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  1. I have held my stock since it was Rock bottom in March 2009. I finally sold today. This has a long way to go before it hits the bottom. All it will take is one more cruise ship that’s hit or a cancellation of the Mediterranean season and All bets are off as to how low it can go. Doubt it will hit $6 again, but wouldn’t doubt the 40’s and 50s.
  2. The interesting thing about this virus is that this far, as far as I know, this has not killed an infant. Infants are extremely susceptible to respiratory viruses whether it be flu, rsv, paraflu, adeno, rhino, etc. Infants, and especially newborns, can die from the common cold. The fact that i have only heard primarily of death in the elderly with some sporadic cases of 20-40 dying, not having the infant population take massive hits could be a start for research on how to slow and treat corona.
  3. Thus far many countries have managed to keep the Coronavirus from running rampant by preventing and lucking out that an asymptomatic positive patient is not running around for 14 days shedding virus prior to symptoms. Sadly it only takes one asymptomatic person in a high trafficked international area (like Disney world) to start a pandemic. Before we only had to pay attention to travel to China. It is now exponentially more difficult if not impossible to screen for contacts from Italy, south Korea, China, and Iran and likely all the unknown places with asymptomatic carriers. The degrees of separation is shrinking rapidly. Also given the death rate of known Coronavirus patients in Iran is at 20 percent right now leaves me to believe that the corona virus is running rampant in Iran and they just don’t have the means or are unable to screen the majority of symptomatic carriers as there is no way this is running a 20 percent kill rate. Iran at this point is likely full blown.
  4. I certainly hope it will resolve by summer. We have a lot of travel plans over the next year. The fact this is spreading pretty well in Singapore where it is hitting 90F on a daily basis is making me think that may not be the case like the seasonal flu. I hope it doesn’t come to eliminating nonessential travel. I estimate it 50k-100k(a totally speculative number with no scientific basis) or more people are dying on a daily basis worldwide, then it may come to worldwide Marshall law. Not sure what numbers would invoke eliminating nonessential travel, but it would likely have to be pretty eye popping to get to that point Only time will tell. We just don’t have enough info on the novel Coronavirus yet to know what it is going to do.
  5. At this point all they can do is slow it down. The fact that it appears Corona can spread without symptoms is what is making this near impossible to contain. Many don’t develop symptoms 7-14 days it seems after their initial known contact with the virus. In that time they infect more. This sadly will become a pandemic and something the world will live with until a vaccine can come along in a year or two at the fastest. The question is how much of life will be put on hold and how will countries continue to shutdown? Will the whole world halt all nonessential travel when this goes pandemic, or will we just travel like normal and hope for the best. Or will the governments take it out of our hands and halt nonessential air traffic and cruises in an effort to slow the disease progression. Only time will tell what will happen. I have absolutely no idea where this goes except the cat’s out of the bag, and it ain’t going back in at this point.
  6. Actually we have found that X sometimes is the same price if not cheaper than RCI for our family of four and comes with perks such as a free beverage package, free grats, OBC, and internet. This is sailing in an inside cabin on an Alaskan 7 night cruise compared to the radiance leaving at the same time with similar ports. We compared 5 night itineraries for NYE cruises and found the Infinity to be cheaper than the RCI options leaving at the same time for this Dec 2020. Also with a beverage package and free grats for 2 and 300 OBC. This is not always the case but it is worth looking into and comparing. We have elite status for X via RCI reciprocity, but it doesn’t because of the beverage packages that are included.
  7. Yes, getting into and out of zodiacs can be difficult for those with back issues. It is well worth it if it’s in your budget as it is truly an incredible experience. The cruise will hopefully be a nice middle ground although it will be a tease to only see Antarctica and not set foot on it. Below is a link to a book I made when we went to Snow Hill Island, Antarctica in 2008. Quark no longer offers this expedition, as it was the only one in the world that allowed you to see Emperor Penguin chicks. I never got around to making a book when we went to South Georgia for a week. The sheer number of penguins in South Georgia is unreal and has to be seen to be believed. https://www.blurb.com/bookshare/app/index.html?bookId=647707
  8. My assumption is there is just a lack of enforceability regarding the Polar Code which was my assumption initially when I had heard X booked cruises for 2022. We have booked the Antarctic Jan 31 2021 cruise cuz I thought it was the last chance for a drive by. I have done expeditions to South Georgia and also to Antarctica, but my wife isn’t too keen on expeditions so I figured this would be the easiest way to get her there with at least some creature comforts.
  9. exactly. It all depends on where the South American ship ends up going for the summer. If it goes to Europe it’s a TA. If it goes to Alaska it goes up the west coast of SA and the US
  10. We did this via the ship. My kids were 3 and 7 at the time. It wasn’t anything exciting but it wasn’t bad. They had some drinks on the catamaran and the crew was super friendly, especially with our 3 year old. They had a blast with her teaching her the “dollar” dance if I remember right. It was worth doing once, but we wouldn’t do it again if we went back.
  11. You can take the grandeur out of Baltimore. It has a small nursery that accommodates 4 babies. It’s nothing fancy but our daughter used it extensively for several years until she was over 3. The adventure and empress unfortunately do not have a nursery. The anthem has one but it seems as though your travel dates coincide with when it is in Europe if you are considering the Oasis.
  12. I do not see VV even remotely competing with the X crowd. The marketing is totally different. The itineraries not remotely the same. Maybe 20-30 years from now as VV has some drift in its initial mission, but definitely not at this point in time. They are just marketing to a completely different crowd and their initial press releases indicate that as well.
  13. looks like the second test is positive as well. Not likely a false positive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN20A06Q Cats out of the bag at This point. Likely many more on that ship infected and now spread out across the globe. I’d say this is going to be endemic and we are just gonna have to slow it down for a year or two in time for a vaccine to come around Along with some other therapies. That being said I doubt this is as deadly as the currently running 2 percent figure. The Diamond Princess will be a real case study of its true virulent nature if they can test everyone on that ship. As in that case they can find out how many are asymptomatic and how many have minimal symptoms that would never have sought medical care. The Diamond princess could be a gold mine of information if used correctly. If it truly is a 2 percent death rate, 8 people at least so far on the diamond princess will eventually die, and that count will only rise as more come back positive.
  14. i agree. I have been on nearly 40 cruises, and the breakaway was miserable. I will not go into full details, but you can checkout a live blog we did of it on our family travel blog. http://thesmallworldfamily.com/ We spent 14 nights on the Breakaway and it’s the first and only time I didn’t have a « great » time on a cruise. It was still a vacation but the ship is poorly designed imo. Feels very crowded all the time.
  15. We found a cruising duck on Summit in Aug out of Cape Liberty. My 4 year old love it.
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