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  1. Just did the Mexican Riviera on the Bliss the end of October and had fun. We are on the West Coast so it was just an easier port to get to. Our next cruise is the Caribbean because personally I like it better than the Mexican Riviera. We got off the ship in all of the Ports and felt safe, for me though, I just love the Caribbean water.
  2. Home Departure City - Portland, Oregon Arrival/Destination City - Los Angeles Airline(s) used - Alaska Air Number of Connections - Straight Flight Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 7:15 a.m/9:40 a.m. Return Flight departure/arrival time: 8:20 p.m./10:50 p.m. PLEASE ALSO ADD: How many days out when you were ticketed- 30 days
  3. I had a large balcony room and the balcony held two loungers, two chairs and a table. It was pretty large. I have a mini suite this time
  4. We are 39 days out and still nothing
  5. We are doing the same cruise, but we will be getting on when you guys are getting off. Did the Eastern Caribbean on the Bliss in February
  6. Great review so far! Sailed on the Bliss 2/16-2/23. Going again in October. I wasn't a fan of the ports for my February sailing but looking forward to my October sailing to the Mexican Riviera. I loved the ship though (other than the whole pool thing). Even though I have been on the Bliss I always love following the reviews. Maybe get more tips and tricks. Followed Doug and Sid and got great tips. If you didn't go to Jim Badger last time, make sure you go to the Brewhouse, he is fun
  7. My husband thinks it is because our room was right next to the doors that the staff use and they are not insulated, plus when we were pulling into ports there was quite a bit of mechanical noises. I finally started using earplugs and no longer was woken up by this
  8. I just wanted to give our quick review of the Bliss (2/16/19-2/23/19) About us We are two very laid back people from the Pacific NW, we booked 8110 (extra large balcony) Pros: The food was pretty good! We had the three specialty dining as part as our free offers Cagneys: By far our favorite, I had the filet mignon and it was absolutely wonderful! My husband had the porterhouse and was happy with it also (but after tasting mine, he said next time he would choose that). If I did not have the specialty dining package I would pay out of pocket for it. They also have specials if you just want to go eat there. The staff were very attentive and happy Teppanyaki: We did this twice, both times we had the best food! The entertainment is great also, (the second time we went they seemed to be rushing, but still entertaining) Our friends did the Italian restaurant and were not impressed Next time, we will probably try Los Lobos or the BBQ place I cannot say enough about how friendly and wonderful the staff were! The Sugarcane Mojito bar (the Pineapple Coconut Mojito was my favorite) The District Brewhouse (this was pretty dangerous because it was pretty close to our room). Make sure you go to the show there at 9 p.m. (unless you get offended easily, he does call people out), get there early if you want an actual seat. Jim Badger was very entertaining. Did I already say the staff? Jersey Boys! That show was great, we will definitely be seeing that again in October I probably cannot list all of the pros but there were plenty. Oh for the pool, the tube slide was fun, slow and leisurely, not scary at all. I did not do the drop slide, I only saw a few people that did not make it all the way through, mostly because they separated their legs. Cons: Wait for it, YES, the POOL issues. We literally were down there by 6 a.m. on sea days and could not find any loungers by the pool. You could go to the top and lay on the loungers they put by the jogging track. They do NOT enforce the 30 minute rule no matter how much you complain. The pool is the same size as the Norwegian Star but have twice as many people on it. The only day we got by the pool was when we docked in St. Thomas and did not have any excursions planned. That is probably my only con Now for the Meh's The Local: We ate there a couple times and it was just so/so. The staff were still friendly. They are NOT opened 24/7 like posted though, lol. The buffet: The food is good, but it just gets old. We actually started just going to Taste, Savor and The Manhattan room and that was a much better choice for us Our Room: We were in 8110 (all the way forward on a lower deck), the banging woke us up every morning and we really did not get to enjoy our extra large balcony because it was so darn windy for 4 of the days (this might just be because of where we were going). Our next cruise we just chose a regular balcony on deck 10. Ear plugs do wonders though 🙂 Havana: We are not show snobs but I wouldn't go to this again We did not do the go carts because we forgot to book them the minute we were on the ship. The slot machines in the casino were very tight, but we did see a couple people win jackpots. We did play let it ride at the card tables and that was fine I know there are so many reviews about the Bliss but just wanted to add one more. Oh, biggest tip, book your specialty restaurants and shows early, do not wait until you get onto the ship.
  9. As far as how windy it was, it might be different with different itineraries, as far as the noise in the early mornings, I am sure that will not change. I wore earplugs and that definitely helped. We are sailing again on the Bliss in October but to the Mexican Riviera instead.
  10. I am going to have to agree with you on all points. We are in it now.
  11. I am dying! Hilarious. And great, now I will be doing some more reading to find why this place is so special to you
  12. Love all of the pictures, thank you! We will be on the Bliss in one week :).
  13. Well that would be nice :) Still enjoying your review! My coworker just got back from that cruise and told me that New Orleans was not the best port to go out of. Have a blast!
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