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  1. My guess to, near the coffee areas. I’m sure if they had been installed it would be reported. I even know they don’t have toothpicks onboard
  2. Was there anywhere obvious they could of installed them if they do load them on.
  3. You are just + obc on your account. It’s a simple as that, no restrictions whatsoever. Except fcc
  4. We did a transatlantic on the Crown a few years ago, I had a a large a3 map colour printed of our route printed before leaving home. We had a magnetic Crown Princess ship we moved each day to show our route. It was stolen b3fore we reached the Azores. I stuck a post it note on the map saying thanks for stealing our magnet. Did get a few notes from neighbours saying how mean people can be.
  5. Thats a lot of thinking you have me doing, I’m going for a lie down
  6. I just use Bluetooth tethering, saying that I wouldn’t use an iphone
  7. You can use your phone as a router, so no need to purchase one
  8. On the Sky next April, the more I read and see of her the more excited I am. Wasn’t the biggest fan of Royal class ships partly due to Princess Live, the improvements look great.
  9. Princess must be doing something wright , there ships sail full and they have a massive loyalty. Look how many Elites are on every sailing.
  10. The wait staffin the Crown Grill are part of the tip pool. No tip is included in the $29. If you want to tip, you are tipping extra, if you don’t want to tip extra, it’s no Dothan not tipping in the main dining room. The auto tip covers all wait staff etc and is pooled fleet wide.
  11. Ok thanks, this makes sense, so 45 days out the flight will show as paid on the airline website.
  12. Our cruise in April is all paid for, including lights. When i check on as.com website it shows our flight details, but also show it still needs to be paid for. Any ideas why
  13. I’m sure a post on Facebook and Twitter at the official Princess site will help
  14. Perfect, really appreciate that.
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