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  1. Although I'm Canadian, I don't have Discovery Channel & I'm not going subscribe just for one episode. Would appreciate any link where I can view it .
  2. Then I guess the best thing would be to book a specialty restaurant for the first night & avoid the mayhem. BTW British Columbia is beautiful as is the rest our our country!
  3. Speaking of anytime dining, are they flexible with the hours. We normally like to dine at 7.
  4. Did you dine in the MDR? One of the posts above commented that the surf n turf was nothing to write home about. We're booked in the Tamarind for our second gala night but we can change it for another night if the MDR menu is decent.
  5. I've booked the Tamarind for the second sea night. My sister has sailed with HAL and she tells me to do a gala night in the MDR because of the special menus. Is it really owrth it? I can always go the the Tamarind on another night.
  6. Wow! Thanks. One last question and you can go back to your cruise. I was looking at the wine package we want on the HAL website, when it comes to ordering , they ask what date we want the wine delivered and whether we want it in the cabin or dining room. I thought this would default to dining room and for all of the dates. One more thing, the prices on the HAL website are more expensive than the file you just sent me.
  7. Thanks, that clears things up. Do you know where I can see a list of the wines offered per cellar?
  8. Does a wine package include all of the wines or special selections per different package? A simpler question; if I purchase a wine package of 8 bottles, do choose 8 from the entire wine list?
  9. Thanks I appreciate your response and all of your help here on Cruise Critics. This will be our first cruise with HAL and like all of our cruises, I'm as excited as a kid in a toy store. I do like the choices of specialty restaurants with HAL.
  10. Yes we are on the June 1 cruise. I've booked the Tamarind & Pinnacle for our sea days. As for the itineraries, are you booked on the ship's excursions or privately?
  11. Definitely going to book Tamarind. Although I must admit, the sample menu on the HAL website for the Canaletto looks appetizing. Wife and I are both Italian and we know our cuisine. If you say it's no better than Olive Garden, then Tamarind it is. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Yes pre cruise, typed too fast!
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