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  1. The inside Cabin we had was very small. There wass only a small desk (with mirror), stool and the beds. We had the beds arranged in quen bed fashion. The bathroon (especially the shower) was large. While the smallest inside we have ever had, it was very functional. We liked it very much and would not hesitate booking it again.
  2. 1) We hab Cabin 8171. It is in the rear below the aft pool area. We liked it very much. Although if you want to sleep late (like past 8 ), there can be a very small bit of chair noise from the deck chairs above. Really not very noticeable. Other than once or twice we never heard it. 2) yes the cups for the Freestyle soda have arrived. They worked really well. Although the Coke dispenser broke the last few days and we had to go to the bar for Coke refills. All the other Freestyle beverages worked. Just not the coke. 3) The Freestyle dining is on the lower (deck 2) level. At least once, be sure to walk up the stairs to the upper dining room. You get a very diferent perspecive on the dining room from the upper level.
  3. I am sure you will have a grand time sailing on the NS. Some items to consider: 1) If you have anytime dining, the serving duo at table 22 and 16 are great. 2) The gent who does the EXC talks is very good. He is also available in the explorers lounge at various time to answer questions about the ports. I encourage you to engage his services. He is a very cordial and a wealth of port knowledge. 3) Our Cruise was the last for this set of Lincoln Center Artitst. you will have a new set. 4) Our cruise was the first week for the group in the the Rolling Stone. They are very good. 5) The "Ask the Captain Chats" are very interesting. 6) Lobster is available in the Lido on the second Gala night. 7) The fish, lobster and scallops in the MDR were fabulous. Perfectly cooked and temp when served. Oddly enuff, the shrimp missed the mark and were only so-so. 8 ) The ship smells like a new!
  4. HI All, Wondeful cruise! Here are some quick thoughts: MDR - Excellent Service and food. Best we have had in 7+ cruises. The Gala (Valentines Day) meal of lobster and fliet mignon was outstanding. Possible the best meal we have had on land or sea. Matre D told us the lobster was fresh and taken onboard that day. It was excellent and cooked perfectly. Entertainment - Lincoln Center was Outstanding. BB King, Rolling Stones, and Dueling Pianos were very good as well. We enjoyed the music venues so much we never made it to a show in the world stage. Crew - Just Wonderful. I really think HAL has the best crews afloat. Cabin - We hand an interior on Deck 8. Small, but serviceable and comfy. We really liked our "cozy" interior cabin. Lido Buffet - Very Nice. Lobster on Gala Night and a "suckling pig" one night. I had an excellent flank steak there. Ship Decor - Not our favorite but not obectionable either. By the end of the week it was growing on us. Except the decor in the Ocean's Bar. It drove me nuts. Ship Layout - If going from older HAL ships to this one, the layout takes a bit of gettting used to. By mid week we were only going the wrong way about once a day....Okay maybe twice. 🙂 Favorite Cool Thing: The 4 Beer Taps on the Lido where you swipe your room key and fill your own beer glass. You are billed by the ounce. It was Great! Crowds: The Lido and the rear pool did get pretty crowded a few times. For the Lido, we just came back in 30 minutes. For the rear deck, we found somewhere else to chill. All in all a really nice cruise.
  5. Tomorrow we will be arriving at the NS about 1330. Should our cabin be ready by then? Also we would like to carry on our luggage. Is this an option at Port Everglades? Thanks Dan
  6. Hi Team, We are heading out on the NS this Sunday. We have the Quench Beverage Cards. I have read conflicting accounts as to whether you can use the Quench Bev Card for "fancy" coffees at the Dutch Cafe. Anyone know if we can use the Quench Beverage Card for Fancy Coffee at the Dutch Cafe on the the NS? Thanks Dan
  7. Hi All, Can the Quench Beverage Cards be used for Coffee's at the Dutch Cafe? Thanks Dan P.S. Thanks tons for answer all our questions.
  8. We are using HAL. Was hoping for Priority on the way back. Last time on HMC, near departure time there was a reasonable line to return tho the ship.
  9. The wording from the TA indicated it was for both. However, I need to specifically ask.
  10. Hi Team, On our upcoming HAL sailing, we have been offered to upgrade from an interior (Guarantee) to a Verandah for $500. Thoughts on whether this is a good deal? Thanks Dan
  11. Hi All, We reserved a Cabana on Half Moon Cay. The reservation says we get Priority Tender boarding. I had a few questions about Priority Tender Boarding and was hoping you all could help me with answers. 1) To depart the ship, how is Priority Boarding Handled? Is there a line for normal and "Priority"? 2) When we return to he ship do we still get Prioirity Boarding? Thanks for your time Dan
  12. Thanks to all for the infor. Sure would be nice if the Explorer's Cafe opened at 6:30 on the NS also.
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