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  1. We had 2 cruises cancelled last year, both booked with fcd, this was refunded back as credit, but no longer shows a history of purchases fcd, will Princess honour these again
  2. Princess start sailing from Southampton in 95 days, non of the crew ( maybe most ) are not vaccinated
  3. So in the past, Princess has put profit above passengers health when it came to staff levels and running a buffet
  4. The UK is most definitely still in the UK, we are no longer in the EU
  5. I only wanted a Yes or No answer, not war
  6. I started this thread, and I am in no way anti mask, but we have made the decision not to cruise until its safe enough to do so without needing to wear a mask. The other thing that puts me off is having to book shows, game shows bars theatre etc,and also the bubble of ship tours.
  7. We have decided not to go on a cruise until mask/face coverings are not required my question is would you sail on a cruise were you had to wear a mask/face covering YES or No answers please
  8. You can guarantee, if you don’t have the vaccine, you will not be allowed on a cruise ship
  9. Well that's good news, the longer the is goes on the more concern I have for the future of ccl
  10. Can I ask how do you know the cruises are not just rebooked with fcc, s
  11. I’m trying to figure this one out. The Regal is supposed to be in Australia in March 2021, she arrive in Sydney on March 14 2021, and then no cruises Are listed until April 30 2021 when she is in Southampton. To confuse matters more the Grand arrives in Southampton on the 30 April 2021, and disappears to be Replaced by the Regal. My guess is the Grand isn’t going to Southampton, the Regal will do this. Any thoughts.....
  12. Any update on this. August 19th and no news
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