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  1. My DW is one of the nicest and most polite people you would ever want to meet. The past few years she has had to give in to a scooter or quit traveling. I agree that a few scooters users might be "entitled", but I would imagine they were entitled when they were mobile too. They probably were chair hogs, line cutters and reserved seats in the theater despite being told not to. It has been amazing to step back and watch from a distance my wife attempt to secure an elevator during busy times. Without fail, people just cut in front of her time after time. Entitled "able body" folks that just walk in front of her as if she was not there. Moving on to the buffet. Unless a staff member assists, the polite scooter user hardly has a chance to get up to the counter. I wish my DW could walk again. This is goal she working on. Life in a scooter simply sucks!
  2. The new ships especially the pools don't cater to older people or folks with mobility issues. I guess we are not the target demographics.
  3. Just another thought... I a assuming Cunard probably has an older demographic set of cruisers. Maybe they are seeing even less future bookings due to older folks being more cautious? I could see Carnival Corporation evaluating each brand uniquely. PRAYING FOR A VACCINE!
  4. BINGO! Selling the ships is the headline, but the reason why the ships are being sold is the real news event. * Larger newer ships reach a break even profitably with 60% capacity. * Ships most likely will not be sailing at 100% capacity. * While future bookings are reported to be strong, I imagine the industry is expecting overall a passenger decline for the foreseeable future. PRAYING FOR A VACCINE!
  5. So what about Butler service. Is that going to be eliminated? I really want to cruise again, but it will depend on being able to enjoy a vacation and not being paranode about food delivery, going to the show, using the spa, taking shore excursions. Oh yea, I am still waiting for a full refund from the money I handed over to Celebrity in December and the April 12 sailing was cancelled.
  6. Great, leave my food on the floor in the hall. This would be another reason to wait for a vaccine.
  7. I am still waiting for my full refund from my April 12, 2020 cancelled sailing. I have received a partial refund.
  8. Self edit.. Found this... Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society® Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club levels will be equivalent to Elite in Celebrity Cruise’s Captain’s Club and Azamara Club Cruises’ Discoverer in Le Club Voyage. Gold and Pinnacle Club membership status in Crown & Anchor Society are not part of this benefit.
  9. yup... that is my comment too! Already filed the dispute.
  10. Great question.... I am ready to board now! However... I am still waiting for my refund. Paid in Full in November 2019. Cruise cancelled March 2020... Celebrity is still holding my money hostage! * New normal needs to at least include Celebrity being able to refund money paid in 30-days or less for cancelled cruises. * New normal needs to clearly identify what will be offered on the ship. * New normal I expect should include: * Guests will sign liability release at time of ticket purchase acknowledging risks associated with traveling on a cruise ship and agree to not sue if any disease is contracted. * Elevator buttons will be sanitized every 30-minutes. * Open Gym - Sanitizer to be at each piece of equipment and equipment will spaced further apart for safe use. * Open dance floor & live music. (Guest will wear masks) * pool with reasonable capacity allowed. * spa - Sauna - hot tubs - will have posted limited number of people allowed and guests assume liability. * shore excursions will be provided. * Buffet with staff providing food service. No more mass sharing of serving handles. * Staff will wear masks when in direct contact with guests. * Guests will wear masks when walking to any public destination in order to pass safely. * 100% enforcement of not refilling water bottles in water dispensers. * provided plastic straws * Theater will require 1 open seat between family members (family can sit side by side, strangers must leave one open seat) * Walking Well, here is my list off the top of my mind.... Your turn!
  11. When the financial pain hurts more than the fear of getting sick, Hawaii will reopen.
  12. Maybe I can book a new cruise and pay for the sailing up to 6-months AFTER we sail... HA!😁
  13. And I continue to be amazed!!!! My April 12th cruise was cancelled and I am still waiting for over $4,700 to be retuned to me.
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