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  1. Has anyone else seen they YouTube? 1-month old. Looks like a drone took the video.
  2. You probably won't like my reply... Suite Guests can send the shore side concierge and email with dates and times they desire for specialty restaurants. I am pretty sure they are managing the limited seating. Once on the ship, they can direct you to the open seats at less desirable dining times. CCL does not really offer much in suite benefits so they don't have this issue.
  3. Overall.... Celebrity is the adult version of Royal with some more class. No waterslides... etc.
  4. Pizza is in the Buffet all day and into the night! The pizza is much better than you find on Royal. The crust is thin and there is a nice variety. Next to the Pizza is a pasta bar.. You select veggies other goodies that are cooked and then added to the pasta with your choice of sauce.
  5. I have noticed that there a no pools on the Edge that allows walk in access. My wife is unable to use the ladders... I guess we won't be on the Edge. The Harmony of the Seas also has no pools with walk in access. We learned this the hard way...
  6. We tip with cash when in a Royal Suite or higher.... I always tip with a handshake pass. Then the waiter can make his or her determination if the tip should be in pool.
  7. Check in when ever you want... Has anyone ever seen an early check in time? All the cruise lines are trying to do is spread out the crowds.
  8. There currently is a an outside lift to access deck 12. I imagine it will remain.
  9. SS Norway anyone? Looks like good things make come backs!
  10. We were on the Reflection for Christmas and New Years... Full Boat both sailings and a lot of families. Always Great service in Luminae. No need to be concerned.
  11. The table side lobster at Murano is AMAZING!
  12. I am not sure it is a fair comparison... You are comparing a declining Brick & Mortar retail industry to an expanding travel experience industry. The future cruisers may not be you and I who have a schema that is quickly becoming history.
  13. Maybe there were two separate issues. When we boarded they were limiting the number of people on the gangway and only one gangway was being used. I noticed when we reached the ship, there were several sets of eyes watching the movement where the gangway reached the ship. You could see where the ship was moving back and forth.. The wood (it looked like wood) was coughed from the movement. I would guess the movement was 12 to 18 inches. I sure feel terrible for the folks who arrived early and had to just stand for hours in line. The medics were called when on man went down. I am pretty sure he ended up being okay and was able to board. The good news is that everyone is on board and we are underway now! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone....
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