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  1. Sid, this is a great distraction. I think you could rewrite the phone book and we’d read and enjoy it 😀
  2. Did you happen to get a picture of that? Would love to see it 😀
  3. Funny you should say that (remembering months later that you didn’t get any) because on my last cruise, there was no towel animal on the first night (this was on Carnival). I mentioned to the room steward that I missed the towel animal, he smiled and nodded.....and I had a towel animal every night after that 😀
  4. That is a great page. And you turned an otherwise crummy situation into a fun time (at least for us readers of the page) 😀
  5. Now that they are able to debark everyone, it’s like “get out of here NOW”. Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t start shooing everyone off earlier than that.
  6. This is so sad for everybody. The disembarking passengers that are ready to leave the ship, the embarking passengers who have no idea when their vacation will begin, the staff who are missing their day in port, the room stewards who will have to clean every room AGAIN once the current passengers are finally allowed to leave. And how are the buffet lines so long, when it’s all the same passengers who have been on the ship all week? It’s not like like any extras have come on board. Wonder if they’ll open the MDR if the current passengers are still on the ship at dinner time. I, for one, am thankful for @Saint Greg and his real time updates. Thanks, Greg.
  7. Those “early flights” people are probably too late at this point to catch said early flights 😬😬
  8. Are you freaking kidding me? So rude. And gross. Rude....why do you need to take up a seat (for your feet) that someone could be sitting in? Gross....because it’s gross.
  9. “Touch Me” by The Doors EDIT: I see this was answered several times already but I’m just catching up here, so sorry for the duplication.
  10. So sorry to hear this news Kim. Hopefully this will not have any effect on your upcoming Oasis cruise. Are you still paying out of pocket for all of your medical or were finally able to get the BWC to kick in? Thinking good thoughts for you.
  11. My son is on a cruise that just started today. When he originally booked the cruise, it was for him and his gf. They subsequently broke up and he got a friend to take her place. He had to pay $100 to change the name on the booking.
  12. If it makes you feel any better @Greenpea2, I haven't been able to access the CC site for the past two days either.....and I'm not even on a cruise 🤬. Anyway, loving your review and the antics of you and your sistah!!!
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