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  1. I was told that junior suites can eat dinner at Coastal ..... is this not true Also is it even worth it?
  2. Bikini Martini..... sounds amazing...... I absolutely love Martini's.... I know alot of people shy away from them because they think they are strong....but mmmmmm my favorite
  3. I was too for the same sail date for the Oasis But haven't received "the call" yet And it's been several weeks since the email Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I did all of the above and I still wasn't able to login... different broswer clear cookies/cache using email and not username changed password I did use the backdoor link.... but you have to use your reservation #, and cruise details.... it took me to my cruise planner where I could make reservations--which I have already done all of that....but not to my actual countdown, or main information. I was trying to print off the information they emailed me about that was ready... Thankfully I have 6 weeks till my cruise..... beyond ridiculous that you can't access basic information
  5. I've tried logging in to my account the past 5 days and it keeps telling me that my password is wrong and its not.....so I tried recovering my password and went thru that whole process.....made a new password and STILL won't let me login Is it a glitch for anyone else or just me? I tried just being patient for the new website glitches and what not, but I don't want to have to call tech support and wait forever on the phone,...but if thats what I must do..... Just didn't know if it was just me?
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