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  1. With rivers being so narrow, surely people would notice them dumpling trash overboard, harder to spot in the ocean
  2. The climate change issue can be argued about for ever. Sending millions of tons of single use plastic to landfill or incinerators is obviously not a good thing to do.
  3. I've got a 7 days on the Royal for $225. Going in the next few weeks
  4. All obc is refundable, if you know the system
  5. If you are travelling together, and together most of the time, just purchase one unlimited package, the other person can teather of you so you both have unlimited. You obviously need to be close to other device to do this.
  6. At this price we will just buy one ND discreetly share. If princess want to over charge why play by the rules.
  7. Exactly, You are comparing Princess to a fast food restaurant
  8. Burried in the terms and conditions of the the new drink packages, Princess announced coke freestyle machines coming soon. Can princess dumb down anymore
  9. Princess in the UK excepts email requests, odd that the US doesn’t
  10. As far as I’m concerned, the Regal isn’t part of the Princess fleet.
  11. The auto tips are in place and we should accept them a part of booking a cruise. The problem is the US culture of wait staff having to beg for a wage, in effect working for tips is begging for money for services provided. How a civilized country like the USA can allow wait staff to be paid $2 something an hour in most states is a disgrace. This attitude reflects in the cruise industry to
  12. Tipping is such a personal thing, Princess recommends $14.50, if passengers want to increase or decrease them it’s upto them and no one else.
  13. Official taxis are allowed right into the port to the terminal
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