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  1. Gave up years ago filling in Princess surveys. Not worth the bother.
  2. It’s not the greatest of Duty frees shops, but they have a limited range of liquor
  3. I wasn’t quoting policy, all I was saying is at Barcelona they don’t care if you have alcohol, and also you buy as much as you like in duty free once you are past security
  4. It is, I’ve been through Barcelona about 6 times, they don’t care if you have alcohol. And also the duty free shop is after security so you can buy whatever you want.
  5. Barcelona is a really relaxed port on this, you will be OK. They even have a duty free shop after security to buy Liquor in if you so desire
  6. I use a Samsung note 9, so I’m not sure on a iPhone, I just logged onto the WiFi then switched Bluetooth tethering on
  7. You can, you do it via Bluetooth
  8. No ship based in the Med next Year, very odd
  9. I’ve looked, and looked again, what ship does Princess have based in the Med for 2020.
  10. If you list yourselves at separate addresses you will receive x 2
  11. You can share your internet access by tethering front one device to another
  12. You can share your Internet accws by tethering from one device to another
  13. You can share internet, login on one device then tether to the next device, as long as you are near each other, no problem
  14. Yes I know, mind boggling at that price $70 a day they won’t let you have a can of soda
  15. $70 + a day and you can’t get a can of soda. Wow. Do passengers really actually buy this package.
  16. So them putting the price up by 40% is just greed then. Buying alcohol by bulk without any duty is pretty cheap to. Grey Goose Vodka is on only around $8 for a full size bottle.
  17. Bet option is a UK to us adaptor and an 4 way extension lead
  18. So that's why they reduced the benefits of the alcohol package and put the price up. With that logic why not limit the soft drink package to a set number each day. Lots of passengers share them.
  19. I’m amazed at the inside knowledge cc members have, they know why the pbp was introduced, why the coffee card ended. They all must be princess Managment
  20. No, but you don’t prove a negative
  21. Did you make this information up, or do you know for a fact that’s why the beverage package was changed.
  22. Just sign up for one device, then you can tether to the other. As long as you are near each other
  23. Daily gratuity covers chefs table, personal choice if you want to tip extra
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