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  1. My mistake. I thought I read something in this thread about Quantum 5 (Quantum Ultra 2?) also being sent straight to Asia. Perhaps I was hallucinating ;p
  2. Do we know why RCI seems to feel that Quantum-class ships belong in Asia/Pacific? I'm making this assumption, but I think it's obvious based on their actions. Four of the five Quantum (and -Ultra) -class ships have either ended up in APAC or been purpose-built for the market, including the two newest - and upgraded - builds in the class. I'm glad that Ovation is coming to Alaska but that still puts only 2 of 5 ships in the NA market, and none in the more traditional Caribbean zones (Florida/Texas). Do they just not see these ships as good fits for the market? If so that's a shame, because Anthem has easily been in my top-two favorite ships and I'd love to have more opportunities to sail the class.
  3. FINALLY caught up on this thread. I found it a few days ago and have been down the Edge rabbit hole ever since :p. How great that my catching up coincides exactly with the beginning of her sea trials. Lloyd, I am a big fan of your work dating back to the "Quantum Keel Blocks..." days, thank you for everything you (and your sources) do! Also thank you to everyone who has contributed to this lively, entertaining and funny (punny?) thread. Communities bound together by a common interest like this are the true spirit of CC in my opinion and I'm very thankful to have it! To throw my unsolicited two cents out there, I think that Edge is a beautiful, stately and refined-looking ship. I'm thrilled with the bow design and agree that it's a great representation of the "everything old is new again" philosophy that others have mentioned already. The MC is perhaps a little gimmicky but I for one am going into it with an open mind and happy to see the cruise line pushing for something new and innovative. It seems like a reaction to the general trend amongst the mass-market lines for "wow-factor" bells and whistles but as gimmicks go I think it's pretty reserved. I will sailing this beautiful lady for her westbound Mediterranean/Transatlantic on Nov 1, 2019 from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale in an AQ2 - 9274. It'll represent a number of cruising firsts for me... first Celebrity cruise, first Transatlantic, first Med cruise, and first sailing longer than the typical 7/8 days!
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