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  1. There was one or two showing on the HAL site for $345.00/week CDN a week or so ago - I believe it was on the Veendam. If only I didn't have to work...I'd probably do the same thing.
  2. I was about 1/2 way between the Crow's Nest and the entrance in from the deck area overlooking pool. Balcony on the starboard side. I found it to be very quiet - most everyone going to the Crow's Nest used the elevator and I only saw those that actually "lived" on our side of the ship. Don't just observe the transit from your balcony. Move around the ship - go to the promenade deck and watch your view go from cement walls to a view in a matter of a few minutes and watch the "mules" close up. Go to the aft (we went to the aft Lido pool area) and watch the gates close behind the ship. And, if you have time, watch the movies/documentaries that are available on the TV beforehand. Understanding the history and making of the canal made me appreciate the experience even more. Enjoy your coffee and Panama buns.....yuuuuummmmmmmmy.
  3. Was brought up on the Fundy shore - could see it from our house..... so I truly do know the joy that brings.... cold, fog, fog, and some fog.....
  4. Kazu - not sure where in NB you are, but it was absolutely crazy here near Fredericton with wind and rain and then all of a sudden, there was no wind at all moving the flags outside our office building and the sun started peeking through. Had a rather abrupt ending - but there were thousands without power (luckily I didn't lose mine).
  5. I was on Zuiderdam fresh out of dry dock in Nov '17. Only thing that wasn't open on embarkation day was the aft deck and pool. That's because all the sea containers with the old things came back on aft deck and all the lounge chairs were stored in the pool. They spent that day and better part of the next day cleaning the deck, cleaning the pool and then filling it up. It wasn't that bad as the 1st day we were at Half Moon Cay in the water anyway.
  6. Looks like the Volendam has left FLL and is on the way to Freeport.... this screen shot was 5:50pm Atlantic Time - 18 Oct. Let's hope she' ready to greet us with open arms on 01 November.
  7. Copper 10-8...…...Yes - that's it!!!! (there was another that looked similar called the Uganda). It may have had stabilizers but that November storm in the Adriatic was a stomach churner.....
  8. 26 November 1973 to 08 Dec 1973 - on the SS Nevassa - Dubrovnik-Athens-Trabizon-Istanbul-Messina-Naples. Parents paid around $450 for high school trip on an "educational" cruise. It was a converted troop ship and we slept in dorms with about 16-20 racks to sleep on per dorm. I remember the food was horrid... It wasn't close to a cruise ship by today's standards.... I don't remember if the airfare from Moncton NB via London UK to the embarkation/debarkation ports was included or not, but the shore excursions were. My first what I would call a "real" cruise was on the Veendam to Bermuda in 2015. Paid $499 CAD each for a big inside cabin (port fees, etc extra).
  9. Not overly convenient for those of us that must vacate our hotel rooms by 11:00am. Where can you really go with all your luggage, etc.??
  10. Ohhhh, I hope so. I would think they would let us know by this time if the 01 Nov cruise was cancelled..... and then there is the issue of those of us with flights.....
  11. 1. I like the smaller ships - I'm not sure I would want to be on a ship with 5000+ people. (although I will admit I'm going to try a larger ship with 3690 in February but I'm cruising with a group) 2. I like that you can sit in a common area (Lido pool or aft) and have a conversation with your cruise mates without having to holler above the loud music, Zumba class, dance contest, etc 3. Crew is top notch. 4. I don't feel the "rush, rush, rush" like I have on some other cruise lines. I feel more relaxed. 5. Prices are reasonable for the type of cruising I like. I'm not paying more because the ship offers the rock walls, go karts, ice rinks, massive water slides, bumper cars and other things that would never use at my age. 6. Fellow passengers seem quite friendly.
  12. It's sad because almost every board I read leads me to believe that a lot of people are unhappy with the direction their favourite cruise line is going. And if you read reviews of hotels, restaurants and resorts, it's the same. I fear that we (as a society) have moved from being contented with our lot and look for slips/errors/mistakes/dissatisfaction in things. I think as long as we can cruise and/or travel that we should all consider ourselves fortunate. Sure things aren't perfect, some things go wrong - but there also are memorable moments in every trip. Sometimes we just have to smell the roses instead of looking for the patch of poison ivy. Corporations try to make max profits for their shareholders (which they're implicitly mandated to do) while trying to find the point where they can save money but keep customers coming in the door. Sometimes it's corporate greed... but every business does it to some degree. Travel is a "luxury" so they have to be careful not to out-price themselves so instead it's changing the way they do things - either by cutting services, staff, etc. I don't have to do dishes, I don't have to cook, I don't have to make my bed (but I do anyway), and I don't have to shovel snow....that's what it takes to keep me happy.
  13. I'm on a 10 day and my boarding pass says two.
  14. Same here. Maybe it's shut down for maintenance to add features or sort out a few bugs. (I hope my husband didn't call and tell them to shut down the server to keep me from getting that thermal suite package 😂🤣😅)
  15. Bought up on the Bay of Fundy. One day you could have had your windows squeaky clean (and it takes a LOT of work to get them clean) and after a windy day or storm they look dull and dingy. The salt air causes windows and metal to get a film or rust very easy. Cars in the area I was brought up in usually had rust on them by the time they were 3 years old. Sand and paint a wrought iron railing - rust shows through in about 3-4 months...... Given that and the sea state/weather, it wouldn't take much for the windows to appear to be really dirty. (and if there was a cruise before the one you have commented on that was rough or in ports that don't allow cleaning, then that is maybe why they were "dirty" when you boarded. I would far sooner try to look out a dirty window than to think some crew member was out there risking his life and something might happen.
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