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  1. Never: Carnival, Costa, MSC (just don't think it's a good fit for us; we're willing to pay a little more for a more refined product) Always: Celebrity, Holland, and Disney (each knows its audience and does very well satisfying the needs) Will Try: Oceania, Princess (seem comparable to what we like- good food and service)
  2. We have a group of approximately 24 who were displaced because of a cancelled Norway itinerary. We really want to go to Spain/Portugal in October, but with a group this size, we're stuck between a rock and a hard place (as it takes months of planning hotels, flights, and excursions for such a group). 😞
  3. I assume the Infinity is an okay ship? I know she's old, but I don't mind. I have only sailed on the Silhouette, and I know to taper my expectations when comparing it with the S-Class.
  4. I’ve been to Monserrat- had the pleasure of attending a religious retreat there when I lived in Madrid. It’s beautiful, and as someone who received 7 years of Jesuit education, it held a special significance to me. I’ve also been to Sevilla- that’s a must do for our group as well. This has gotten me very excited for this trip. However, who knows if sailing in this part of the world will resume by late October.
  5. Yes, I adored Barcelona. I went in January while it was snowing, so looking forward to a visit during milder climates. Because you're from the UK, I will take your notation of the ship's feeling homely as a compliment (it means something a little different in the US). 🙂
  6. Granada sounds lovely. Alhambra will have to be an excursion for us, I'm afraid. But I do hope to arrange some sort of Flamenco show in Madrid prior to the cruise.
  7. Lovely pictures! My wife made it to the Alhambra when she studied in Madrid, but I was not as smart and skipped it. Looking forward to remedying that error.
  8. It was more the passage through Gibraltar that I had thought of, but I'm guessing that will be after dark, anyway. Is not stopping at Gibraltar a major loss?
  9. October 30, 2021 (fingers crossed!). Want to join our group? We have a fun group of around 24 people.
  10. I'm eyeing an 8-night itinerary going from Barcelona to Lisbon and have a few random questions. Any hesitations to sailing on Infinity, an older ship? Which is the better side for at-sea views on this particular itinerary, port or starboard? I studied abroad in Spain a few years back and know what Madrid and Barcelona (pre-cruise) have to offer, but am less familiar with some of the coastal stops. Any excursion highlights or port duds you want to comment on? I wish the cruise stopped in Gibraltar, but we can't win them all. 🙂 Any thoughts on the itinerary, in general? The iti
  11. We will have a group of 20, so no can do. I assume the Category 5 rooms close to guest relations are more preferable to Category 6 farther forward? My mind says midship is better, but perhaps I’m wrong in this instance.
  12. Sorry to hijack this question with a question of my own. If the Deck 3, Aft OV cabins are taken, what is the next best choice of OV cabins? Would you go forward of Guest Relations on Deck 3, or down to Deck 2?
  13. Would this itinerary be markedly better (other than 2 extra days, which is always a plus)?: Date Port Arrival Time Departure Time Mar 14, 2022 Yokohama, Japan -- 7:00 pm Mar 15, 2022 Shimizu, Japan 10:00 am 6:00 pm Mar 16, 2022 Cruising -- -- Mar 17, 2022 Takamatsu, Japan 8:00 am
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