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  1. Thanks, everyone, for sharing. My stories: I'm from Michigan, and others have told much of that story. Our Governor continues to hint that the schools will be closed for the rest of the year, but she hasn't done it yet. Most places are closed. I'm actually considered critical personnel, so I can come to our office when I need to. I haven't yet, but by the end of the week I'm going to have to. I am starting to figure out the work-from-home rhythm. My grocery store visits could've been worse, I suppose. I got some TP from one of my local grocery stores, which was a nice surprise. I stocked up so I wouldn't have to visit for a little while. My last cruise was on the Breeze in January. I disembarked to find out about an outbreak in China. Little did I know.😱 My next cruise was to have been last week on the Grand Princess. Yes, THAT Grand Princess. 😨 My next scheduled cruise is on the Horizon in October. I hope to go, I hope things are (more) normal by then.
  2. I could see them doing this, yes. They could also do a reverse split, which would have the same effect. But I don't see either as being more likely than them leaving things alone.
  3. I agree with you, mostly for the reasons you already mentioned. I wonder if they're going to use the new notes to fund current operations or pay off notes coming sooner.
  4. I saw this one coming from approximately 10 miles away. I'm only shocked that anyone else didn't see the same thing coming. The article doesn't mention that, and I frankly think they won't touch it. Compared to a real dividend, the shareholder OBC costs them relatively little.
  5. They may get to WDW's policy, but they haven't done it yet. DCL has only canceled their cruises through April 12 according to their March 20 update. Source: https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/guest-services/advisory/ . I assume the link will change when they update their policy, which I expect soon.
  6. When I see statements like this, I wonder what I've missed. Obviously Royal & Celebrity made their decision several days ago, but I can't see where NCL has or Disney has. Perhaps they'll make their announcements a minute after this post goes live. I feel sorry for those who have cruises coming up in the next 30-60 days and need an official cancellation for whatever reason, but I've forgiven CCL for this. I'm sure they'll make a solid, well-informed decision. I look forward to tomorrow's announcement.
  7. I agree with your overall points, but the Diamond Princess had over 700 cases when that quarantine ended, which is over 0.1% of the current cases by itself. You might be able to get to 1% by counting cases that were spread by those currently on ships, those that were on the Grand Princess before and during its evacuation, the other ships that had cases and disembarked them, and those that were infected by those that were on those ships. Air travel, of course, can be linked to most cases as of now because they either came back by air and picked up an infection from where they were, or they were infected on the plane or in the airport itself. Those are much harder to track than cruise ships.
  8. Hello again. I've been very quiet here, because there has been much to do and much to digest. The highlights: I did decide to get travel insurance on my Ultimate Disco Cruise, including CFAR. That was just before the cost of the latter spiked and the world went crazy. I don't have any payments on it until July 1, so maybe things will settle down by then. I'm not too worried about this cruise not going. I have another cruise in November, and I'm not worried about that one, yet. I had a cruise that was scheduled to go out today. I'm slowly but surely getting refunds of my payments and organizing my OBC. The UDC has added The Spinners, which I'm happy about. No one has dropped yet, which I'm also happy about, but I know it's early days. I was taking a hard look at The 80s Cruise, which finally opened up its bookings to plebs like me last week. The lineup looks pretty good, but I couldn't find a suitable single room. So I had to let that one go, for now. Perhaps it will be for the best. That's enough for now. Back to the bunker.
  9. I'll be brief, since it's mostly repeating what others have said: SOMEONE in the cruising sphere will survive. The demand was there before this, and there will be some demand remaining once things die down. Brands might be shuttered, ships might be sold for pennies on the dollar, and/or there might be some major consolidation. I think Carnival, the brand and the corporation, are as well positioned as anyone to avoid going under. I'm not in favor of direct bailouts to the cruise industry. The idea of using idled cruise ships as surplus hospital beds/hotel rooms can be considered a backhanded bailout, which I'm OK with. I have a cruise in November. I THINK everyone will be ready by then.
  10. Carnival Corporation is officially floating this idea: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carnival-corporation-extends-offer-to-governments-and-health-authorities-to-consider-cruise-ships-as-temporary-hospitals-301026996.html
  11. Consulting the crystal ball... I think the age of the average cruiser will drop significantly across all cruise lines. Two reasons - the doctor's note requirement imposed on the industry what seems like a millennium ago, but was actually just a week or so; and the fact that COVID-19 has done its worse damage to the elderly. IF the note requirement is dropped and IF there's a vaccine or cure, then senior demand might go back to where it was. But I don't think so. Based on the above, cruise lines that cater to older cruisers (you know which ones) will have a more difficult time recovering than those that cater less to them. Carnival, which has the most U.S. embarkation ports, will be hurt less and come back faster. Air travel is also going to be limited for some time either because of the airliners or by personal choice of the travelers. I think the short runs (5 days or less) will do better than the longer runs, at least for a little while. More good news for Carnival, relatively speaking. Food self-service will be tougher to find, if not totally extinct.
  12. You're lucky. I scrounged around the house and found the one partially used gift card I had left. It was up to its full balance, which probably meant they credited back my other cards too. I called the gift card support hotline (separate from the Princess general line) and that's what rep said - all three were back to full. He told me to e-mail my details to gift card support and ask for them to re-send the trashed cards. So I did that. We'll see how it goes. It's kind of a pain in the neck, but nothing compared to what so many others have to go through.
  13. First of all, thanks for the valuable information, as always. Second, in the specific case of Princess, the shutdown is for 60 days. I was wondering how much that changes your thought process.
  14. I was scheduled to be on the Grand Princess on 3/22. I've received refunds for everything I paid for with my credit card. The rest was paid for by gift card and I haven't seen a refund on that in any form.d We'll see how it goes.
  15. I'm struggling to figure out ways to help them to offset the ways they've been hurt over the past few days (the hypercautious ports, the CDC/State Dept. announcements). The only way I see is cash bailouts, which doesn't sound appealing and doesn't really solve the industry's problems IMHO.
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