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  1. Again, X needs to update their phone people including the resolution department people I spoke to.
  2. Not what I was told. I was told that if the FCC exceed the cost of the new booking, I would get the balance of the FCC (minus my deposit) as another FCC that has to be used no later than December 2021. Plus, that is all well and good for those not out of work. They don't have a need for the $900 right now.
  3. Yes, this has been true in the past but during this time when people are out of work, they should NOT be doing this. And I was told that if I made the deposit and then applied the FCC later, if my future cruise cost less than my current cruise, I would not get any money back from the FCC, I would have to use it on another cruise. To be honest, after 27 X cruises, with this policy, I am not sure I will ever take another Celebrity cruise.
  4. They need to let their front line people answering the phones know about this policy. They do not.
  5. All the RCCL companies have this policy so Royal, X and Azamara. Not sure about the Carnival Corp or NCL.
  6. Until this morning I had thought that Celebrity was handling this crisis pretty well. When they cancelled a cruise and gave people a 125% cruise credit if that is what they wanted. But since we are stuck at home and knowing that we would have an FCC, we have been looking at future cruises. We found one in October 2021 but the Aqua cabins we like are almost sold out and would really like to book now. So I called Celebrity and we set it up. But then they asked me for a $900 non-refundable deposit. One problem. They have my money for the current cruise. My new cruise will not exceed the 125% FCC they are going to give me (I don't have it yet). Right now our income has been impacted by this crisis as I am sure it has been for many X cruisers. Am I wrong in thinking that this is really wrong? For them to hold onto my money and then ask me to give them more money to hold a future cruise? The person I talked to said this was standard procedure with FCCs. That may be true but this isn't a standard time. I should point out that I had a Viking Ocean cruise cancelled as well. The first words out of their mouth when I called to discuss this was, "When can we rebook you?" And no money changed hands (they already had my money like X does) and I am now booked in a stateroom I want on the same cruise, just next summer instead of this summer. The taxes and port fees are a little higher so I will have to pay the difference there but that was it. Entire call took less than 15 minutes to cancel, get my money moved to another cruise and be thrilled. As a long-time X cruiser, I think it should work that way with X. So, am I wrong on this? Jim
  7. My mistake. I read it from another cruise line. We have so many cancelling right now. You still wouldn't be a chump for 125%
  8. If you get a 225% FFC why would you be a chump? Are you ever going to cruise Celebrity again? Then don't you think you would use it. If you are pretty much sure you will never cruise with them again, just cancel. But if you think you might, why not wait? I know exactly where I stand. I am either going where I want to go (in which case I am happy) or I am getting 225% FFC when they cancel me. Jim
  9. RCL Corp and Carnival are nowhere near bankruptcy (Can't say the same for Norwegian). They all have huge budgets for upgrades and new builds just waiting to happen. They will just put those plans on hold. The Amplification of Royal ships and the upgrade of the rest of the X fleet will be put on hold until the crisis is over and people can sail again. The same with Beyond. Work has started, but they can delay payments or stop work at this point. The FCC incentive is just to keep you as a customer. As a travel professional, all my first time cruisers (who don't have a clue) have cancelled. All my long-time cruisers are asking if there are any great bargains out there. We have a cruise on Flora that we have not made final payment on yet. We are supposed to sail on August 2. I will make that payment in April and hope that we can go. If we can't I will wait until the final day to see what they offer me. We still want to go and have budgeted for it. Who knows, I could wind up sailing in a suite with my 225% FCC. If X holds my money for three months, I really don't care. Our travel fund makes less than 2% interest (to keep it liquid) so if I make back 225%, then that's super. BTW: My air is booked with X so that is covered either way. Be smart and just wait. The biggest reason they are asking you to wait is that they are beyond swamped. The cruises I have had to cancel have taken me 2-3 hours of hold time. Just hang on. If nothing changes, you get more to make sure you cruise. Don't be like those people who demanded refunds on cruises going next week about a month ago. They got their refunds but if they had waited, they would have gotten a whole lot more. Jim PS: If you want to get the shareholder's credit on future cruises, this is a great time to buy RCL stock. It's down below $30.
  10. Yes but the bath gel was not there on Reflection in our 2C stateroom. Plus, you can't be sure how anti-bacterial that is.
  11. This is EXACTLY correct. As a travel professional (TA) I can tell you that we have been asked by cruise lines, airlines and other travel providers not to call until two weeks before a cruise. They are just swamped. Some hold times exceed 2 hours and others just hang up on TAs. It is frustrating for us but think of them. Viking has done the best so far but that has everything to do with them being family owned and not having a board or stockholders to answer to. Jim
  12. For us, last week, it is still bar soap which we don't like as well. You would think they would install a dispenser like they put in some showers. Jim
  13. As a travel professional, these two replies are correct. You can't just move from one to another (unless they are with the same agency) without a release from the old agent. You could always call them (or their boss) and ask to be let go or as a previous poster said, just cancel and rebook. Jim
  14. BEWARE: These are NOT the large balconies on the M-class ships that everyone talks about. These are the add-on balcony Aqua cabins that were added about 8 years ago. They actually have a smaller balcony than many of the ones to the sides of the ship. The staterooms you have heard about are usually Concierge on decks 7, 8 & 9. We have sailed in those many times and they are truly worth it. Jim
  15. Forget the Martini Bar. It's loud and obnoxious. Go see Oleksii in The World Class Bar on deck 5 just behind Cafe Al Bachio. You will love it. We got off when you got on. Tell him Jim & Kathleen sent you. Jim
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