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  1. No we were in an inside Cabin on Lido deck.
  2. We booked through Princess .on the Christmas Cruise that we have been upgraded..I have used TA a few times , with our cruise on Grand on March 29th it has added a bit more complication with the cancellation process .
  3. We got an upgrade this morning also Interior to Aft Facing deluxe balcony ...Christmas week ..we will take it happily . Thank You Princess.
  4. We sail on Grand on 29th , and considering cancelling as Seattle and Astoria are ports of call. Our Granddaughters school in Lake Oswego is closed as an employee there is in hospital and tested positive ... All this is a little too close for comfort. Just had a wonderful 2 weeks on Sky Princess .
  5. Theatre was chilly ..but ship pleasant .First and last sea day was unusually warm for the time of year ,we do this run often and have had some cold first and last days ... Dining room I saw all sorts , have a great cruise.
  6. Lew and Bob thank you both ..I never thought about the risk of the USB port... The pup is just adorable ..Bailey will be happy to see you I am sure.
  7. Hi Bob ..I do hope Holli feels better tomorrow ,we board on 15th and are on the count down. I think I read somewhere the bedside lamps have a USB port ..not sure if that is true and wonder if you could confirm. I must say I did enjoy Movies on the Lido deck in the evening but I guess with the new TV choices they do more concerts now . Enjoy the rest of your cruise .
  8. Good to know they use the Medallion now on Royal in October they gave you a sail and sign card thing ..we did B2B and I got cheaper rate for 2 weeks ,on my upcoming SKY B2B they want me to purchase 2 separate weeks at full price ....also I think several people had let friends in who had not paid.
  9. Following along and loving every post thank you . Our Medallions arrived today for Sky Princess Feb 15th .
  10. I enjoyed it on Royal but felt very sure people were in there who had not paid , first time I had experienced this , the door was out of view of the Spa desk .
  11. I so enjoyed your review ..we were on the same sailing ...found the ship a little too large for us being 70 ..I Opted not to get Spa Pass as we were in Havana Area would have needed Uber to get there ... Our Aft balcony also creaked it was like sleeping in a Haunted House ,my husband investigated it was the walls of room ....just loved our balcony some soot and I wonder how the soft furnishings on chairs will wear . When you get to Havana I hope you do not have a lady on balcony above you screaming down the husbanding hot tub ,she even threw him down sunscreen .This happened most days crazy behavior but not enough to spoil our Vacation . I also missed a main Atrium ..eventually got used to elevators ...the cakes in Lido buffet were just delicious.
  12. Thank you Bob ...I notice Don looking already ...maybe not a Yorkie this time although we have loved the 2 we have had.
  13. So sorry for the loss of your sweet 4 legged friend ...,we are on Sky B2B on Feb 15th and I was in turmoil leaving our Yorkie so long in bad health , we had been on borrowed time for a while and had much longer time with her than expected , sadly she went over the Rainbow Bridge last Friday ...a cruise is just what we need ...I hope time and a wonderful cruise helps you also .
  14. I had 2 week pass for Enclave on Royal ...did not compare to my past enjoyable experiences .. Firstly the door was not in vision of front desk ,one class card in a party could get several people in there...at times it was noisy , at times no heated bed available .... Sometimes only 1 or 2 in there but that was usually around dinner and show time.
  15. We got off Panorama today ...wasn't too bad at all ..however do not take your phone out in Terminal when getting bags or attempt to put anything in your suitcase . Felt like criminals unless proved otherwise !!!!
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