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  1. I agree - with medium range wine at $11+tax it doesn’t take much to reach the cost per day when you include cocktails at the pool/water/coffee etc I guess because you’re paying for the package in a lump sum prior to sailing it’s a bit harder to stomach but the reality, for us, is that we would probably reach near the same bill if we ‘paid as you go’ which would really annoy me because we could have had so much more on the package! Greed 🤪
  2. Voyager for Oct 2020 is currently £43.32 = £51.11 inc 18% tax pppd = £1,737.99 for 17 night cruise for 2 But...….. 11 sea days
  3. In late Sept we're doing a 6 day tour of China before embarking Voyager in Hong Kong for 17 days cruise via Singapore/Vietnam to Sydney (4 days in Sydney) then fly back to London. I don't see a problem with formal (sequin etc) dresses but it would be handy not to have to bring a Tux particularly if the cruise is very informal usually and we'd look a little overdone. Can anyone comment from personal experience please?
  4. Thanks everyone - I guessed there wouldn’t be an answer and it’s not the end of the world anyway. Just thought as Coriander had so many good reviews we’d give it a try instead of the MDR 👍🏻
  5. Hi does anyone know what the usual alternative dining in Kings Court is on a 2 night cruise? I'm interested if it's Coriander rather than using MDR on the gala night, we've booked The Verandah for the other evening on board. Thanks
  6. Thanks - sailing on Voyager in a year so expect prices to change a bit but just wondered about the wines that I would drink and whether they're covered by the drinks package. Last sailed on Ovation a few years back and even then lots of wines fell over the package limit.
  7. Hi - don't spose you have a current wine/drinks list?
  8. Freedom - we wanted to dine alone after a group travelled together on Azura in Dec. No trouble getting a table just found the dining room very bland (ditto food)
  9. I found the ‘fruity’ cocktails a disappointment; for example a mango margarita with no mango juice 🤷🏻‍♀️ I instead stuck to aperol spritz and Gordon’s pink gin spritz during the day - both very nice and at the top end of the price bracket. In the evening I drank copious amounts of the Peller Rose in the Glasshouse which was delicious but I wouldn’t have done so without the package as it’s £6.95 for 125ml. Overall we stayed mostly in the Glasshouse for drinks as their choice of wines was greater and we ate here at least 5/6 times too - amazing because we couldn’t get a table on Azura. We enjoyed Sindhu and Beach House too.
  10. No issue at all - even managed ok in MDR but as this was a dreary affair we didn’t eat here much at all over 13 nights
  11. Yes Deck 17 - always seemed busy to me (child avoidance 🥴)
  12. We took the package on Britannia 7th April. We changed our regular habits in order to maximise the daily spend and did drink a bit more than usual - however it also meant we could try more adventurous wines/cocktails that we wouldn’t have ordinarily. I think we’d think carefully before buying again on P&O given the low cost of drinks and maybe weigh up the itinerary and length of cruise too but in summary we consumed approx £200 more in drinks than the package actually cost. Fire away if you have questions
  13. I was also on the Canary Islands cruise. We used the Serenity Pool every time the weather permitted. I found it busy all the time except when high winds closed the bar there and restricted use
  14. It is for some..... it’s also annoying when you find that something is broken or not working as it should when you have paid full price for the use of it! These cruises are not reduced in price because they have substandard cabins like for instance a partial view. we all have the right to expect fully operational cabins whether that be kettle/tv/ac/water/toilets
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