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  1. I just read the article and some of these people are idiots for leaving signs and getting in the face of a ship officer and acting like a mob. Mother Nature is unpredictable sometimes. NCL is ensuring that you are safe vice taking a chance on your life. Shame on you folks that acted like children.
  2. A very sad day. Andy did great things for NCL and will be missed.
  3. I believe the store is on the left hand side when you are on HC.
  4. It does. I left out one thing on my initial post. There is a great seafood restaurant in Seattle right by Pike Market called Cutter's and it is on the water. The seafood and everything else was outstanding.
  5. Just came off of the Joy last week and had a great time. It rarely rained and we wore shorts and t-shirts most of the time due to the weather being very nice. I wish it was colder so that the glaciers will comeback. -There is a 70's party. -There is a glow night. -There is Karaoke. -The pay restaurants were great that we ate at. We did Cagney's twice, The Q, and Le Bistro. -Had the regular drink package and that was great unless you like spending more on drinks. Being on a cruise is our highlight, but we also had other highlights when we saw whales (Orca's on an excursion), eagles, seals, and salmon. Another great highlight was that we got to watch the NFL game on the giant screen in H2O on the open water in the day time which was outstanding. Where else can you do that??? The ports were pretty good, but I wish that we did not spend a whole day in Victoria. I would rather do circles on the water to really enjoy the boat one last day. Only one bar per deck was open in Victoria due to Canadian laws. The casino and the shops were closed as well. It was pretty boring after we took off at 10 that night. Overall, a great trip as usual through NCL and can't wait to do it again. You will have a ball.
  6. I have had nothing but great customer service. The wait time may vary, but overall, I am very happy with NCL customer service.
  7. Me too! I can't stop looking at cruises or reading this board.
  8. We finally received our itinerary for my cruise next month. Folks that have called the NCL number know what the title means.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  10. I am booked in a regular balcony room (BA 11290) on the Joy unless I'm confused.
  11. I have been on many NCL cruises and the other day I received my luggage tags in the mail. Is this something new? Thanks, Derek
  12. Thanks everyone for your responses.
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