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  1. Princess have told me I can book a cruise with no deposit if I am still waiting for fcc from a cancelled cruise.
  2. My cancelled cruise stayed on the personaliser for a long time after it was cancelled, eventually went along with the medalion record as well.
  3. antsp


    I’m joining the club too, at this rate we are going to need a bigger boat
  4. Yesterday I received a cancellation invoice from out travel agent saying I will have a refund onto my cc within 10days, the deposit 2 x fcd will be posted back to my account by Princess
  5. I’ve just had an email from my TA to say 10 days and fccs from Princess, will post when it show on my cc
  6. Still confused, we have a sailing on the Regal in November, it’s not cancelled but the first leg is, cut out sailing is a go at the moment. Anyway we have this cruise booked directly with Princess, final payment isn’t due yet but I’ve paid the cruise almost in full, paid monies randomly over the last 15 months. if the cruise is cancelled will I get double back what I’ve already paid out.
  7. Once a vaccine is produced cruising will be back big time, humans soon forget.
  8. So it looks like Princess will get hit with $100 charge fee from the credit card company, my bet is they will pull the fcc from the customer
  9. I’ve checked and a regular business does, if Princess does I’m not sure.
  10. I think the credit card company charge Princess fees for the reversal.
  11. My bet is once Princess flag the chargeback, can take upto 45 days, they will remove your fcc s
  12. How close together was the reverse payment, Princess may not even be aware of the chargeback yet
  13. I completely disagree, there is no way Princess will give you a fcc if you reverse your credit card payments
  14. Sorry to start a new thread on refunds. Has anyone who has had a cruise cancelled during the original 60 day pause had there money back, not fcc. Please only respond if you have had credit back to your credit card. I did try to read the other thread but it’s 56 pages. thanks
  15. Interesting, how do you know this information
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