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  1. did you actually get to the last page of the booking where you type in The names? Many times the KSF discount doesn’t show up till the last page. Sometimes it will before, but sometimes you have to go almost to the end to get it to appear.
  2. Is that the Grandeur? If so we may book it. Also looking at a couple X cruises out of FL, but Baltimore is only 6.5 hours driving vs a plane flight so the convenience is tempting.
  3. Great idea. Maybe I will just tell our current TA to always send me the RCI invoice omg with theirs. Although we have been doing some more bouncing with TAs lately so I just need to remember to request from what Ta we are currently using. These days we have what I call our go to Baseline TA perks and we have been letting other TAs compete and on an occasion we find something with a group rate. For some reason, and it could be that we are doing more X than RCI lately, we have been doing better than our typically 10 percent back in OBC. Not sure if it’s RCI vs X and their commission rates or for some reason X has more groups but before when booking RCI we rarely beat 10 percent back in OBC, but lately either the cruise price is notably lower due to group rate or we get notably more perks than before.
  4. Most TAs I have worked with have separate invoices from RCI. When booking with a big box TA, or just a smaller TA I don’t think I have ever seen the RCI invoice. In this case the TA is responsible for sending a correct invoice. Our TA (who has messed up in the past regarding this same issue) now has in BRIGHT BOLD RED letters when it is Nonrefundable. Prior to our incident she had never had refundable vs non refundable on there. Ideally the TA sends a correct invoice but that may not always be the case, and the OP TA may not have sent a correct invoice.
  5. Don’t forget Bayonne and Baltimore and Galveston. I’d say pretty much any US port in the non peak is diamond loaded at this point. we just sailed out of Sydney on the Ovation in Nov. not even 200 P,D+, and D. The lounges were pretty empty even during happy hour.
  6. Yep. We are D+ and for the first time in 10 years only have 1 RCI cruise booked for the future. The only reason we haven’t cancelled it is that it’s the Brilliance Arctic TA on Sept 2, 2020 that hits Norway, Iceland, and Greenland. It sold out in 4 months and is so unique we just can’t justify cancelling it. Otherwise we have 3 cruises booked on X right now and two independent land vacations. We have found the endlessly degrading product of RCI frustrating. We will still sail on them when the price, dates and itinerary fit, but we have moved away from It being our go to option. The tired itineraries, poor ship maintenance (especially the enchantment), worsening food, and declining service have made us slowly move on. RCi doesn’t want us anyway. We spend too little. They need the first time cruisers to fill their boats and buy everything. Not the veterans that know every trick to reduce onboard spend.
  7. You are confusing me for the OP and combining bits and pieces of mine and the OP story. Ultimately, in my situation as well as the OP situation the TA is primarily at fault. If you read all my posts, RCI would not budge regarding the TA error and neither would my TA. We left our TA taking our bookings with us. A month or two later when our FCC was still not issued, we contacted RCI and they issued the FCC for $600 AND refunded 500 onto my CC. We came out $100 ahead of our $1000 deposit (we had 4 $250 deposits)Somehow our TA through the pestering likely confused RCI. Given her efforts, For future cruises we did go back to her as she did get our money back and more.
  8. What is the date? Some dates in Nov are blocked out. Also rooms that hold 3 and 4 are a different category and are more expensive. We use KSF a lot. At least 3-5 times a year. It truly is free except grats, taxes and port fees.
  9. I agree. I have definitely nearly cried over some missed activities and landings in the past. Fjordland National Park and Taeri Gorge would not be one of them. That being said I’ve been to NZ twice now and enjoyed greatly both times. Next time I go back I’d like to do an independent land vacation for two weeks so I can see more. Qantas just stated that if they end up doing the SYD-JFK 19 hour route they will use 12 A350-1000 for the route. They haven’t ordered them yet, but they are getting there. It was between that and the new not yet launched 777x, but the A350 won our. Big win for Airbus there. World is getting smaller by the day.
  10. This is EXACTLY the type of excursion I would do. If the Ovation had stopped there on the Nov 13th Cruise, and I did not have our 4 year old and 8 year old with us, I woulda been all about it. I always look for unique and different excursions. (Albeit it’s is hard these days with two kids). But I can totally understand why people went as I very easily could have been one of them. Based on the description of the tour and past success rate I would have 100 percent signed up if the Ovation stopped there as the risk seemed low to nonexistent given no one had died there before. I am all about adventure but there is a point where the risk out weighs the excitement. I will never climb Mt. Everest. The death rate is just inacceptable from all my research into it. But I’d do Kilimanjaro or a trek to Everest Base camp. Some will climb Mount Everest and die trying. Everyone has a different risk assessment they will tolerate. The issue is when acts of god occur or when the risk may be higher than the purveyed risk by the operator.
  11. I think that would be the “smart” thing for cruise lines to do. It would remove their liability as once you step off that boat, you are a free and independent individual capable of making your own choices. It is not RCI’s job to babysit you in port. RCI’s only responsibility would be to keep you “reasonably” safe on the ship, maintain safety at the maritime standards, and perform maintenance per regulation, and not dock in any place with an unreasonable amount of danger. However, that would not be the “smart” money decision. That 30% cut they take for those cruise excursions really pad their bottom line. I suspect RCI and all cruise lines will start eliminating excursions with a notable amount of elevated danger and just let the Pax book independently for anything with a larger than normal amount of inherent risk. They will lose some profits, but at the same time limit liability.
  12. Yes, those Somalian Pirates can be a pain in the gulf of Aden. Thankfully nothing happened on our Repo on the Ovation. Better safe than sorry for certain.
  13. It would help us on the forums if you could tell us what the staff is doing on the ship. I was just on the ship from Nov 13-23. How is The Captain from Bergen Norway managing (Henrick was his name?)? He ALWAYS eats breakfast at the Solarium bistro, and is super friendly. How is the CD? What are they doing that is “trolling”? That would help us understand the frustration.
  14. I get you are frustrated that you missed two ports because RCI made a questionable decision by endorsing this excursion. You are upset that you missed Dunedin and the Sounds. That is frustrating. Whats even more frustrating is 16 people died, and many more are critical and more likely to die. That is REALLY frustrating. If it’s any consolation, I have done a lot of traveling. Taeri Gorge and the Sounds don’t even crack the top 25. Go see the Norwegian Fjords, or Glacier Bay in Alaska. Go see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, or Zion National Park in the US. Go see Antarctica, South Georgia Island. Go see the Amalfi Coast. Go see Ireland or Iceland. I can list off many more that are more impressive than the Sounds and Taeri Gorge so try not to feel too bad about it. Especially considering some lost there lives and will never see ANYTHING again at all.
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