LOL. For sure Celebrity wants to keep interest high, so I think the double points whether through PUP or just as part of CC, will get some cruisers to book.
  3. Any speculation of when and how many next opportunity to earn PUP's will be. I am also wondering how much longer they might even offer them with a Caribbean itinerary starting in early June. I hope they continue the PUP's through this year.
  4. I will enjoy being up on a top deck with a beer in hand, just enjoying the sun, the breeze and the swaying of the ship as I look out on the Caribbean Sea/wake. (our next booked cruise)😀
  5. Got 10 points also. Now only 2300 till Zenith! Have a December cruise booked that if it sails, we will earn double Captain's Club points. That will put us at 2250! I think I can see Zenith CC level on the horizon. 😀 I am appreciative of Celebrity for make opportunities available to move up or at least get closer to the next level.
  6. Have gotten, I think, 2-3 text messages since earning the 3 CC points. At least for me, that is a reasonable number and can delete sometime in August if they get to be annoying. Waiting on March's PUP to CC points posting and for our next opportunity to earn more CC points. Also watched a show about a smaller ship sailing around Eastern Canada. Ready to quit watching and get onboard!
  7. Thinking too that there is not much left, but I also think they have to make some additional positive changes or they will lose the benefit of the Captain's Club program to their bottom line. A bag of laundry nor a scoop of ice cream will not entice me to book Celebrity. For us, if Captain's Club level benefits are of no value to us, then Celebrity has lost an important advantage with us in booking with them. And I say that as I have said Captain's Club level has not been a strong determinate as to why we sail Celebrity. (Full disclosure: we have participated in a number of the activities that
  8. I signed up and have no issues with it. August will come soon enough if I want to STOP texts. I guess too it is a matter of how close you may be to your desired level and what you are willing to do to get there. I am now a 'handful' from next level.
  9. That's for sure. Then ask again a week later. IT has to be frustrating for all parties as you make a plan, then have to change it, then new issues surface.
  10. I think it is reasonable for them to do what they can do since they are the government agency prohibiting them from running an industry/their business in the US. I would also think there are a lot of people out of work or not working the job they wanted to because of this moratorium It is not just the direct employees of the cruise lines either. Then too, there are the special interest people.
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