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  1. Torn between Jacqui O's & Sheer Rocks for the day. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. I noticed chairs & umbrellas on their website. Can you make a reservation? What is the cost for a taxi and how far from the port? Is it worth going? Other recommendations would be helpful.
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply. Do I need to add my ipad to an international plan to use it on the ship?
  4. Do I need to add an international plan from my phone carrier (Verizon) before I leave home to use my phone or can I just follow the steps above? I also have an unlimited internet package.
  5. Arriving in Livorno at the end of May on the Equinox. Would like to visit Lucca as we have been to Florence and would like to experience a different region. I welcome suggestions and feedback on best way to visit and things not to be missed.
  6. Will arrive in Villefranche at the end of May on the Equinox from 7-5. I would like to see Nice and travel over to Monaco and back to ship. Will there be enough time and if so, what is the best way to do this? I appreciate your suggestions.
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