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  1. I’d say many would conversely argue it’s extremely unlikely to be this high for a company with no revenue for the last 3 months and none for the foreseeable future. Gotta love the stock market.
  2. Just be patient. With no revenue coming in, RCL will fall just as fast as it rose until the cruises start back up. Will it hit 20 again. Not likely, but losing 40-50 percent wouldn’t be unreasonable once they stop riding the initial Wall Street wave. What goes up....
  3. I am sorry, but the infirmary on a cruise ship in its current state is nothing like a land hospital in the US. You must be using some pretty sad hospital systems for their ICU care to be on the same level as the infirmary. I will not elaborate on every single nuance, but they are not equivalent. Not in the least.
  4. Here is the list of ships. This list doesn’t include ships without US ports of call. The Diamond and Ruby Princess aren’t even on it And the Diamond is the most famous. By my count 14 confirmed ships on the list and 12 ships with people becoming positive within 14 days disembarkation. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/cruise-ship/what-cdc-is-doing.html And this was before the virus became An all out raging inferno in the US and Latin America. The media had moved on from cruise ships by the time the cruise ships were getting totally nailed. Most don’t even know about the biggest disaster of all them, the Ruby Princess.
  5. This. They can only send so many ships up north. There is only so much of a market for fall foliage cruises. If they send all their ships on northern TAs, it then takes another repo cruise to get them to back to FL where they want and need them to be in the winter. I agree that it would be nice to have maybe 1-2 more Northern TAs per season (I was booked on the Brilliance TA the day it came out. Crushed when I cancelled it in May) but RCI clearly runs the numbers and it’s not in their favor to do a bunch of northern TAs for whatever reason.
  6. The 7 day rolling average is more indicative of what is currently happening and not historically. Sweden is not bottoming out like most countries have started to, even the us. They are just continuing to hover while all the other countries in Europe are getting to the end of their curves, they are stuck in limbo land. They should be on the same curve as Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and they are basically done. Instead the are just hovering.
  7. The article regarding Sweden was referring to the 7 day average. Sweden’s rolling 7 day average of per capita deaths is higher than anyone not name “USA”
  8. Agree, however, This works if there is no contact tracing. Covid 19 is currently being treated like STDs and some other diseases in which of someone tests positive they are contacting close contacts. If someone tests positive on land 2-3 days after a cruise.... well all bets are off as to what happens on the next cruise, especially if there is b2b passengers. Noro has and never will be contact traced.
  9. I think that is the current strategy. Ignorance is bliss. If they only have people onboard for 3-4 days they would need to rely on public health agencies or the passenger contacting the cruiselines that a previous passenger has become positive shortly after cruising and then contacting the couple thousand pax and seeing if there is a trend of many coming back positive shortly after the cruise. Basically pass the buck and don’t do anything until it comes to your attention after disembarkation. The issue then becomes the back to back sailors. That’s what got the grand princess in trouble was the people doing B2B that passed it onto the next group after the previous disembarked. They may need to eliminate b2b as well.
  10. Interesting article. Having to have a port every day would definitely make scheduling difficult. Obviously would eliminate the TAs. In the short term though, it definitely lends to the 3 night Bahamas routes. That’s about all you could do and maybe the Mediterranean where everything is super close together. Possibly some short south East Asian routes, and maybe domestic Australia. not sure what else you could do if you had to hit a port every day. Maybe some repeat ports would allow you to go far away and back without sea days. That way if you went around the caribbean you could double back and hit up the same ports again if needed.
  11. I agree. Marketing for X is now geared toward the mid age professional with kids about 10-18 or even the young professional without kids. Not the 60+ crowd anymore. The EDGE is clearly not aimed at the 60+ demographic. Simply stating X will do it well before RCI ever does something on that level.
  12. RCI demographic is not that of world cruising. They target the young family millennial demographic these days. Much higher chance that at some point X may venture into the market that HAL and PCL seem to primarily dominate of the retired with all the time in the world crowd. Not the young professional/family/millennial generation with limited PTO.
  13. Given everything happening, I wonder if “repatriation insurance” could become A thing and an add on to travel insurance and required For cruising?? May be some way for the cruise lines to reduce the cost of repatriation and quarantined.
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