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  1. I highly recommend this cruise. San Francisco is a fabulous walkable city, you’ll love it. We took this cruise about 3 years ago on the Grand. It’s an older vessel but in good condition and had one of the best crew I’ve encountered on a Princess cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I’m certainly sympathetic with the OP’s disappointment, it is justified. I’ve been on about 35 Princess cruises and service levels have declined. My advice in a situation like this is to persist with the effort to communicate directly with the hotel manager. On only one cruise was this necessary, our cabin had cold water only. I told my steward and went to pax service twice a day, but after 2 days still no hot water. At that point, went to pax service desk and said I would not leave until I spoke to hotel manager. Waited about 10 minutes, he met with me. Hot water was restored within an hour. Hotel manager later came to my cabin and apologized, gave us a nice bottle of wine and a credit on the bill for our inconvenience. Overall, I only spent a total of about 45 minutes complaining, but once I got the hotel manager, things resolved quickly. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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