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  1. Intersting that Celebrity has over the years eliminated many spaces that passengers could enjoy spending time, like card rooms/areas on ship. They have also eliminated/modified areas underutilized, many times converting the area to one that generates money. I go to cafe Al Bacio and have most of the time no problem. We have at times, gotten our coffee, cookie, etc. and walked down to deck 4 and even deck 3. I do NOT have a problem with people sitting there, even playing cards. Other areas too. For my part, we go up to the lounge at the front of the ship when we want to play cards and sit for long periods of time and we have a great view and there is so much room. Celebrity could provide a coffee/snack station there which they do at times to encourage more use of that underutilized space (at least we have never seen it packed other than when some event or in case of a cruise that there is some cruising event, like Alaskan glaciers). If I want another latte, I go down to deck 5 and walk back up. On the Martini front, I do see where people do sit at the bar long after ordering a drink and I have to say, I do wish they would move on, but I am not to judge as when I am sitting there and finished with my martini, I do not want to feel that I have to jump up if we are still talking and enjoying the moment. Celebrity can make modifications and create some multi use/overflow areas if needed. They know how to take away space and add more cabins.
  2. Got my attention! LOL. With cost of one over $16 now, I will reply even with no knowledge of the question asked.
  3. It is interesting to me how many of the 'complimentary amenities' are not valued. I could care less about most of them. One I really enjoy is the twice daily room service. I would LOVE to see an expanded menu of items that I could choose from and have a custom experience.
  4. It will just help me make the decision to not drink as much on ship. I will not stop enjoying an alcoholic drink, but will for sure not continue paying anything they decide to charge to have an all you can drink package. We decided not to get package on our recent cruise and did not miss or feel cheap/cheated in not having a constant alcoholic drink in hand. We did though get premium coffee/water package and 2 things happened. We drank a lot more water and I also (did not try to, but) wasted a number of sports/energy drinks after tasting them and then throwing them away. Would not get premium again unless DW makes me.
  5. That would make sense as I would guess with all the data collection they have, the Bev Package costs them more that other perks.
  6. I can tell you the beer selection sucks unless Bud Lite, Heineken and O'Doul's are you choices ( on our recent sailing). (I apologize in advance to any who likes and drink any of the 3 above), but in this day and age to not have any good craft beers sucks. I am amazed that Celebrity has the basis for a great perk and then says "not so fast, only these limited selections." I will even give them the benefit of the doubt when servers had/have to go some distance to get the basic selections. But when I am at a bar and can't get the beer and it is sitting there 10 feet from me...NOT a good public perception. I have suggested they allow me to get anything $8 or under for example and then if over, have me pay the difference. They do it on the Drinks package, so it can be done and tracked. Come on Celebrity. At every step does it have to be about "the incremental buck?" I will say, Celebrity has made some efforts to appease Captain's Club members and the overcrowding issue with being able to go to other bars on ship vs a room or area of a room, but when I first attended the evening events many years ago, I could get any beer from the associated bar and always got Boddingtons. DW does like the basic red wine, so she is okay. I basically see the perk as of no value and spend the $7-$9 to enjoy a beer worth drinking IMHO. Most recently the Alaskan Brewing companies IPA.
  7. For us it depends. We have booked 3 previous stern facing cabins and all have been warm weather cruises. We loved them. All were on M class ships which for us have some nice protected cover/shade, especially lower decks 7 & 8. Would not book a cabin with a balcony having no cover at all (stern or otherwise). We have seen some with very little cover and that does not appeal to us. We have also found that we now enjoy the S class ships and do not spend much time on our balcony, so you need to make that personal determination - NOT what others say including me. Best thing to do is try one. Then you have the best advise you can have - your own experience! There are a number of nice shady areas up on the top decks that we enjoy. For us, we like the lawn area in shade and the solarium area if windy/cool and still get a nice sense of being on a balcony. Cool weather and/excursion heavy cruises we would not spend the extra cost for what we think would be less time spent on a stern balcony. We still like a balcony no matter what as I do value the ability to wake up, get out on balcony fast; like balcony at ports of calls; like balcony with a beer/wine while waiting for DW to get dressed; etc., so not sure we would get a non balcony cabin even though not a stern.
  8. That is interesting. Will check it out on our next cruise. We do like the top shelf vodkas though and that may be our issue. We did have to ask for top shelf at bars besides the Martini Bar and also DW would ask for tonic water (I think that was what she had) from a can vs the hose.
  9. No worry though, if you wait till onboard, almost every other crew member you interact with will be selling you something including upgrades.
  10. Yeah, that's the ticket. I think you do have to wait a few minutes between drinks, but you could order A and C and then B and D shortly thereafter if they restrict you from ordering 2 drinks at the same time on the same card(drink package)
  11. Recently off Solstice and our first evening we went to Martini Bar to have our first of many drinks there. Ordered two martinis and got the bill. Over $17 each or $34. There was the drink charge, sales tax and gratuity. Even if you remove the sales tax, it was just under $16 with gratuity. With the martinis having shrunk in glass size on Celebrity (from our previous cruise having the premium drink package), that was over $4.00 per ounce! Did wonder if under the drink package the glass size is larger? It seems to be planned to make drink package a no brainer....potentially. ๐Ÿคจ
  12. Murano's and if you like fish, Dover Sole. They filet it table side. My go to cruise treat. ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. I am not on CC as much anymore and with changes over last year or so, I can not figure out how to get to where I would change my signature or whatever it is called now. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  14. If I can buy a steamed/cook crab, I will be very happy. I know how to clean and eat them. I do plan to bring a small cracker and prong/fork. Will also make sure I have some wipes/napkins and my wine opener. I will drink craft beers, but will need some wine/cheese and crackers for DW if we go this way for dinner. Might try it for lunch as we arrive in Seattle around 10 am the day prior to sailing. Will look up Fishmonger to see what they offer. Thanks!
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