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  1. And the caste system on Celebrity now has another victim. A huge space wear 90% of the ship can't go. Not as bad as the E class where there is not a single front-facing lounge. After 20+ cruises and Elite Plus status, another reason we are moving to Viking Ocean where everyone is treated the same. Go ahead...flame me Suite people.
  2. As someone in the travel industry, I totally agree that the senior generation has the liquid $$$ but (how do I say this nicely?) in the next 15 years, most of us will be gone. They are really planning that far out. We (my wife and I) belong to a group of cruisers who often cruise together. We are all in our 60s and 70s. In the last five years we have lost four from this group. Check out Viking. They are a cruise line that treats you like an adult. And there are no kids under 18, no smoking, no casinos, no photographers and no art auctions. Sounds like cruising heaven to me.
  3. The song is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane and when it came out back in the sixties and talked about one pill making you larger and one smaller, it was ABOUT drugs. Celebrity is trying to attract a younger clientele, thus this ad which many of them have never heard the original song. That's why they are using it and that's why they (and other cruise lines) feel that they must do more advertising. Our (been cruising 20+years) are starting to go away and they need new customers. For the same reason they created the Edge ships and that's also why itineraries are getting shorter. Used to be the average cruise was in their 50s/60s/70s with decent vacation time or retired. Now they are after Millennial $$$ and they might only have the seniority to take seven days off. Jim PS: This is one of the reason (after 20+ Celebrity cruises) we are switching to Viking Ocean.
  4. See if you can find a brick and mortar travel agent near where you live. Ask if they have group experience. They can do so much for you. Besides the "Tour Conductor" free berth for every eight going, you get GAP points as well that you can spend on a reception, a bottle of wine, a specialty dinner, etc. Or you can just give the cruisers OBC with those. But again, find a brick and mortar TA. They don't charge anything and they can deal with X for you so you don't have to. I have done groups and it can take hours on the phone. Jim
  5. For every eight cabins you get one "free" berth (half a stateroom). Free means that you don't pay for anything other than taxes and port fees.
  6. One of the best things we do is ask our waiter if he can bring one each of every appetizer and one each of every dessert (with clean forks for all) and then we pass them around and everyone gets a bite. Happens all the time and it is wonderful.
  7. You have this right! Well said. I truly believe X should be selling the IV staterooms as a step between outsides and actual verandahs. It's just an outside stateroom with a window...that opens. Also, a previous poster said that you have to sail M or S classes to get a traditional verandah. Not true. There are traditional verandahs on the E class ships and all the Sunset Verandah staterooms have traditional verandahs. Jim
  8. We have done the Reidel tasting before on two separate occasions and you get a certificate that has a website link. You go to the site and order what you want then they ship it to you. Hope this helps. We love our Reidels.
  9. Well done sir! This has been outstanding. I only hope we get a chance to sail together in the future. You have made our February 21 cruise that much better. Plus you have made us really increased our anticipation but letting us know that Olexi is still in the World Class Bar. Jim
  10. Yesterday I was discussing with a good friend the coronavirus situation. He was a little worried about it because of all the current news coming down about cruise ships. Not necessarily about the cruise he and I are sailing on next week but for the long run.I have heard some of the same things from other friends who cruise. To them, I want to point out the following: The ships we see in the news that are quarantined predominately sail in Asian markets and the cruises on those ships are being sold primarily to Asians. There are a few Westerners who take those cruises because that is when they can cruise but our news media knows that we relate better to people who look like us, so they cover those Americans and Canadians. This makes it look like there are bunch of Westerners on board when there are actually very few. The ships with problems originally sailed and visited Chinese ports before anyone knew there was a coronavirus. That's why we are seeing so many people on that Princess ship with cases. You should note that there have been no other ships with that number of cases. That's because there is a 14 day incubation period and it is barely 14 days since this all started. Just heard from someone at the CDC on the radio this morning that all current US cases were either someone who had been in China or was closely related and living with someone who came back from China. So I am not surprised that two friends and the others who boarded and sailed on Reflection a few says ago had so few problems. Once they establish you have not traveled in China in the past month, you should be good to go. Jim
  11. Cracks me up because we have always hated those tables. But then again after 20+ X cruises we have never used room service even once. We are always traveling with others and go eat meals with them. The tables just got in the way. But as we always read here on the boards, different strokes for different folks.
  12. That's the way to do it. Even better is if you have a larger party. We ask people on our roll call if they are interested in going. We don't even have to sit together if we don't want to. I take the lead and have the names and stateroom numbers. Then go to desk of the restaurant you want to go to. Try and do this two or three days ahead or try to be flexible on when you want to join them. Ask what's the best deal he can do on a party of XX. We usually shoot for more than 8. We have done this on all our Celebrity cruises and one time I had a party of 32 for the Lawn Club Grille. Got everyone half price on a night they were not busy. BTW: Cheapest nights are early in the evenings on port days late in the cruise when no one is back yet. If you can work that into your schedule you will get a great price. Jim
  13. On the S class ships, it is the World Class Bar. I like imaginative cocktails and this place has it. And they have bartenders that are not afraid to change things up. So if you don't like what they have, you can ask they will make you something else. One night on Reflection I asked for something special and the bartender (yes, it was Olexi) handed me two glasses and a list of liquors. He said he had something special in mind for me but didn't have what he needed for it so take these two glasses down to the Martini Bar (directly below) and give the bartender a note. I did and they sent me back with two full glasses which Olexi turned into an amazing cocktail (much dryer than the usual onboard cocktail). Jim
  14. Thanks so much! Can't wait. Ask him for one of his "special cocktails."
  15. If you have sailed Reflection before, you will see no difference. No staterooms have been added to Reflection since she was launched. She is scheduled to be the last ship upgraded in the current bunch of upgrades.
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