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  1. Princess in the UK excepts email requests, odd that the US doesn’t
  2. As far as I’m concerned, the Regal isn’t part of the Princess fleet.
  3. The auto tips are in place and we should accept them a part of booking a cruise. The problem is the US culture of wait staff having to beg for a wage, in effect working for tips is begging for money for services provided. How a civilized country like the USA can allow wait staff to be paid $2 something an hour in most states is a disgrace. This attitude reflects in the cruise industry to
  4. Tipping is such a personal thing, Princess recommends $14.50, if passengers want to increase or decrease them it’s upto them and no one else.
  5. Official taxis are allowed right into the port to the terminal
  6. Your absolutely correct, still nice to see what was once, many years ago a great cruise line in its race to the bottom
  7. Celebrity don’t, neither Princess, Disney, P & O, Cunard, Holland America. Hardly
  8. We have booked a Cruise for Nov 2020, gty was all that was available except in aft insides. Now cruise is showing sold out. Never booked a gty but had no choice. It will be interesting to see where we end up.
  9. Laundry takes forever on Transatlantics, on our recent Caribbean cruise we had it back next day if it went out in the morning. Out AM day 1 back PM day 2.
  10. Agree, it’s not just sea days, but don’t give them any ideas
  11. I don’t understand if you pay for 15 coffees in advance with the coffee why you can’t get 2 at once, or all 15 in one go, what difference to Princess does it make.
  12. We are also booked this cruise, but are sailing to Sydney. The Regal has never sailed in this region so it a new to her. The Magestic has sailed this route before late last year.
  13. Can you request to receive the medallions earlier, say are way 7 days before the cruise starts.
  14. In the UK you get an updated booking summary, with my US booking had to check the personliser
  15. They’ve also done away with plates, now red plastic baskets. They also do tacos and a few other little add ons. Same really
  16. You can email Princess in the UK at this address benefits@princesscruises.co.uk odd you can’t in the US
  17. Remember Sky has no Crooners
  18. I wonder if these roofs even still operate, if they haven’t opened them in years I bet not.
  19. I’ve never heard of a curfew on Princess for Adults or Kids, I know RCCL have one for kids
  20. If this is true, and not just coincidence. It’s sad that you have to pay extra for decent service on Princess
  21. Good job you don’t look at interline prices, then you’d wand a refare.
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