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  1. If I remember right the nursery hours on the Oasis were from 9AM till midnight. They were pretty much continuous unlike the other ships. They open early if you have a shore excursion you’d like to make dont have to bring food. They provide food. Just diapers. They have wipes as well. Just need diapers and I typically had a change of clothes in case there was an accident.
  2. TAs can sell out, however, the ones that sell out are typically the Northern westbound TA that typically has a stop in Iceland and in 2020 will include Greenland. This sold out about 3-4 months after release. TAs with exotic stops can sell out, but typically if it’s the standard Canary Islands or Malaga, Valencia, And other Spanish cities sometimes they can take some steep discounts after final payment to sell them out.
  3. Can totally sympathize. Have missed many ports over the years, including Dublin, Puerto Madryn, and half the landings on an expedition to South Georgia Island to name a few. It totally sucks and can be highly disappointing, but sadly it’s part of travel.
  4. We have a lot of tips on our blog http://www.thesmallworldfamily.com hasnt been updated in sometime as it was just too time intensive to keep up. It is non monetized with no TA links or advertisements. We were homeschooling for a short bit so we could travel more, but for the times we go and have not been homeschooling, we do a lot of work on the road (we sometimes have to drive quite a bit to a cruise port) or on the plane and finish the rest on sea days when there isn’t much on the schedule. Probably the main piece of advice is to make use of the nursery and kids club. With so few kids it’s very personalized and the counselors really grow attached to the kids and vice versa. Not as important as a cruise with more kids, but make sure your kids go on the first day as that’s when everyone is new and when cliques form. With the nursery you won’t be fighting for nursery hours as there are typically very few babies. The nursery becomes your own private baby sitting service. Some ships are obviously more kid friendly than others so it helps to pick a ship with more amenities, but not essential. The kids club is excellent at keeping them occupied. A TA is one of the easiest vacations imo, as unlike port intensive cruises there isn’t a Lot morning where you are rushing to get them fed and off the boat so it’s pretty relaxing. The only advice I’d have is to just develop a routine. When you hit the streak of 7 sea days or something like that you can get a routine real fast as all the activities you enjoy doing tend to be around the same time every day. We love trivia and we’d have a routine revolving around that. if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We are booked on the 15 nrt brilliance arctic TA leaving Sept 2, 2020 that stops in Iceland, Norway and Greenland as the next TA that we do. Did it in 2014 when it did Iceland, France, Ireland, England and the Faroe Islands. It was a great time and this route looks even better.
  5. We’ve done 3 TAs and one repo with our two kids ranging from ages of sailing of 13 months to 7 years old. The hours are the same. The groups sometimes are combined as there are often only 20 kids or so max. they still have adventure time dining and my family time dining so that’s good. Overall my kids love it as they really get to know the counselors well.
  6. The least number of kids we have ever had was on the Norwegian Breakaway last Oct TA from Copenhagen to NYC. Six kids TOTAL of which two of the six were mine.
  7. We used the nursery extensively from 2011-2018 when we finally phased out of it. We loved it and our kids spent countless hours there. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask as we used it on all classes of ships and each is a little different in size and hours.
  8. For Copenhagen we stayed at the steel house, which was a luxury hostel and loved it. May not be for you, but for our family of four we loved it. It was spotlessly clean and nicer than most hotels we’ve stayed at. You can read about our days in Copenhagen on our blog. It is not monetized and has no TA or outside links. https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/01/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-2/
  9. Yep. The spend all their paint budget painting the Oasis class ships.
  10. The hull must have been painted Between mar 28th and apr 6th as it was incredibly rusty. Me and several other passengers were highly disappointed that the ship didn’t have more improvements in the dry dock especially a basic coat of paint and window washing. They were washing windows during our cruise however, which I appreciated. The carpet in our cabin definitely had stains and it was a suite and the main hallways also. From my observation and confirmation with the crew they did not do anything in dry dock. But the crew and concierges has been wrong many times before, and maybe the stains just appeared in the short time span. Which spaces in your opinion were replaced? I thought the MDR chairs looked new, but other than that everything else seemed about the same. There was also no “new carpet” smell on ships post dry dock that I normally can detect. the ship was very clean but other than that and maybe MDR chairs, it seemed the same to me, but I could easily be wrong but it looked pretty worn to me in some venues. I can guarantee the suite carpet in 8000 was not replaced though. That I am sure of based on the condition, stains, and wear. (I do sit ups and push ups in my cabin and get a real up close and personal look of that).
  11. Comparing NYC pricing to a cruise is not even remotely an apples to apples comparison. The more reasonable comparison is London or Tokyo.
  12. We were on the Grandeur right after the dry dock. There were no cosmetic changes that I could detect. I asked the concierge and they said it was for marine maintenance. No other changes. They didn’t even clean the windows or put on a. New coat of paint on the exterior.
  13. Thank you for the kind words. We were hoping to keep it more up to date, but life gets in the way. Cruising with littles ones isn’t nearly as easy as cruising without them. However, not having to clean and cook is worth the cost of admission alone imo. The rest is just gravy.
  14. The adventure does not have a nursery. We just took our 3 now 4 year old daughter on it last Sept along with our 7 year old son. It was on our blog You can read about our whole cruise on a day by day basis here. It is not monetized and has no advertising. https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/09/01/canada-and-new-england-cruise-live-blog-day-2/
  15. As far as I know, Disney does not own DreamWorks. Fox does not own dreamworks, and therefore it was not acquired during the Fox Deal. . DreamWorks is owned by NBCUniversal last I remember, but am not 100% sure.
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