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  1. True. I won't pretend to know which changes will be permanent. Part of it will depend on societal norms. If we, the people, decide to never voluntarily get within 3-6 feet of anyone without a specific reason, that will have endless ripple effects everywhere - including cruise ships.
  2. I think you're right about this - at least in the short run. I see only two ways to deal with it: Cut the number of crew. That would cut the number of passengers that can be held by at least half. Take some passenger rooms out of the inventory and allocate it to the crew. This would, I estimate, cut down the number of available cabins by 15 to 20%. It's another thing cruise lines will have to deal with when they start sailing again. Speaking of sailing again, in regards to the question in the title of this thread, I don't feel good at all about any October sailings happening (including mine). Carnival needs a lot to go right quickly in order to make that deadline, and they're running out of time.
  3. A couple of things that caught my eye: Several positions are flagged as being for Holland America and they only want Thai nationals. Is that a hint at where they're heading when they first start cruising again? Perhaps it's corporate preference? Or perhaps it's just a coincidence? From the Dining Service Attendant job description: In the Main Dining Room the DSA will support the operation by greeting guests with a warm smile, escorting guests to their tables, running food from the galley to waiter stations, resetting tables, and delivering orders for In Room Dining. (emphasis mine) I was thinking about how hard it is to figure out if my friendly DSA is actually smiling when he/she is wearing a you know what.
  4. Table sharing was never my thing. I prefer to meet people elsewhere. I don't see it coming back without a vaccine.
  5. The stakes are high, but the cruise lines have to try. The alternative is slowly bleeding cash and dying. Is the world ready for cruising under these limitations? Who knows? It seems we'll find out fairly soon.
  6. Hi. Michigan again. Work seems to be going well. We all seem to have an agreement not to do stupid stuff. That's a nice little bubble that's formed. I ventured outside my bubbles twice this week. My dentist seemed to be well prepared for customers and their safety. I felt very safe there. The grocery store was pretty much the same as it has been since March - almost everyone in masks, one-way aisles, and spot shortages. The 7-day moving average in cases is approaching 500 - bad compared to where we were, but good compared to most of the rest of the country. The big news is that our Governor has tightened the mask order. They're required to be worn indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Businesses must refuse entry to those without masks who don't have an exemption.
  7. Most others here have given specific answers in regards to cancellations related to the permanent pandemic. I prefer to give a more general answer. The general answer is... it depends. I've seen cancellations the day of a cruise, and I've seen cancellations over a year out. The longer the notice given, the more compensation you'll be given - generally.
  8. While any disposal of a functional ship makes me a little sad, I don't think it's all that bad - at least compared to what we've already heard. According to the announcement: 1 was sold in June. I assume this was the Costa Victoria. 5 have agreements to be "disposed of". I recently heard about the P&O Oceana; I assume this one is in this group. 3 have preliminary agreements to be "disposed of". I haven't heard anything about any of these. 4 were sales announced prior to FY 2020. I could probably find them, but I'm too lazy. A little help here would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, everyone, for sharing. I have little to add. I've heard that Costa and MSC have started the hiring process. And AIDA plans to start a few cruises near Germany next month, so they'll need to procure staff soon if they haven't already.
  10. Yeah, it's kind of tough to see. But from what little I know about that crowd, they're a practical lot. They don't go around nekkid everywhere, all the time - even on the ship or at a resort. Not my thing, but the next BN cruise looks to be in February. I would imagine it's in some jeopardy.
  11. Since AIDA is a Carnival Corporation line and the board dedicated to it here is all but dead, I decided to put what I found here. I found out that AIDA is offering some special cruises in August that are ready to be booked. They also have some new procedures in place. It's all located at https://www.aida.de/kreuzfahrt/angebote-buchen/leinen-los.40236.html . The page is in German, so if that's not one of the languages you can easily understand, you should run it through your favorite translator to get the gist of it. The cruises are all for three days, all from different German ports, and all are cruises to nowhere. I'm pretty sure they're open only to German travelers. These are some points that I found of interest about how they intend to handle these cruises: Passengers provide a health questionnaire and are temperature checked upon embarkation If you live in, or have traveled to a region that's considered "hot", you'll have to present a recent negative test Check-in and check-out times are both pre-booked and strictly enforced. Passengers need to reserve seats for all restaurants on the app prior to the trip No health note required, but it is suggested to consult a doctor before cruising if you have one or more of the conditions that we've heard about throughout this pandemic Guest Services only wants to handle limited issues in person; for the rest, it's recommended to call Come to the restaurant or bar wearing your you-know-what. It doesn't have to be worn at the table No self-service buffet, of course There will be shows. Social distance, of course - performers from passengers, and passengers from each other Passengers will have to wear their you-know-what before, during, and after all shows Bingo and art auctions made the cut, among other things Pool parties and discos (haven't heard that term much since 1979) did not make the cut Some wellness services are available - the spa, hairdresser, nail care, and massages were specifically mentioned Mentioned as not being available are the sauna and facials The fitness area is open - minimum distance is 2.5 meters Pool capacity is limited The casino is open (with social distancing) Shops are open. They sell you-know-whats and hand sanitizer. Capacity is limited, please socially distance and wear your mmm mmm mmm. The self-serve laundromat is not open Generally keep 1.5 meters away from everyone else at all times Wear your you-know-what in all public areas when you can't socially distance They will not provide you-know-whats for free There are some exceptions to those who can walk around without a you-know-what General ship occupancy is reduced; I didn't see a percentage or specific count Muster drill is adjusted so that fewer people are in each area There are many more points covered; if you're interested in something I didn't mention, go digging around the site and look through the various FAQs. Overall I found it interesting to look at. This might be a template for what we see from other cruise lines in the future. And now you can move on to the latest ship cancellation discussion.
  12. Carnival Corporation owns Costa, AIDA, and P&O, all of whom I'm sure are working on opening up the European market. They don't need to muddy the waters with the whale tail.
  13. I don't have any official info, so I will speculate freely. Be ready for anything. They could run it out of Ft. Lauderdale as scheduled, they could cancel it outright, they could move it to a different port, they could do any number of fancy moves that I'm too dense to think of right now.
  14. The Breeze is not sailing out of Fort Lauderdale because it's being sent to Port Canaveral to replace the sailings for the delayed Carnival Radiance. There are a few threads on Carnival's itinerary changes that were announced late yesterday and being transmitted to interested parties today (such as the email you received); you can consult any of those to get more details on this.
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