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  1. UPDATE: An hour ago I checked on cabin availability for the UDC and guess what I saw? A single occupancy cabin! I decided to book it, so I guess this will be my first music themed cruise. Yay! I wasn't able to get the OBC that the prebooking would have given me, but I did get a couple of nice surprises: The deposit was only $300. I expected it to be $600 based on what Carnival does with their deposits for solo occupants. The second payment is not due until July 1. I chose the 3 payment plan with payments due 7/1, 10/1, and 1/1. Now that I've booked this cruise, I have to get the pieces around it, including: Do I book the 70s Rock & Romance Cruise immediately after this one? Can I fit the 80s Cruise in? Do I want to? Will they let me in? Travel insurance - yes or no? And what coverages? Airfare isn't available yet, but will start to open up next month Do I stay in Miami an extra night pre-cruise? What do I need to buy to help me optimize my time? Stay tuned for the answer to these and many other questions.
  2. From the FAQ for the 70s Rock & Romance Cruise: Q: Can I use my (Mariner's Society, Crown and Anchor, Captain's Club) earned perks? Can I gain points for this sailing? Yes, you can earn points for sailing on the StarVista LIVE cruises. Unfortunately, you cannot redeem any earned perks through your cruise line membership. If you have questions regarding a specific perk or amenity, you are welcome to contact the cruise line directly. If you speak with the cruise line, please make sure they understand that this is a full-ship charter.
  3. Noted. Thank you. You mentioned the single cabins selling out quickly before, so I had it in the back of my mind. As for a roommate, I don't want one at this point, so I won't ask for one. I did sign up for the waiting list. I'm sure you're having fun, fun, fun! Wish I was there? Maybe I'll see you next year?
  4. Thanks again, hattack. You've given me even more to chew on. I couldn't find your article online 😢, but I'll keep searching elsewhere. As an update, I tried using my reservation invitation to the UDC. There were some cabins available in other classes, but no interior single cabins. 😢😢😢 A regular interior would cost $1000 more, an OV about $1500 more, and a balcony up from there. I made the executive decision not to book anything and take my chances with the waiting list (which isn't open yet, and probably won't be until cabin sales are opened to the public tomorrow). There's also a small chance that StarVista is holding what's left of the single cabins until they can be listed to the general public. I'm not optimistic that I'm going to get on this particular cruise, but life has taught me that anything can happen. Plan B is currently to see what the R&R has to offer. I have a similar invitation to book with them next week. We'll see how that goes.
  5. One question I had that was answered is the repositioning cruise of the Fascination. 7 days, 4 ports, pretty cheap. Looks like fun. I'll put it on my watch list. The two big questions that remain are: Where is the Fantasy going to go? Will it replace the Fascination in SJ, will it go to another port, or will it go out of the fleet entirely? What will replace the Fascination in San Juan/Barbados, if anything?
  6. Ruh roh. Thanks for sharing; keep us posted if you can.
  7. My porthole room in steerage did not have any USB ports either by the desk or within the lamp. This was last month.
  8. Thanks for giving me more to chew on. What I've quoted from you above is what I want from my music cruise(s) and also what the charter guys promise in their videos, e-mails, and websites. I can only hope that I can handle what I get.
  9. Thanks. Once again, you've given me a lot to chew on. I never cared much for wearing specialized outfits any time, especially the 70s, which were... let's say not to my taste. So I'll probably pass on that. I watched some Soul Train during the decade and remember a bit; it might do me good to go down memory lane. And I've never seen SNF, believe it or not. We'll see if I can work it into my schedule. I'm quite surprised that you like the UDC's lineup so much, but then again you've shown an extraordinarily broad musical palate. These themed musical cruises do remind me of big, extended music festivals like Woodstock (which I would have been far too young to appreciate at the time). And the UDC is touting their version of Studio 54. It's very interesting that you experienced (and survived) both.. I do like your idea for hooking up decades in separate cruises, though I worry I'd be exhausted by the middle of the second week.
  10. Thanks guys. I spent some time this weekend going deeper into the catalogs of the acts that are on the cruises I'm considerig, as hattack suggested. It was an interesting experience. I just received my invitation to make a reservation on the Ultimate Disco Cruise. The booking window opens for me in a couple of days - after those who have already booked, but before the general public. We'll see how that goes.
  11. Maybe... Mike took an office job with Carnival HQ. I'll quote the relevant portion of his announcement, since I don't think CC will let me link his page directly: Carnival Family, I have exciting news! I am progressing in my career with Carnival and it gives me great pride to share with you that I am now the Fleet Entertainment Trainer for Carnival Entertainment. Although it is sad that I will be leaving the Carnival Horizon February 16th, this promotion is one I feel very honoured to have accepted & feel very lucky to be advancing with Carnival - looking forward to making even more memories and excited for this next chapter!
  12. Hi hattack. Thank you for your reply. Sorry it took so long. Your parents have great taste in music. Part of my tastes can also be assigned to my parents, sort of. I'm picking at certain artists of their era and deciding they made some really catchy tunes. I've done a fair number of cruises so far (16 plus two booked for this year). I've sailed to just about every port in the Caribbean and I'm little bored with it, but I don't really want to go to any other region at this point. This would be my first charter of any kind. And now for the boring part. I still don't have any direct questions, and I'm still doing my research. What I have decided is to put some kind of music cruise on my bucket list. So this will get done sometime next year, unless I get locked out. The three that have piqued my interest so far are: 70s Rock and Romance Cruise, of course Ultimate Disco Cruise The 80s Cruise Each have their pros and cons in my eyes. UDC will be available first, next week. Then the next week R&R. The 80s Cruise probably won't be available until after this year's cruise returns in mid-March. There's some chance I could book two of them, or perhaps one and another later in the year that catches my eye. And, of course, 2022 is another year with its own opportunities. I look forward to my musical cruise adventure. I simultaneously am hopeful for and fearful about this being an addiction.
  13. The Freedom will be leaving Galveston in April '21 for Seattle. After the Alaska season it will have a new home port in Ft. Lauderdale. I was on the Freedom in October. Nice ship, good staff. Another solid member of the Conquest class.
  14. 1. You can purchase WiFi by the day (a full 24 hours) on board. I think it's a smart move considering your first stop is Key West. It's $25 per day for the premium plan and $16 for the value plan. The reason why I listed the premium plan first is... 2. I haven't tried Skype with the premium plan myself, but according to Carnival's Web site, it is supported with that plan. That means you should be able to get a refund if it doesn't work. Carnival's WiFi can be spotty at times, but I've found it better more recently and on the newer ships. Have fun on your cruise!
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