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  1. It looks like the State Department is going to defer to the CDC for their travel advisories in regards to COVID-19. So, for fun, I took a look at the current levels at the CDC for all the destinations for my upcoming cruise in September. All of them are at level 4, except for Sint Maarten (level 3). I would feel safer walking amongst random residents of any of those countries than random residents of my own state. They and their governments may feel differently, of course.
  2. They also have sailings out of the Dominican Republic, and I happen to be on one of them.
  3. I'm flying to the DR this summer for vacation... on a cruise! I'm on the NCL Gem September 12. I hope you get to go there too! I've been there several times and my NCL Gem cruise late this summer also goes there. There are a lot of neat places to see and things to do in Barbados. It's up to their government to determine how much of it we're allowed to see and do.
  4. You bring up some good points, so thank you. I can't see any universe where you have to carry that CDC card or whatever vaccine proof they come up with while you're on the ship and outside the cabin. Maybe they'll ask the vaccinated question on the checkin health questionnaire and somehow put that record on your Sail & Sign card. As for splitting up the parents and kids, I think what Royal does on their cruises outside the U.S. will be instructive. On their summer cruises, the kids don't have to be vaccinated. My guess is that the whole party gets quarantined together unless one or mo
  5. It looks like I'm an outlier here, but my current next vacation is... another cruise. I'm one of those guinea pigs that will be sailing from the DR in September. I'm expecting it to be a great time... unless we get rocked by a hurricane. After that, I have a music-themed stay at a Cancun AI in October and a music-themed charter cruise in March. I'm still considering other vacation options before September, but one thing I discovered when I spent too much time at home this past year plus is that I really like it here and it would take something special to uproot me. M
  6. It's a key question, so thanks for asking. CCL hasn't given a complete answer yet. Other Carnival Corporation lines are sailing sooner (though not yet near the U.S.), so perhaps their policies will transfer over when and where Carnival is ready to go? One important thing the CDC has said is IF you're fully vaccinated AND do not have any symptoms, you DO NOT have to be quarantined if you're a close contact of a positive case. My guess is, since it seems to be such a reasonable policy, that it will be in effect on all cruises. But maybe they want to be hypercautious and quarantin
  7. Hi. Michigan again. There's hope here that case numbers have at least stabilized. We're still #1, but we've lost the bullet. And I got my second shot today, which means in 14 days I'll join the ranks of the fully vaccinated.
  8. I changed my mind as circumstances changed. I booked a cabin on the NCL Gem in September of this year. I liked the "good" protocols, decided I could live with the "bad" ones, and appreciate the chance at another adventure and being, to some degree, a trailblazer (or guinea pig, whatever). I still reserve the right to book another cruise even before September if something else interesting comes up. I don't expect it to, but you never know.
  9. More for my info than anyone else's, let's list the Corporation's lines, when they plan to sail, and who's welcome to sail on those first sailings: Carnival - TBD, TBD Princess - August, UK residents only Holland - TBD, TBD Seabourn - July, anyone fully vaccinated who can get to Greece? Cunard - June, UK residents only AIDA - sailing now, German residents only Costa - May, Italian/EU/Schengen residents only? P&O UK - June, UK residents only P&O Australia - TBD, TBD It looks like the only hope (a slim one) for an American t
  10. It depends on a lot of different factors, of course, but I'd say for the average cruise passenger (not too old, not too many comorbidities) that's vaccinated, only cruising with other vaccinated passengers and crew, only encountering vaccinated people on land in port, with masks and social distancing required, sailing within a day or two of a willing hospital... the odds have to be literally one chance in a million or less. With as many people as the cruise lines want to embark, it'll probably happen sometime, but hopefully not before we start to not freak out about such things.
  11. Me again. Our Governor finally made her move yesterday. She pleaded with us to do the right thing, but didn't actually put any new restrictions on. I'll just say that it's risky to rely on vaccines and risk-adverse behavior to get us out of this while minimizing sickness and death. The New York Times did an article today summarizing the situation. For those that care, here's the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/10/us/coronavirus-michigan-gretchen-whitmer.html . In another 21 days I can ignore most of this madness and move on to further adventures. Good luck to all of yo
  12. CNBC had an interview with Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald this evening. I always think it's good to hear from him. The one notable thing I found was that he implied that they weren't super serious about an imminent move to foreign home ports with CCL, but it could happen. Otherwise he said what they've been saying for the past week or so. See for yourself:
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