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  1. Forgot about the Discovery, what’s next after that, a whole new design I a assume
  2. Does anyone know what Princess has planned after the Enchanted, any plans or rumours about.
  3. Sorry, I meant to ask what was your 50th state to visit
  4. Out of interest, what was your last state to visit
  5. That was my point, I can’t or don’t want too
  6. I was about to book it on a b2b, I then noticed on the suite amenities that it’s still $3 for pizza delivery. So I’m not bothering
  7. Well at least Princess has listened to all the bad feedback from the original princess lives and have vastly improved the space
  8. Princess should do the same, the market in the USA is completely different to the uk. They love to add extras on everything, tax, service fees, convenience fees. Port tax.
  9. My guess will be on the Sky, I’m sure we will find out next week
  10. The tips are split, it’s on the website, it’s on the letter in the Cabin as in above post and a ex member of crew who has lots of friends still on contract has told me ( I asked yesterday). Why won’t people except that.
  11. Not sure if Golden has a international cafe, but if it does, benefit approx 500 less pax and a indoor pool. I would pick the Golden
  12. Sodas have free refills, except in France where its illegal
  13. That was filmed whilst we where onboard back in February, we briefly appear in the show ( fame at last ). The film crew was just 1 cameraman, no director etc, they had a fixer from Princess media office in Southampton, spoke to the Princess fixer, she always accompanies UK based documentaries whilst onboard to assist the tv crew in there work.
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