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  1. I for sure see my time in casino as entertainment and I bet small and win/lose small. I do have a budget though(entertainment cost limit) For me, I have won just under $500 on a cruise and lost no more than $200. Typically I win under $100 or lose under $100. For $500 win I was playing a slot thinking I was betting 2 cents times 40 lines when I was playing the machine default of 25 cents after a few pulls, I won a pot of approx. $450. 🙂
  2. LOL So true. I have seen some get up and leave when they felt someone to their right did not play per the 'standard wisdom' Of course the same could be said or poker too. Why do they bluff sometimes, why did they play their hand the way they did. I play Blackjack my way and for the most part and do try to 'lose' the least per the experts. But there are times I see lots of small cards and think 'Is a big card due and adjust my play for that hand as an example?' 🙂
  3. I could enjoy a great sea day right about now. For me, it is up early and getting my 10,000 steps end to allow me freedom to eat and drink the rest of the day. Also early walking is great for me as I listen to my iTunes cruise playlist. I enjoy the breeze, the gently rocking of the ship, and the sun rising. Then, back to cabin, to pick up DW for breakfast if we are going early and she did not walk with me. After breakfast, we like to go get a specialty coffee and maybe a danish and sit around. Check out to see if there are any happenings we want to attend. Absent anything on our Daily, we go up top and find lounges in the shade away from pool area and settle in for the morning. DW reads and I put in I pod and take a snooze. Around 11, I may go to the bar that has my beer and DW's drink if she chooses also. We tend to eat a little later and then look to see if there are any activities we want to participate in. If not, then we sometimes just walk around or go to a bar and sit at the bar, especially an outside bar. Love the breezes, salt air and movement of ship. Also, seem to always get a conversation started with others which we like to do as once we have met/talked we see them again and continue friendship, sometimes even going to dinner together that evening if it works out. Around 4 pm, I start thinking about what Martini I will get this afternoon ( 75% of time it is the same one, a Blue something (You would think I would know it by now, but it is always on the menu or bartender knows what I want. It is with hypnotic.) Then dinner plans, hoping tonight is Murano's. I love Murano's. Bummer about Edge class as I understand they do not have Murano's. After dinner, we hit casino to make a donation to ship's profit, then look for what is happening onboard that we want to do. Sometimes we get involved in the entertainment by crew doing some type of trivia. I get involved. DW watches. Later, we head up top/outside to look at the moon on the water if available and just talk for a bit. Sometimes, we go have late snack(not a meal) and head to bed to start over if another sea day or to prepare for our port of call excursion even if it is a walk around only the port area. I have LOTS to do right now on land, but I do like to think about another perfect day in the future on a sea day on a Celebrity cruise ship.
  4. I am with you on Escargots on a cruise. Just a nice tradition to have.
  5. Escargot from MDR and Dover Sole from Murano's Assuming Martini's are a food group, I miss them too at the Martini Bar each afternoon. 🙂
  6. I think you are right that the 'suits' will at least revisit everything about the market, their product positioning, etc. I am in the camp that thinks that many things will be permanently changed and thus companies will need to make appropriate adjustments. One could argue that the current ship design may become 'functionally obsolete'. If so, then management would want to make strategic decisions like retiring early some ships, if possible, and ordering new ships when appropriate that are built for the 'new' environment of viruses like Covid-19. Look at Delta who as I think I heard it, is retiring all of their fleet of 777 model planes. They are shrinking as a company and will look and respond as consumers start or don't start flying again. I certainly wish the cruise industry the best. They have a big challenge in front of them. I do want to sail again. I think that cruise lines can solve a big issue for themselves, if they can: Get written approval to off load sick passengers at their ports of call and other isolation type responses vs becoming floating jails AND ability to sail to disembarkation port and get everyone else off. I am hesitant to sail, thinking I could be stuck on a ship with no port of call letting us off.
  7. Always thought that an excursion in a small boat through the locks would be neat. Will have to look into it next time whenever that is . Great picture of the unique view!
  8. Not sure I will if others are doing it also. Will though not book anytime soon till have a better sense of Cold layup.
  9. Having never seen someone miss a ship at a port of call, I can only take your word for it in reference to body language. I also have thought about the issue of, I guess, hanging around watching the last stragglers getting on board. I can try to think of a similar situation......ahh yes... those who are constantly late for getting back on the bus on an excursion. Now thinking about it would it be 'fun' to have the bus driver shut the door and though not having pulled away, refuse to let them on, even though this is the 2nd time on this excursion they have been the last to return, making everyone else sit there on the bus? I think there are always going to be jerks that take advantage of situations, thinking or knowing others will still help them out when they could use a lesson in following the rules. Yeah, maybe the cruise lines should, in fact, create a ' zero tolerance' policy that if a rule is not followed to the 'T', the offender(s) will be punished for all to see. Some I would like to see are the saving of tables, the saving of seats, the hogging of pool loungers, the touching of food and not taking it, not washing hands after going to bathroom, taking of cheap give away items, hoarding them, so less other fellow passengers do not get one of the cheap give aways, and many more if I spent the time thinking about it. May have to do this on our next cruise while sipping my 4:30 Martini. Nah, I enjoy my Martini's and friends and life is short. Just to be clear, it does tick me off when people are rude and selfish and have no sense of how they are imposing on others by being oblivious as to their actions. I just don't see wishing someone to miss the ship when as I mention on previous post, I have never seen someone miss the ship(never hung around watching for it to happen either) and cannot say that waiting for some extra period of time has forced me to change any behavior due to our ship leaving an hour later than originally listed as departure time.
  10. I would be ticked if they did that to me. I think I might not sail with them. Also, if done, not the sign of a quality company IMHO. You would think that good will/ customer loyalty would be paramount right about now to get bookings, you would think.
  11. Ahh yes! The watch/jewerly frenzy. It is also hard to get pass them. I have participated in the T-shirt sales! 🙂
  12. Never seen anyone not make the ship, but would not think it is 'fun' to watch or that 'shows them' I have no doubt that some of them deserve to be stranded for taking their time, etc, but I also could argue that I cannot believe that a delayed departure would ever effected my dinner plans, our daily 4:30 Martini at Martini Bar, or reaching our next port of call assuming the delay is even an hour. Maybe part of the decision is two fold: cost to keep dock and port workers there longer and not creating a policy and then not enforcing it, thus negating the 'tension to get back to ship on time'.
  13. Good argument for booking your excursions with Celebrity. That is what we do unless we are familiar with the port of call and are not doing a long or distance excursion. The potential $$$ savings is not worth me worrying about it.
  14. Agree. It is a marketing expense. Lenders will not be unhappy with them generating more sales and $100 is a pretty good expenditure to get a booking especially to get them jump started again.
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