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  1. I have only sailed on MSC and Carnival. For my money MSC is the better of the two. I'm looking for a more relaxing type of cruise. MSC (I've been on the Divina and Seaside) has nice, quiet places to relax. I'm sure Carnival does as well, but MSC comes off as classier.
  2. Most nights have some sort of theme. Formal night, White night, 70's night ect. For men, most nights slacks and a collared shirt (close toes shoes) are fine in the MDR.
  3. It is not expected, but I tip a couple of bucks to room service or waiters/waitresses in the bars. I'm sure it is welcome.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the new drink menus when cruising restarts. It would be good to see what drinks are available at each price point.
  5. As it is now I suggest they lift the no sail order entirely and let the cruise lines set their guidelines. The it would be up to us adults to assess the risks/benefits of choosing to cruise. I don't need the government to decide what is best for me.
  6. Would this be enforceable outside US territorial waters?
  7. It shouldn't be difficult to understand. It's about maintaining control to minimize contact with native peoples who may be infected with the corona virus. The protocols the cruise industry puts in place have to be restrictive to get CDC approval. The on shore restrictions are being used by MSC in the Med and it seems to be working. If you want to explore on your own, just book a vacation on which ever islands you want to visit.
  8. The main problem with cruise lines issuing refunds is their cashflow. They don't put your cruise fare into an account and not touch it until you sail. It is used to pay debt on ships, salaries of staff and other fixed costs. They are refunding (or providing future cruise credits) as cashflow allows. You'll get your money, just be patient. Time for my rant: Can we put all these "where's my refund posts" into one post? Or maybe just combine them from all the forums into a separate place altogether? I'm tired of looking at them.
  9. The upgrade to Premium is $17 per day (for US departures).
  10. I called earlier today to book October 16, 2021 on the Meraviglia. The agent got me the 5+5 and $100 abc per person. Made my YC interior room a fantastic bargain.
  11. We had a Bella "guarantee" cabin on the Seaview last month. Our cabin was not assigned until a week before departure. However we were assigned an Aurea level cabin a=with an extended balcony. We were delighted!
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