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  1. We were in Dublin last month (disembarked on June 14) and we had an overnight at the end of the cruise. We just got off on the last day whenever we felt like it...as long as you are willing to haul your own bags. We know of people who left the ship very early in the morning to catch flights. Gangway was open all night so you could come and go. Depending on the port, you should have pre-arranged transport ready because there is every chance there won't be taxis readily available or that there will be others try ing to get them as well. Hope this helps, Jim
  2. Unofficial guess here. It took more than six years for Alaska to get a Solstice class ship. I am pretty sure they had built all but Reflection before they sent Solstice to Alaska. It might have even been later than that. I wouldn't hold your breath.
  3. Other posters have mentioned the Family Verandah staterooms, group pricing and more. I just want to suggest the easiest and best thing you could do. Go find a brick and mortar travel agent in your town that you can sit down with and discuss this all. That’s what they do. And they don’t charge you a single penny for doing it. I can’t endorse anyone on these boards but you should be able to find someone nearby who can figure out if you can get group rates, if the Family Verandahs are open (there are only four on each ship but they are pretty awesome for a family of five) and just basically take care of you. I wouldn’t approach this kind of project any other way. I promise, that’s best advice you will get. Best of luck. We are taking our extended family (not as big as yours) to Alaska this coming Friday so we have done this. Jim
  4. Well if this an entire thread just to say hi to Blazerboy, I just have to jump in and say HI Andrew! Give Ed our best. Jim
  5. This one is easy. Get yourself a great Travel Agent! Someone you trust. Tell them what you want and they should get it for you within reason. Especially the air situation. Jim
  6. If I were CEO of Celebrity, I would cancel the remaining three ships and go back to the drawing board or dust off the old plans for an S class ship. If you have been around long enough to remember when Solstice was launched, the excitement was huge and after the ships sailed, the reaction was outstanding. Mainly because the Solstice ships were built based on keeping the current X customer base happy rather than to be attracting new customers. Every S Class ship was better and more anticipated. Obviously (based on the way Edge is selling) they really blew it this time. For us, Elite Plus cruisers with more than 20 X cruises, we are done. One more booked and that will be it other than a quick Pacific Coastal from time to time. Off to someplace else that gets what we like and values their current customer base. It's just sad.
  7. We were on Reflection to Iceland June 3-14. Had dinner one night in LCG at sea between Akureyri and Cork. No problem at all. It was cool but we with blankets on our laps, wearing a jacket and the heaters on, we had an awesome time. We also ate lunch at the Porch (one of the best seafood meals I have ever had) while docked in Akureyri. No problem then either. Had eaten at LCG on Silhouette between Belfast and Lerwick a few years ago. Same experience. No problems. One thing to remember about our experience. We are from Seattle so we are used to cold weather. Fellow cruisers from Florida were freezing.
  8. New policy. See this photo. Their latest brochure. Starts soon.
  9. Hi Andrew! So good to hear from you. We did take that pic a few years back when we did LCG on Silhouette. We made all the non-cooks, cook and took their pic! Have a great time on Eclipse. Hope we run into you and Ed again someday. Jim
  10. Sadly, the Qsine you know and that we love is gone. X has decided that this stupid 3-D movie cartoon chef is more important than interesting food. What used to be my favorite restaurant is not anymore. In fact that's just one more reason that after our next two cruises (our 26th and 27th—already booked) with X we are done with them. They obviously are only interested in attracting new customers and not keeping those of us who have supported them for years. The Edge is a disaster. Full of a lot of things built to hyper And they are going to build four more like her. Ridiculous. Jim
  11. I will usually try this with a group. I make sure I have all the stateroom numbers as well as the complete names of all the guests with me. If you can find out their Captain's Club status that helps too. I approach either the maitre'd of that restaurant or if I have met someone earlier that has tried to sell me specialty restaurant meals I go to that guy You will know him as he will circulate around the boarding area and outside the dining rooms. These people work on incentives. I also don't try for the more popular restaurants or the most popular days. But on Monday, I will be shooting for a big one. We board Reflection and we have 30+ people who want to dine in the Lawn Club Grille. I am looking for at least a 30% discount. We shall see.
  12. It was amazing, wasn't it. If you are ever in Amsterdam, the Banks Mansion is the only place we have stayed that was better.
  13. Don't know your budget but the second best hotel we have ever stayed in was the Langham Hong Kong. Worth the splurge. An amazing hotel in the perfect spot.
  14. Excuse me? Prices you get from a TA are EXACTLY what you pay if you book directly with X. If they aren't get a new TA.
  15. You did not interpret it wrong. In the bar on Summit last October we would order drinks with particular liquors and we were sure we were getting lesser quality. Also, since the advent of so many having drink packages, it seems that the bar servers who used to be everywhere selling drinks, now only come around about once an hour. Good luck finding anyone to go back and remake a drink. Many times in the Rendezvous there would be two servers for 300+ people. Every chair in the room packed and four people serving. Two waiters, two bartenders. They worked their butts off but there is only so much then can do.
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