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  1. This too was our favorite bar. The martini menu was amazing..... I am extremely sad that it was replaced by a robot fad that will quickly fade !
  2. Where do I go to see these statistics for my cruise leaving March 22nd on Anthem?
  3. Coconut Mojito from Boleros Cucumber Martini from Champagne bar
  4. So I can take my 10 year old in the bistro? I didn't know that I though everything Solarium was 16+,... good to know- thanks
  5. I'm surprised you've already heard back.... I'm on the cruise before you that leaves March 22...... I haven't heard anything. I know the week I'm going is absolutely sold out.... they said Max capacity ..... so I'm sure there aren't very many rooms unoccupied. Do you know if your cruise is sold out as well? I know these 2 weeks are heavy "spring break" weeks here in the midwest where I'm from
  6. Anthem of the Seas leaving out of March 22 Thrill Park are $112 pp Its what my boys want to do...... it will probably be our only excursion bc thats so flipping expensive~
  7. Flying into Newark on Sat 03/21.... flight arrives at 9 am I need a hotel for me and my two boys 13 & 10 (double beds)...... budget between 150-300 for the night. We leave out on Anthem the next day 03/22 We won't have a car... so we plan on Uber from Airport to hotel and from hotel to port...... From my research there aren't many hotels with places to "walk" to lunch or dinner.... What area would you suggest that would have more hotel options with more dining options. I don't mind ubering.....but that tends to add up if we have a whole "free" day on Saturday....(plus a hotel that would either let us checkin early, or hold our bags since we arrive early in the day) Thank you for all your help and any suggestions in advance
  8. So where do you sign up for the escape room and Ifly/northstar once you board? The online sign up options were already gone by the time I bought my cruise at 70 days out.....
  9. So all this being said,.... is there a remote place that I should do this upon arrival to get it out of the way? I have 2 boys that will be doing all the activities, and I'd rather just sign away and be done with it....
  10. The last time I cruised (on Oasis), I was able to sign the online waivers for the flow rider and rock wall online we are cruising on Anthem and I can’t find anywhere to sign online waivers i went to the cruise planner and under activities there isn’t an option,.... can you not sign online waivers anymore ahead of time to save time in the cruise later? Or was that just an Oasis thing and not an Anthem thing?
  11. When I booked originally It was just myself & my 2 boys (10 & 13). My husband wasn't able to go because of work schedule. He then found out that he could go. I've been calling for 3 weeks to add my husband to our room and they couldnt bc the ship was at capacity. Which I understand, RC told me to keep calling and ask for the Resolutions Department- which I've been calling every morning at 9 and again in the evening at 5 pm FINALLY today I was able to add my husband to our room 😀, there either was a cancellation or they were sick and tired of me calling🤣 lol..... I asked if there were any suites or rooms above a normal balcony (which we have booked) available, and they said no So my question is, how many of you received Royal Up emails in a sold out cruise, and how many of you bid on them? If their are Royal Up rooms to bid on, how are there not rooms to pay to upgrade too? Just curious..... I am thrilled that my husband is now able to go with us. I don't care if its a tight squeeze between us 4,..... so I'm happy...... now I'm just curious if Royal Up is sent to everyone regardless if there are rooms to upgrade to OR if they reserve rooms for Royal Up program?
  12. I will never be at the Captains Corner,..... Its a ship its a ship its a ship lol
  13. People on Cruise Critic don't cut you any slack with you say boat instead of ships, do they? LOL Excuse this midwestern gal,....We have boats.... I know this is a ship..... but in my mind its similar to pop/soda.....lol
  14. thank you for your help and quick response!
  15. is the children's menu the same on all the boats? Does anyone have a picture of the children's menu for Anthem?
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