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  1. Depends on the ship. Most have a nursery these days for 6mo-3years. It’s 6-8 dollars an hour depending on the time but we’ll worth it.
  2. I guess it depends on your opinion of mass market. While they are more niche than CCL, NCL, and RCL, they still cater to very similar demographics in many cases. Especially in the off season. HAL and Princess definitely aren’t into the 3-4 day market, but their 7 day Caribbean cruises 7 day Alaskans can garner a reasonable amount of families. Anecdotally, one of my friends had booked his first cruise for his family of 5, which was a 7 day princess Caribbean cruise for last April despite me telling them that they would be better off with RCL,NCL, or CCL as they have young kids (as do we). B
  3. We have cruises with our kids since they were 9 months and 15 months old respectively and have traveled extensively around the world with them since they were very young (precovid). You will get many opinions on here regarding traveling with infants and toddlers. You know your family best. We started a non monetized blog (there are no ads) for family travel for a short bit with several articles regarding traveling with babies and kids. http://www.thesmallworldfamily.com Haven’t updated it in a while but the articles are still highly relevant to traveling an
  4. Princess and HAL are mainstream even though they do cater to an older demographic they are still lumped with the other mainstream cruiselines. There is still a fair amount of crossover between Princess and HAL and the other cruiselines in terms of passengers. The mainstream US cruiselines are HAL, Princess, Carnival, RCL, X, NCL,CCL, And Disney.
  5. Can any of the RCI ships cruise the Nile? I think it’s really only the river cruise ships that can fit in the Nile to get to Luxor. I could easily be wrong , but I don’t think the Nile can accommodate large cruise ships.
  6. We were booked on that cruise. It was the 2020 TA for the brilliance. It also stopped in Norway. That is an incredibly rare itinerary. As in that was the only time it has ever popped up with those stops for the Northern TA. There has been none for 2021. Celebrity last I checked a while ago has something similar but with less stops in Greenland and no Norway. I question if RCI will ever offer that cruise again.
  7. While the vast majority may have been negatively financially impacted, I know many that are doing better now than ever before (401k/403b Included). People who were lucky enough to not lose their jobs and work from home or were considered essential continued to bring income and at the same time reduced expenditures down to zero due to lack of eating out, entertainment, vacations, etc. While the vast majority have been negatively impacted there is a sizable portion who is doing better than ever. Just look at the contractors. They’ve never been busier in their lives with all the
  8. Agree. That has a zero percent chance of happening.
  9. The bigger surprise these days would be a lack of a cancellation.
  10. As much as I want to cruise, the chance of having an outbreak is considerably higher than not at this point given that nearly Every cruise that has tried to take off has been interrupted and had issues. Like I have been saying since the beginning, what have cruiselines and the world done to make an outbreak less likely now than back in March before this was a widespread pandemic? Without a vaccine or miracle cure cruiselines will basically need to totally revamp cruise ship design to have significantly improved ventilation, and increased space in crew and pax spaces on t
  11. Well this far practically every cruise line other than TUI (just a matter of time), that has started sailing has had a a pax test positive or an out break. The first one out of Alaska just did. Paul Gauguin, and Hurtigruten and also SeaDream. These ships were carrying between 400ish to 37 pax. I’d say the implications are that these issues are not making the CDC any more likely to clear cruise ships. Looks like the name of the game is to cancel the cruise the moment someone is positive and quarantine all the pax to cabins. Given how few cruises are sailing and that the
  12. Yep. I live in rural KY, and while I do not believe people are actually moving to our area, the real estate market has exploded here, especially the larger 3000-4000 sq ft home market. Prior to the pandemic these homes average time on the market could be years as the population of our area year over year is shrinking and there is no one to buy these homes. Since May when things started opening up, the supply has disappeared. Homes that sat for 2 years have all sold and anything in that size range is under contract in 1-2 weeks if that even. It’s unbelievable. While our population
  13. Agree. I am a die hard traveler and typically spend at least 3 months a year or more traveling, about half of which is on cruise ships. I am relatively young and have no risk factors, and the longer this goes on the less and less likely I am to travel as much, when this hopefully gets to the point where international travel is at least somewhat feasible. I have taken a two week vacation to see all the national parks in ND, SD, WY, and MT, a one week vacation to Orlando, and have a weekend in New Orleans coming up, all requiring plane flights and even I am starting to question cru
  14. Looks like Paul Gauguin first cruise with international travelers (has one cruise before with only domestic travelers) is testing positive now. Between Hurtigruten and now Paul Gauguin having Outbreaks with smaller ships mainstream Cruises ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. 😞 https://thepointsguy.com/news/paul-gauguin-cruise-ship-covid-crisis/
  15. Our group won progressive on our Australian/NZ which came with a basket of stuff including water bottles and a plaque. I actually won a Tshirt on Spin to win which I felt was like winning the lottery given the odds of win I g anything of those free spin to wins.
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