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  1. There is a verse in a song by Paul Williams... You can get back to the place (ship) but not the time (same experiences). There are new memories to be made though. I do like to reminisce. Like sailing/traveling and creating NEW memories too, just different. Got to fly a 747 once from Chicago to Honolulu. The upper cabin area was a lounge for all passengers. It was on United as I recall.
  2. Thanks to everyone for your input/experience! Also, thanks Jim for the pics!
  3. Would appreciate some clarification on public areas on deck 15 and 16. I have read that the Retreat area on deck 16 is for suite guests only. If that is correct, is there sufficient public areas on deck 15 such that you do not feel crowded as I did not see a lot of sun deck space? We are starting to look at our next cruise and wondering if we should exclude the Edge and Apex? We do not care about being in full sun, but do like to sit/lounge in shade up on top decks and I especially like to just walk around with a beer and lean on the rails with a view of wake and water in general with a breeze. Any input would be great.
  4. We enjoyed the sushi too in the buffet area. It was popular on the sailing we were on, so I suspect it was remove for a reason beyond non use.
  5. 1) Ocean Liners, Normandie, The Olympia and The United States. Yes to all of them from M Class ships. Like very much Murano's on S class ships. 2) Perry Grant in Michael's Club. It was a fun hour or so during the evenings. 3) A personal favorite of mine was Liar's Club and Perry Grant was one of the 3 crew members participating. It was a great evening.
  6. We have booked a few cruises and prices rose to then drop after final payment date due to, I guess, a higher amount of cancelations. There may be some other reason, but I think that if they have lots of cabins remaining once final payment date is pass, then it becomes a situation for Celebrity needing to fill those cabins.....a lowering of prices. We have also had it where prices went up and stayed up.
  7. LOL. For sure. Might be less people attending.
  8. Lots of good ideas. It depends too on what you are going to do. We saw the holders for towels on chairs, bought them and have since only used them once. Last cruise did not bring. They work great, but we realized we do not stay out long and more items, as an example, to bring that you may not really use. Wishing you a great cruise and if you forget something, go get a drink and watch the ships wake.
  9. Have a great cruise! Enjoy the cruise and consider any benefits gained by Elite status as nice perks.
  10. Never knew you could do this. We have always, once on board gone to MDR and checked on our table size/location and if needed requested a change. It is usually our first stop once onboard then to buffett and then a pool deck drink. Someone may be able to suggest a contact. We were always told to check once on board. Have a great Celebrity cruise.
  11. For me, for sure. We have decided, as we have no current sailings booked, to not book right now and see how it plays out. Plenty of landed based trips/destinations.
  12. That is interesting. Would like to know more too. Whether I would do it or not, I like that Celebrity is trying things.
  13. Flip a coin. The more southern you sail, in theory the warmer it is as you approach the equator. 🙂
  14. interesting that she mention it only on Freedom. Took it at face value. Thanks for update
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