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  1. What was this functionality? I do not keep up with Princess ships.
  2. This math actually changes based on the perk. With 300 OBC, it is just $110 for 7 days of BP. 110/7/2= 7.14 per package per day. Plus 14, so really $21/day if you pick the $300 OBC as the OBC is straight cash back in your pocket rather than $29.
  3. We are in the camp that from 2010-2018 only cruised on ships with nurseries. That meant DCL, RCI, or NCL. NCL only has one ship with a nursery so we never used it. We spent thousands of dollars on the nursery, however, we did not spend that much on the rest of the ship, although we are likely the exception. We don't do specialty, don't gamble, and only use our Diamond drinks. But again, it is unlikely we represent the majority of cruisers spending habits. That being said, you are only freeing up at best 4-16 families (the Oasis Class can hold 16, the Grandeur holds 4). The revenue increase from allowing just that handful of families, compared to utilizing the space for a specialty restaurant is minor. The sports courts, flow riders, ice rinks, service MANY more people (practically the entire PAX complement outside of the physically disabled) than the small nurseries. From all our time of cruising with small kids, I would say the majority of people cruising with small children tend to bring grandparents along. We definitely felt in the minority from talking with other parents with small children by not having grandparents with us. That's just not a possibility for us. Don't get me wrong. WE LOVE THE NURSERY, we just continually questioned it's viability as there were many times it was our kids personal nursery. It was awesome because they got so much attention from the staff there, but we were scared they would get cut due to the lack of interest. From all our time of spending in the nurseries (our kids are diamond on their own points, and we are diamond plus), the nurseries only get full during spring break, summer break, and holidays sailings for the most part. I think it was very rare for it to be full except maybe on the formal nights on any off season cruise. Also a sea day toward the end of the cruise. The nurseries get used much more toward the end of the cruise as parents tire of entertaining a toddler or baby toward the end. I don't doubt they help improve the bottom line, but it is likely insignificant compared to a bar or specialty restaurant. I can almost guarantee they would have stuck it in the Explorer and Adventure when they were scheduled to have them back in the early 2010's with the "Royal Advantage" refits they were doing at the time, but when they came out of dry dock they were strangely missing. They stick specialty restaurants in any nook and cranny they can find. We had to cancel a cruise on the Explorer that we had booked at the time because it was supposed to get one, and thankfully someone on CC mentioned it randomly didn't get it when it came out of dry dock. We felt so bad for a couple on the Adventure that just assumed it had a nursery, and their heart sank when they got on board and realized it did not have one. Jewel was never scheduled to have a nursery. I can understand the Brilliance and Vision class not getting them. They aren't really marketed to families, but the Voyager class ships like the Adventure and Explorer definitely are, and it is always jarring for the parents that go on those to discover there is no nursery onboard. If they were true money makers, they'd stick them on every ship like they have done with the specialty restaurants. It's a great way to get younger families cruising, but ultimately as a sheer revenue driver, a specialty restaurant or bar would make much more.
  4. I doubt it’s changed as well however, I don’t exactly think this is a huge money maker. At least compared to the other options of what the space could be used for. The nursery on the Anthem holds a maximum of 12 babies. At 6 dollars an hour during the day at max capacity you are looking at 72/hr or in the evening at 8/hr of 96/hr of revenue. On smaller ships they can hold a max of 4 babies. That is 24-32/hr of revenue. An hour on the anthem barely covers what a specialty dining for two would be and on smaller ships wouldn’t even cover one meal at a specialty restaurant. And the nurseries often do not run at max capacity. The nursery is such a low money maker it didn’t even get installed on some ships despite the ships when they went in for dry dock were scheduled to get a nursery. You could argue that that the parents are out and about spending money on the ship and thus increasing spending that way, but I suspect the number crunchers found that the nurseries were not the most effective use of the space, hence why some ships were never retrofitted with a nursery despite there being plans to do so.
  5. Private messaging is not allowed on CC unfortunately. that would be bizarre for them to have changed it to only be with a parent. If they did you would think it would be fleet wide change and not an individual ship. If it was changed, that would be unfortunate as we used the nursery from its inception in 2010 all the way till our youngest aged out in 2018. Our kids loved it and the counselors were always great. We have not used it since 2018 so unfortunately do not have recent experience if there was a change.
  6. Oh it definitely was in effect for a while. Might have been in 2008 or 2009. Can’t quite remember but It was like 70 dollars extra a person if I remember right. We didn’t have much money at the time and that extra $140 really hurt
  7. I guarantee it was because of the hurricane. We always book first and apply the FCC later so that’s not it. When I first had my TA attempt to apply the FCC, on A KSF she even stated that they had been very lenient about the terms due to hurricane Harvey but because it was not issued because of the hurricane that they may not allow it. There is zero transferability on the FCC. None. Nada. Zip. We desperately wanted to use it for me and DW so we could use it on another sailing (not doubling up), as we had such a hard time finding a non KSF sailing. Thankfully we booked the Arctic crossing TA on the brilliance when it released and there was no KSF nor was there ever as it totally sold out three months after release and was never elligible for KSF. It would be a total loss of the originally named person does not use it in time, which seems very variable based on conditions and what agent or resolutions person you get.
  8. That is incredible. How did you argue that you could use it. Me and my TA spent countless emails trying to get them to let us apply the FCC for my kids on a KSF sailing and it was a STONEWALL. The only exception they said they would make is if it was for a hurricane related sailing. I can’t remember which one it was. It might have been Harvey, but unless I got some FCC from that they refused. It was the most frustrating things, as they just repeatedly stated it CANNOT be used for port fees and taxes. I continually argued, I shouldn’t have been issued one for my kids then and should have just been given my deposit back as i was putting a deposit on them toward port fees and taxes so why should I be issued an FCC for Port fees and taxes as they are fully refundable. It was insanely frustrating. When i posted on CC last year to voice my frustrations most of the community was also confused how I was issued an FCC for kids as they don’t have a fare. Many on here never use KSF and don’t realize you still have to pay a deposit and still have to pay port fees. I am still livid about it and am curious how you got them to apply it. To further frustrate me, after they at least made the exception to allow me to book by a year, letting them agree to what they stated in their email was also comical as they continually argued I could not do that despite me forwarding their email in which they stated just that. Another spectacular example of RCI’s consistently inconsistent policies. I really would like to know how you convinced them to let you use your FCC toward a KSF sailing though as in the terms and conditions it does explicitly state cannot be used toward port fees and taxes.
  9. Thats great. RCI even tried to argue against us DESPITE me forwarding the emails from the resolutions dept giving us the exemption of the sail within a year rule. It took literally a week of arguing and reforwarding TWICE the email that stated they would allow us to use the FCC if booked within a year, instead of sailing in a Year to get it applied. We almost left RCI for good given the difficulty of applying the FCC. Their CS has really fallen in the last several years.
  10. You can see over the top of the lifeboats on the one we got, but if you are short the view isn’t awesome, but you can see the ocean. Ours is very similar to what the poster above posted.
  11. Try FCC must used in one year. Not just booked. To further make matters difficult. If you are cruising with kids on a KSF offer. You will be issued an FCC as you did have to put a deposit for the kids despite them not having a fare. You still have to pay port fees and taxes for kids. You cannot use an FCC toward port fees and taxes and that makes it very difficult to use an FCC if you primarily use the KSF promo. Thankfully we booked a TA which was not eligible for KSF and used it on that but otherwise we were about to lose our FCC. Our TA was able to extend the use through much arguing about the difficulty in using it with the KSF to where we only had to BOOK and not SAIL within a year. But YMMV in getting that exception made.
  12. I would have to agree. NCL has come a long way. It is the definition of nickel and dining though. having just been on the revolutionized summit this year and the NCL Breakaway last year, the overall aesthetic of the ship was very nice and very comparable. I felt the food was better on celebrity in the MdR. Shanghai’s was an excellent free venue as was O sheehans. O Sheehans is the best free comfort food venue on any cruiseline I have ever been on and I have done all the mainstream primarily English speaking except Costa and MSC. The gap is not nearly as wide as it was. That’s for sure.
  13. I agree that NCL has excellent night time entertainment options... if you can get a seat. There is a reason those entertainment options s are offered 2-4 nights a cruise (at least on our 14 night Ta). It’s just so every can see it as the venues are so small you have to arrive 45 minutes early to get a seat. The waterfront is awesome.... if the weather is not 40 degrees and windy outside. For cold itineraries, the Breakaway class ship is not ideal. I cannot speak about smaller NCL ships or the newer breakaway plus class which I heard has fixed some of the issues with the Breakaway class.
  14. I would agree. My wife just went on a cruise with 4 brand new cruisers, as in NEVER cruises before, and she is Diamond Plus. She spent nearly nothing. They bought an internet package, some pictures, tons of drinks, and just spent way more. We went on a cruise with a couple in February who had never cruises before. They bought the drink package, internet package, and lots of other random things on the ship. We didn’t even spend our TA obc. While this is anecdotal evidence, the vast majority of people who do something for the first time don’t know the tricks to save money, whether it be Disney world, a football game, or a cruise. Experience is something that only comes with time. No other way to get experience.
  15. I agree. It's definitely worth it. My parents drug me around the world my whole youth, and now I'm paying it back. There are times on those long haul 13-14 hours flights I am regretting that decision but the memories are unforgettable. Along with the fact that while they don't realize it, just being exposed to the different cultures makes an impact over time. When I was traveling it was back when letters were the primary form of communication. I kept up with some friends for a year or so, but letters were much harder to keep up. These days we make friends all the time on the ships and with facebook and social media, everyone is a friend for life!
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