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  1. Thats not the way it is, if I told them I wanted a lobstertail just like it is it would just be the same, colder for sure but not raw. They are already cooked thru, they just put them on the grill to give them some heat. IF they where just partially cooked it would still be raw in the middle and it will take the heat almost about the same time to get to the middle as if it was totally raw so it would not save that much time. This "cook to order" thing is just for show, as you just said it will just take to long to do it the real way!
  2. The Head Chef should know when there is a problem with his staff and correct it, thats what head Chefs are for, if someone have to tell the Head Chef that there is a problem the "Head Chef" is a big part of the problem and should be changed to a Head Chef.....
  3. Hello all Seadream veterans. We are a couple in our late 40ish and just booked a Medcruise with the Corintcanal as a highlight, as Seadream newbies what can we expect? What is there to know about Seadream that can´s be read on the website? We have done some cruises on Oceania and Regent but just wanted to try something new. /P and I
  4. The problem is that our hearts is with Oceania but our heads tells us it would be wise to move on 😫😀
  5. Well it might be my opinion if I like a dish or not, BUT it´s not my opinion that the menus in the GDR is very limited compare to what it was before, it´s not my opinion that at teatime the trolly with sweets now is combined with the sandwiches and as a result of that have much fewer choises, it´s not my opinion that the GDR and Terrace menues don´t have the high quality ingredients as before, it´s not my opinion that there are fewer bar waiters in Martinis, it´s not my opinion that the GDR is closed 8 out of 10 days for lunch instead of open 8 and closed 2 days and so on..... These are all f
  6. They don´want to change it they have already changed it! To have the motto "the best food at sea" just don´t work if you do changes like they have done.
  7. Sadly I can just agree with the OP, we had exactly the same experience on Sirena in July. Oceania is just not what it used to be when it comes to food and level of service! We will look for alternative when it comes to our next cruises.
  8. I don´t think my review was all bad I think it was balanced critic. The problem with the Oceania board here on cruise critic is that some people will defend oceania no matter what, if you say that there are limited food choices someone will quickly respond that there were far to many choices before nobody need all this......If you say that the GDR is almost every day closed for lunch there will be some cheerleaders who will state that they don´t eat lunch onboard so nobody else need to do it either, and the defending just go on forever no matter what changes Oceania makes. One could
  9. We did a cruise on the Voyager last year and just loved the ship. When I look at the 2021 cruises there is a cruise on the Mariner that looks really interesting for us, now how does the two ships compare? What are the pros and cons? /P
  10. I agree. The fresh berries in GDR are lovely, with some greek yoghurt and nuts or why not like this with swedish pancakes and wipped cream!
  11. That´s great that you like to eat your lunch in a local café, we however like the quiet ambiance of a lunch on board, isen´t it nice that we all has different tastes? Someone stated earlier in the thread that they don´t like buffé eating(like us), so now when GDR seems to be closed almost all port days their solution was to eat lunch a shore(not to blame), wow what a strike for Oceania........Let´s close the GDR and force the people up to the buffet that would save us a lot of money, WOW again not everybody who eat lunch in the GDR likes buffets so they eat a shore instead. All of a
  12. Hello again! It was almost a year ago since I made this comparison and I just want to make a quick update after our recent Oceania cruise. I can only say that Oceania´s food is far from what it used to be, the decline in their MDR is just a huge step down. They have limited the menus, dishes repeats far more often then before and the quality of ingredients are just not what it used to be. The MDR is also closed for lunch almost every day, on our 10 day cruise it was only open twice. I really hope Regent isen´t on the same path! We really look forward to our next Reg
  13. Don`t you worry to much, we did have a nice cruise and the food still taste good, we did just notice some decline from past cruises Maybe the things that bother us is fine in your point of view, as LHT28 says different folks different strokes
  14. I agree that on some port days there might not be more then 15-20 guests but the majority of the time there are enough guests to have the GDR open for lunch in my opinion. The problem that occur when you start to close to often is that people who might not know it´s closed show up, after a few times of that they just don´t bother to show up again, they just head direct to the Terrace witch they know it´s open. Oceania then say, hey nobody is in the GDR for lunch anymore let´s close it and save a lot of money! So without that the guests realize it Oceania has guided them in a direction tha
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