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  1. Of course, you have to assume that the EU will allow Americans to travel there by then.
  2. You must be referring to the Wind Star or the Wind Surf. The Wind Spirit is in Tahiti.
  3. You generally need to have at least 6 drinks a day for it to make sense.
  4. I doubt there will be a European season this year. Let's hope that cruises will resume by November...
  5. Panama is a safe place to hang out during hurricane season.
  6. I sure hope so. We are booked for Alaska the summer of 2021.
  7. The 2021 Alaska cruise was already booked as a replacement for the cancelled July 2020 Star Breeze cruise. Maybe they allowed us to transfer the FCC because it was an existing reservation.
  8. We were booked and fully paid up for a Wind Star cruise out of Colon a couple of weeks ago. We cancelled due to Coronavirus, three days before WS cancelled the cruise. They gave us 100% FCC toward our Summer 2021 Alaska cruise. Had we waited three more days, it would have been 125% FCC. We stand to lose our airfare since it is unlikely we will be flying anywhere before one year from purchase of the airline tickets. Trip insurance, of course, was not helpful since we were not sick.
  9. Our TA got her senior management involved with WS senior management and all was resolved very quickly and fairly for us. Don't give up,,,,
  10. We were to be on that same itinerary but had canceled earlier in the week out of fears of being stranded somewhere. It is my understanding that they are providing FCC. I have not heard anything about reimbursing for travel expenses. Unlike the Sea Breeze cancellations due to delay in the stretching project, this was not their fault or under their control. Unfortunately, our trip insurance will also not cover the travel expenses since they only cover diagnosed illness, not fear of illness.
  11. That will affect the Alaska itineraries.
  12. Windstar's policy does not forbid anyone who has been outside the US in the past 30 days to board unless they traveled from or through a country that is at “Level 3” as determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is currently limited to a few countries.
  13. Did they say why it was being cancelled?
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