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  1. Another idea to clear the ear is to take a decongestant. Works like a charm about an hour after you take it.
  2. Sure hope I don’t get left off the list this time 😗😗😗😗
  3. Thanks, Sid. Be safe on your way back to reality.
  4. Are you the only passenger up and about right now?
  5. We can agree to disagree on this 😀 How do we know people aren’t putting their bare butts on chairs and pillows? l’ve seen plenty of clothed people whose butt cheeks and/or butt cracks are hanging out of their clothes. There’s not always necessarily two layers of clothes between the butt and the furniture. Have you never sat on a chair and said “why is this chair all wet”? I have. Not trying to argue. Just my own opinion.
  6. OK, so feet are just gross in general BUT what’s the difference between sitting somewhere that people have put their feet on or somewhere that people have put their a$$ on (any public place you can think of including restaurants, airports, waiting rooms, etc)? Hopefully those couches are not fabric. And the pillows should just not even be a thing.
  7. Wow, sounds like embarkation for the next cruise won’t be happening too soon. Probably a good thing you opted for the later flight.
  8. Sad your cruise is over. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for sharing 😀
  9. Sid, you haven’t really mentioned anything about the hangover prevention stuff this cruise. Have you not needed it this time?
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